Taurus 709 SLIM Pistols a Reality: Information from the SHOT Show

The Taurus 709 pistols, also known as the Taurus SLIM, is a series of single stack 9mm pistols designed for concealed carry.  They are polymer framed, and offer a choice in slides: blued. stainless steel, and titanium.  The blued and stainless models weight 19 ounces unloaded, and the titanium model shaves another two ounces off of that number.

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm

All three models have a 3.2″ barrel and come with a 7-round, flush magazine and a 9-round extended magazine.  The pistols have the Taurus SA/DA trigger system, meaning once you chamber a round, the trigger pull is a “short, crisp” SA pull.  Should the gun fail to fire, the next trigger pull (second shot capability) is a longer double action shot.  Assuming the gun fires each time, the trigger pulls will all be single action.

Sights are a low profile, but very usable, three-dot system.

Taurus announced the 709 series of single stack 9mm pistols last year, but never shipped them.  During the past year, the Taurus SLIM has undergone several changes.

There are several cosmetic changes, such as the grips:

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm grips

and recess around the take down:

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm take down

The most significant design change has been the addition of a trigger safety.  The original 709 did not have a trigger safety, but the shipping models of the Taurus SLIM will have one.

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm

I had the chance to handle the blued and titanium models at SHOT.  The SA trigger pull was light and felt pretty good for a polymer gun.  The DA pull was much longer, but relatively smooth.

These guns fit in my medium-sized hand pretty well, but someone with large hands may not like the size as much.  These guns should conceal easily in a IWB or belt scabbard.  While not as concealable as a Taurus TCP or Ruger LCP, they do offer the added benefit of a more serious caliber, better sights, more grip surface, and up to 10 rounds on tap before a reload.

I hope Taurus gets these to the dealers soon.  The single stack 9mm is a good choice for concealed carry and if they work well on the range, Taurus may sell a bunch of these.

Editor’s note:  The 9mmTaurus SLIM did make it to market and appears to be selling well.  We have our review of the gun here (click here).

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  1. how thick is it and when are we going to see it? thanks

  2. the question really is…who wants to be part of taurus’ legendary beta testing team aka 1st generation buyers???

  3. I will gladly beta test any of their guns. With a lifetime repair policy what’s not to like? My experience with numerous Taurus firearms has been great. The very few that haven’t, they have made right at their cost, not mine. More cutting edge technology and equipment is used at Taurus than anywhere else in the gun industry. Like it or not, many of their competitors get help from them, and yes I mean the big name companies.

  4. Sebastian says:

    I get a kick out of people that bash Taurus, but I know plenty of guys that own them and have nothing but good things to say about them. The crank out a lot of great products that, while they may occasionally have QC problems, are consistently comparable, if not exceeding, in design functionality and innovation when put up against “better” name brands. Granted, the only Taurus I have is currently in Taurus’ repair shop (problem with the magazine ejector), my problem is the exception to the many of Taurus owners that I know. This new Slim 9 looks pretty neat, I’m looking for a good purse gun for my wife and we’ve looked at the Kahr PM9 and the Kel-Tec PF9, but there’s a problem: my wife is dead set on having a thumb safety. She just isn’t comfortable not having a safety, and frankly I am not either. Throw in the trigger safety on this new Slim 9 and that’s quite a safe little gun. At least it won’t blow up like a Glock.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Hey, for anyone wondering what the width of the SLIM is, I did some rudimentary algebra “wizardry” using the side profile pic off of taurususa.com and the stated length of the gun at 6″. Pretty simple stuff, measured the photo height and width and calculated the height, then used a rear photo to calculate the width. The slide of the gun is .88″ wide, which is absolutely outstanding, if you consider the standard to be the Kel-Tec PF-9, which is also .88″.

  6. I wan’t to touch and feel it. When are they going to be out for the public…

  7. Now don’t start knocking Glocks. They are some of the best guns made. The only time they blew up was when a police department received faulty ammo from the manufacturer. The police department kept the Glocks as their weapon. If you put an improper round in a handgun, that is what will usually happen.

    Taurus makes fine guns and I am considering getting a 24/7 but I would really like to get the 709 but I can’t wait forever.

    Check out NutnFancy for some good firearm and self defense related item reviews:

  8. My only regret is that I can’t afford both the “709” 9mm and the “TCP” .380; and if I wait to see if they’re reliable (6months to a year), they’ll all be gone–like those Ruger LCPs. Luckily, I’m very happy with my P3AT. IF the TCP is lighter AND smaller than the P3, I want it–but I also want the 709 (to replace a Kahr P9 that I regret selling but can’t afford to buy again).

  9. does anyone knew when will this gun be available in the Philippines? and if so, the authorized dealer of said gun. thanks.

  10. I’ve been asking my local dealers for these non stop and the same answer every time the are on back order and haven’t even started shippin. I’m going to buy 2 I own 2 taurus pistols already aswell as glock and same disposition as a man above sold my kahr, but this sound pretty promising to replace my keltec 9 which isn’t bad just seems like all the taurus pistols i’ve fired have been great. My opinion the only better made pistol you can buy is a kimber why spend that money when u can get 2 taurus?

  11. They are now being distributed for sale. I saw one in a shop in Poplar Bluff, Mo on 7-3-2009.
    Not like the first Gen.1 pictured above, but like the pictured in the Taurus catalog of new products.

  12. I just picked up the 709 Slim today. My local gun shop got a few in. I was actually going in to purchase the Millennium Pro PT111 today and saw the 709 sitting right next to it. If you have been considering the Millennium Pro for a conceal side arm then I would wait until you can get your hands on the 709. Although I love the Pro and will still probably pick one up the slim is much more sensible for a cancelable gun. Nice and SLIM! I was also considering picking up an LCP but after purchasing this I will most likely stay away from it.

    The only thing that disappointed me was that of the two magazines I got they were both flush, no extended grip Mag was included. As of now I can’t seem to find were I can even purchase and extended grip magazine. Does any one know? Also, Holsters? Can’t really seem to find a fit.

    • Glad to hear they are getting out there in the market. My local dealer doesn’t have any yet. Don’t know about the extended mags, but I would think Taurus would sell a bunch of them (at least one or two for every gun they ship!). I also don’t know about any holsters yet. Some of the “universal” ones might work ok. Something like the SmartCarry would obviously work very well with this gun.

  13. Called Taurus to ask were I can get the extended Magazines for my new Slim. Apparently they are selling the new 709 Slim in two different ways. 1.) you get two flush mount mags with your slim. Or 2.) you get 1 flush mag and one extended. The shop I bought mine from apparently only had option 1. They said they have no idea when they will start selling the extended mags separately. They said the gun is so new to the market that all the extended mags being made are the ones that are being packaged with option 2.

  14. I picked up one today after being able to fire one at a show…I got two flush mags…wish I’d have gotten the extended but I can live with it for now. The gun shoots great. I’ll be putting a 100 or so down range tomorrow with it. My only complaint is the take-down. I followed the manual instructions and couldn’t get it to move forward. Although they show the finger on the trigger (gun empty of course) they didn’t say to pull the trigger to release it. Now after pulling down the release according to the manual then pull the trigger and the slide it comes off rather easily. I have a small frame body and was using a kel-tec pf9. I also have a PT-140 for winter carry but the 709 will be my new warmer weather carry. I’ve had no problems with my PT-140 and I’ve put about 600 rounds through it with no failures and only 2 misfeeds which I attributed to the ammo…The kel-tec was very ruff to fire although reliable and had no failures.

  15. just bought one this morning fired 100 rounds 50 monarch 50 Winchester
    115gr ball. no failures of any kind. It will put 5 rounds in the same hole a 7 yds if you do your part. Good trigger and sights for plastic gun. Very good concealed piece.Not giving up my lightweight commander though

  16. Bruce J says:

    What I would like to know is — What is there in the way of holsters for the Taurus 709 Slim (paddle, IWB, What else?) Looks like a great carry piece. Like the design and lines.

  17. I was looking for one and found the following:

    El Paso leather in the pants for a Glock 26 fits just about as well as one could ask…

    I was also able to use my Uncle Mike’s size 1 cloth in the pants holster.

  18. Bruce J says:

    Thanks for the info on the Taurus Slim holster fits, Steve.
    Just checking them out for a potential buy of the Slim.

  19. Range report. Put almost 200 rounds through it today..not one misfire even with some cheap ammo. Unlike my PF9, I didn’t have a sore hand…now if they’d only have the extended mag and a laser sight I’ll be even happier…

  20. I held a 709 at a gun show this past weekend and fell in love with it. I had a PT111 and a PT140, great carry guns, but I hated the long DA pull. I also have a springfield xd sub and love the trigger on it. Does anyone know if the trigger on the 709 is as smooth as the xd?

  21. Bruce J says:

    Put $$ down today on the Taurus Slim I found at only 1 dealer out of 4 dealers I contacted. It is a nicely designed pistol and feels better in my hand than the Kel-tec or the Kahr. Has nice 3 dot sights. Adjustable, too. 2 mags. Got it for $429 out the door (pistol, insta check,& tax ) Pick it up Saturday. Look forward to shooting it.

  22. Well, got to shoot my new Taurus Slim on Saturday after bringing it home and giving it a cleaning! Good thing it’s got adjustable rear sights! It shot low. I thought it was me at first. Then I went to a 2nd target after 10 rounds. Adjusted and sure enough– right in there. Not as much kick as I was expecting. Very controllable. Handles nicely. Able to shoot 5 out of 10 in a 3″ Shoot-N-See. Oh, yeah. Found that a DeSantis ProStealth Ambidextrous model holster (N87BJE1Z0) for the Glock 26 works great. Tried other holsters for the Kahr K9 and Kel-Tec P11– the trigger guard stopped the gun from fitting completely in the holster.

  23. I got my Slim last Wednesday, the wife loves the feel of it and it works well in my hand as well. I put about 80 rounds of various FMJ rounds through it with no problems at all, including 3 mags shot with light grip and letting it jump in my hand. I put 2 mags of Federal 124gr +p JHPs through it with no problems at all. I did not mess with the adjustable sights, but out of the box it shot low. The captured spring recoil rod screw started to unscrew itself and between mags I checked it and tightened it. No disassembly required just tighten while the slide is locked open. I will Loctite the screw as I have other guns with the same problem. Overall very happy and impressed with the gun.

  24. Canany body give me any info on ext. magazine for the 709.

  25. I’ve been looking for the right CCW for awhile now, and think I’ve decided on the slim. I was all about the Kahr PM series, until reading dozens of reviews-50% great, and the other 50% not so great. A few questions: Does anyone own or have handled a Ti model of this? Also has anyone seen night sights available for them yet?

  26. Bought mine yesterday. Fits in the back pocket of my bluejeans and gives a snag free draw. Perfect!

  27. Taurus guns are excellent, i own a 9mm PT 24/7 titanium slide and its very cool man, i shot for the first time 100 rnds of relods and no issues whatsoever. the gun works perfectly fine, no wonder it would replaced glock guns sooner

  28. Pls. inform me at my email should the slim model becomes availbale in the market. i want to buy one for my concealed carry. thanks

  29. I ordered my PT 709 at Gander Moiuntain in NC. Supposed to arrive on Monday. The only one available was a stainless, which is what I wanted anyway. Hope to put 100 rounds through it when I get it. I’ll post my opinion here. I have high hopes for it.

  30. M Thomason says:

    I purchased a blue steel 709b on July 15. Love the gun even though I occasionally had some issues with the last round in both mags misfeeding, bluing on the barrell and sides of the chambers wearing off, a significant scratch or wear pattern progressing on the top of the chamber and finally a couple of weeks ago the ejector completely snapped off while at the range. I had only put approx. 500 rds through it, mostly Federal 115gr ball and nothing larger than 124gr as recommended in the manual. It’s at Taurus now, hopefully I’ll get it back with all issues resolved. We’ll see.

  31. Kevin Jones says:

    I got one back in July Shot 200 rounds through it no failures of any kind. Have the same problem as one other poster with the guide rod end coming unscrewed after a couplemags just have to keep tightening it. I think i will locktite mine also. don’t know why it has the screwed end anyway should have made it solid like glock and so forth. They do shoot low have to sort of stack the front site on top of the reat like a triangle plenty accurate enough for a concealed carry weapon not like you would be shooting it 20 yards or so anyway. I’ve got a glock 23 and tend to carry this more just because of its size I can slip it in a pocket no problem

    looking for the holster options and laser sight also. Wish this gun would take off like the ruger lcp and have everybody making parts for it. I am sure the fact it is a Taurus is keeping people away but it is a good gun for the price the trigger is ten times better than a kel tec. Nothing wrong with kel tec I just hate the long DA pull on them. I was just about to get a kelt tec pf9 at the gun show and stumbled on this one it was the only one in the place cost me $358 out the door. Need some more mags for it though

  32. I finally snagged one yesterday…stanless….$360ish….. I haven’t fired it, but it’s a great size, loaded it weighs around 3 ounces less then my Walther PPK…… my previous drop in the pocket gun…… this one drops in my pocket just fine, it would fit my Walther holsters except the trigger guard is big… I think that is an aesthetic thing to go with the angular lines…… I’ve become quite the leather craftsman as a result of my handgun hobby…… so I’ll whip up a custom holster…… Taurus is the most innovative gun maker out there….. I’ve traded away and sold my glocks….I like a thumb safety.. I have a Pt100 stainless, love it, a 24/7 9mm compact, love it…bought one for my son and one for my wife of this model… a Millenium 45 stainless….. love it……
    So a lot of my guns are Taurus….. now I have my eye on the new PT 845……… there is nothing wrong with Taurus quality control….. I’ve never had a problem with any of them….. but they design a lot of guns…. Glock on the other hand has one design… I’d hope they can make those with their eyes closed by now…..

  33. The perfect IWB holster for my application is the Galco STO440.

  34. Make that Galco STO444.

  35. The Slim is the way to go for CC. I’ve got 400rds through mine and not a single misfire. Sometimes the slide doesn’t lock back when the mag is empty.

    Solved my own holster problem.

    I’ve had the gun for a few months ago and was smashing my head against the wall after waisting 160 ish on several garbage holsters. Finally designed my own holster out of suede. Enough friends have been interested in it that I decided to try to sell a few. I make them out of suede and cordura. They are adjustable height and cant, half the price of a Galco. Very comfortable, I wear it all day at a desk in a truck and even cutting lumber. The gun hasn’t been spotted yet. E-mail if you’d like pictures. ccsholsters@yahoo.com.

  36. I just got my Taurus PT 709 slim… It’s my first CCW. It’s great, feels good, shot good. I put 150 rounds though it the first time out with no problems. Does shot low, thought it was me but afterwards reading some of the other posts, maybe not. Still looking for for that right holster. Thanks for the post guys now I have a couple to at least look at.

  37. Just a correction note to Sebastian. Measuring the photo will not give you accurate results regarding the width of the Taurus PT709. So using a micrometer, as well as the specs listed from Taurus International Manufacturing Inc., the actual dimension of it’s width is .961 inches. The thinner (and more smoothly rounded) Kel-Tec PF-9, is still the slimmest of all 9mm pistols at just .88 inches.

  38. This is my second Taurus, and so far I’m very impressed. For those who shoot low, check the manual. It shows how to adjust the rear sight. Should help. While not a perfect fit, my DeSantis leather holster for my PT 111 holds it quite snug and secure. I’m just hopefull they will make one for the PT 709. I’ve only had one experience with customer service, but mt PT111 was fixed quickly and with no hassles.

  39. Picked up one today after haveing very crappy luck with a SCCY, my gun guy did not have one when I purchased the SCCY, but got a couple in last week, so I took my new gun to the range right from the store, it did look pretty nasty inside but I did not want to pay for a can of cleaner at the range, to pricey, anyways my wife and I shot 200+ rds thru it without a hiccup, when we got home and took it apart to clean it, which took a while it does not come apart exactly like the book says, once you get the slide loose, then you have to pull the trigger, then you have to give it a pretty good tug for it to come off, then on reassembly you have to fiddle with the slide a bit to get it back into place, if I get another 100 or so rds thru it with no problems it will definatly be my CCW, it does shoot a bit low and to the right, but nothing that I could not compensate for, holds as good a pattern as my glocks at 7,15,25 yrds, need to locate 3 or 4 more mags, because at the range you spend a lot of time reloading the 7rd mags

  40. I bought the stainless steel and well worth the money. Very smooth, easily concealed in cargo pants and shorts. I found that it really helps in the natural grip to push forward, point and prepare to shoot, it doesn’t take long to get a rhythm that feels secure. It carrys comfortably, doesn’t inhibit movement whether in the holster, tucked in the belt or staying put in the pocket. Great investment, especially if you can get it for under $375, like I did. Don’t pass this up, if you see it, get it.

  41. I just got mine yesterday. I was debating between the 709 and the kel tec PF-9. The PF-9 felt cheap and I hated the trigger pull, so I went with the 709- and Im glad. Blued 709 was had out-the-door for 360 n change from Gander MTN. Mine came with the two flush clips (disappointing), and shot low (about 8in@21ft) out of the box. Put only 100rds through it (115gr) out of the box (no pre-clean) and didnt misfure once. Is this thing +P rated? Ive read on a few blogs and seems pretty up in there air- some say Taurus claims all of their guns can handle +P, while other people say they’ve heard otherwise. Thoughts? Holster options?

  42. O, and by the way- Im very happy with it. Good weapon, regardless of price- price just puts it higher on the list.

  43. Tony Russo says:

    Bought the 709 blue. It is loaded with gunk, so clean it with gun scrubber. Put 160 rounds through it with no problems. Shoots low, so aim a little higher. Nice groups at 25 feet. Didn’t try it any further. Nice pistol for the price and the size. Am very pleased with it. Have a Firestar, which shoots better and just slightly larger, but is very heavy as it is all steel.

  44. Bob Clinton says:

    Picked up a 709 stainless this morning for my CC. Fits good in the hand but will definitely be getting the extended magazine. Adjustable sights, and external safety as well as a trigger safety were the features that sold me.

  45. Put a 709 slim on layaway last week, stainless model. Will be $373 out the door once I get it paid up. After comparing NUMEROUS compacts and subcompacts (1911 Officer’s, P239, PPS, Kahr P9/PM9/CW9, SCCY, Kel-Tec, Glock) this one popped up out of nowhere to fit the bill. Striker fired, double-action second-strike, and a 1911-style thumb safety. No other pistol in this category can match that. Once I got to the shop and got my hands on it, I was sold – just spent a few weeks shopping prices until I found the deal I was looking for.

    I’ll be running a ton of ammo through it to put it through the ringer once I get it. I’ll check for a burr or something in the slide that is causing marks on the breech block once I get it. Also would like to see the 9mm mags available but can’t find them anywhere!

  46. We had a Gun Show in our town last week, I bought the new Ruger LCR and a used S&W 6906 compact 9mm. I seen and held the new 709 Taurus and I was very impressed with the size, balance and great trigger pull. I almost bought it for $400.00 but being a S&W addict I had to go with the used S&W 6906 for $400.00 with tax included but when I get my next handgun in April it will be the Taurus 709 Slim.

  47. I just found this site and wanted to share my thoughts.709 slim is awesome, had mine for about two months, shoot every other Fri. night (lighted range at the house)200+ rounds of all types, not a complaint.
    Some of my friends don’t like the long pull before setting, some do, I love it. It did shoot low at first and adjusted the rear to the top notch and it’s on the money.
    Had some old ammo with 1 misfire, pulled again and it fired. You can’t do that with any hammerless autos.
    Thanks for the holster info.

  48. I would like to find one in local gun shop; no luck the last couple places I stopped in — if they had them, they were already sold out!

    I have had a Taurus 24/7 Pro in .40 and really like it. At the gun shop having HiViz front & rear sites added. Have had the gun for over a year. Just got back form 4-day defensive handgun class at Front Sight; I shot my .40 S&W M&P and loaned my 24/7 to a friend who didn’t have a gun to bring. Shot over 500 rounds, never a problem. Since coming home I took the Taurus to the range; had a few failure-to-fires on first trigger pull, but fired on second strike. Using blazer aluminum cased ammo, which I think was the issue.

    I don’t get all the Taurus hate either. Local gun shop in Jacksonville will not sell or even work on Taurus. I think it is because they only want to sell the $600+ priced guns; can’t have a sub-$400 gun sitting next to one of those, I guess????

    I believe QC has gotten better; I believe Ruger had to recall the SR9 when it first came out….so Taurus is not only manufacturer to have issues at times (S&W had problems with first run of the Sigmas, too).

    Hope to check out a 709 “Slim” very soon. The Taurus 1911 also looks pretty tempting….

  49. Traded my Kel Tec PF-9 for the Taurus 709 SS. There is no comparison, the Taurus is way better in every way. The PF-9 is very light, sub-par finish from factory (had to do fluff & Buff to work reliably), but kicks like a mule and has a horrible trigger. The Taurus shoots like a midsize gun, excellent trigger, has external safety and trigger safety, and shoots very smooth, especially for the size. The PF-9 was a great carry but poor shooter and definitely not a range gun (hands get beat up if shooting more than 50 rounds); the Taurus is a better shooter and you can actually use it as a range gun (have done over 200 rounds in one trip and no pain or malfunctions!).

    Shooting behavior is actually more comparable to the Walther PPS, which I rented at the range prior to going with the Taurus. The Walther is more accurate, heavier, better finish, has better sights, good trigger, but priced for double of the Taurus and I couldn’t get used to the mag release and the slim but blocky grips.

    As a note the holster for the PF-9 doesn’t fit the Taurus 709, the hand guard is shaped differently and is wider. Some have been using holsters for Glock 26, but I’m still waiting for someone to release a custom fit holster.

  50. Purchased a Taurus 709 last week. Shoots fine. I noticed the wear marks on the top of the barrel block. Seems to be coming from the inside right top of the slide. I think it will wear to a natural level in time. I also noticed the captured spring recoil rod screw (others reported it comming loose) catches on the top of the hole in the front of the slide. Has anyone else noticed this? The barrel is not completly locked and it will fire, however it seems to lock forward at firing. If you pull the slide slowly and release it will usually catch. I wonder if this may have someting to do with firing low? I do love the cc and 9mm aspects of the pistol. It’s a keeper. I plan on contacting Taurus about the rod hanging.

  51. … also firing the 709 in this slightly unlocked position could certainly break the ejector as someone else had reported. Any thoughts?

  52. UnknowninKC says:

    I’m hoping my situation is isolated as I’m having some problems with my new 709. I have fired 103 rounds through it. I have never been able to fire more than 4 rounds before it jambs, sometimes only two. I have tried three different brands of ammo. Winchester, Remington and some other I don’t recall.

    I have cleaned it twice making sure it gets lube on moving parts. It seems to be having trouble getting the old casing out of the chamber, it only extracts about half way then tries feeding in the next round. I guess I will be putting their repair policy to use. I love the fit & feel. I’m hoping this can be corrected.

  53. Clean the pistol and leave it dry (no lube) and try a few rounds. Be sure your ammo is fully pushed back against the back of the clip when you load it. Try gripping the pistol tightly in your strong hand. A loose grip can cause the problem you are having. I had a few stove pipes with certain cheap ammo during the first 200 rounds. When I firmly gripped the frame it stopped. I would call Taurus. They are great. 305-624-1115.

  54. I just bought this and love it! Have not had a chance to go to the range yet but have 300 rounds waiting. Just bought a High Noon holster and should have it monday. I love the feel and weight of it both loaded and unloaded. I had to clean it when I first got it but that was expected. Can not wait until I get to the range to test fire it and do any needed adjustments for the sights. Will be my carry gun.

  55. Wanting something smaller than my Kimber Pro model, I bought a stainless PT 709 yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to fire it yet but after reading the manual and handling (striping and cleaning) it seems to be a very nice small pistol. The only problem so far is I didn’t think to find out that Crimson Trace doesn’t make a laser for it. I wanted something small I could add a laser to.
    Another thing; in this article it says “all three models come with a 7-round, flush magazine and a 9-round extended magazine”. Mine came with two 7-round magazines and all I’ve heard before this is Taurus doesn’t offer an extended magazine for the PT709. I carry a 10 round backup for the 8 in my Kimber, it would be nice to have a 9 round for the Taurus. On the taurususa sight I don’t even see they offer a replacement 7 round for the PT709.
    Can anyone set me straight on the magazines?
    Does anyone know of a quality grip activated laser for the PT709?

  56. Jim, I called Taurus about my PT709 last week. The tech told me that he thought they would be offering extended mags (with a place for third finger) early next year. The gun is so new, few are offering accessories, but they will come. As I understand it, the gun is sold out in most markets and in full production at Taurus. I put a small rubber pull on grip made by Hogue. It has one finger bar and a palm swell. Reduces felt recoil and makes the pistol fit my small hand like a glove. I costs $10 at a local gun shop. I think it was designed for small frame 380s. Everyone I show the PT709 to loves the thin small size with the power of 9mm. Even my Glock loving friends like the idea of getting one for backup use.

  57. amazing gun…just bought one yesterday. SUPER hard to find them in indianapolis.

  58. I got a 709ss about a week ago. I cleaned it well before firing and it done fine. Had a few misfires with some very old ammo. It does shoot low and the ajustable sights do not fully compensate for this. So get some practice in! It does group well and the trigger is very smooth. It carries well and is very light. Recoil is controllable and it gets back on target easily. It is what it is. A self defense firearm which is very concealable. I like it and am proud of the purchase. It is way ahead of other firearms in this market and is affordable. I have ordered an IWB holster but have not received it as of yet.

  59. I got two flush 7 rounders with my 709 and ordered a third from Taurus. It looks and works like the two originals (I’d heard that it might not). They sent it Fedex and I had in 4 days. Now, if they’d get me the walnut grips I ordered for my pt1911 I’d be very happy!

  60. Some people (like me) have painted the front site (plastic – not expensive from Taurus) white with appliance touch-up paint to hide the dot and then carefully filed down the top of the front site with a fine steal flat file and fired a few test rounds and filed until the 709 came into submission to the rear site. (This will raise your rounds) The front site can be touched up with a sharpie until just the front (dot side) is white and everything else is black. Don’t know why Taurus made the 709 this way, but a little fine tunning will make your confidence go high with this fine +p rated pistol. Still testing various factory and hand loads with this pistol. Will pass on the info as soon as I can. Get a Hogue Rubber Grip (380 or small pistol size) for it to make it feel better in your hand as soon as you can. (See blog above)

  61. Texas John says:

    I bought a new 709 slim yesterday and shot 30 rounds through it and had the slide lock up. The gun range said they had never seen that happen before. I will send it in Monday. It shot just fine and the groups were 2in at 12 ft. I like the gun, but I would like to know if anyone has had ths happen.

  62. I picked up a SS one at a show yesterday. Plan to go to the range Monday. I have cleaned the gunk out. I would also like an extended mag option. It does feel comfortable without it, however.

    This is my first Taurus, so I have no prejudice either for or against.

  63. Been around many years, Have had three different Taurus pistols, all very dependable, Had one Kel-Tec that was a big problem that I traded in on the slim-9. Took it to the range and used an old mixure of over 150 rounds of different ammo. Digested it all with no problems. I was concerned about the cheap looking clips but worked well. Gun was right on at 50′ with tight groups. Wanted a small dependable carry auto and I think that this may finially be the right one.

  64. I have found a possible lead on a holster just for the pt 709 slim. If you are interested just let me know on this forum site

  65. I picked up a 709 slim barely used for under $300 in November. I have large hands and still manage the gun well. Loved the way it felt. Carried it in an Uncle Mike’s pocket holster almost everywhere it was legal to do so. Went to the range in early January and put 200 rounds through it before the slide failed to lock. Good recoil. Taurus has it now for repairs. I can’t wait to get it back. I also have a 24/7 compact 45 acp and 40 S&W compact from Taurus. Had a little problem with the 45 failure to feed when new, even after about 200 rounds, but Taurus fixed that and returned the gun within 3 weeks. No problems since with the 45 after 200 or so more rounds. Since we got the 40, not a single problem.

  66. the 709 fits in a desantis pancake holster made for the s&w sigma.

  67. Just fired my 738, very nice.

    709 has been ordered and paid for.

    Need magazines for both.

    Any ideas? Taurus is out.

  68. OK….I know and believe that you ALWAYS buy the correct gear for your firearms….With that said….until that gear is availiable you do what you have to do…You can use a Fobus paddle holster made for the Glock…..Paddle ID number is GL26….It is not a direct fit but it does click and has held my Taurus 709 everytime I have put it in there…On my hip it has never once failed to click and hold the SLIM and once off my hip it can be held upside down and shaken around and holds everytime….Once Fobus makes a holster designed for the SLIM, I will be buying one…but until that happens I am glad I have the GL26..Carrying your gun in this holster is better than leaving it at home because you do not have one….or shooting yourself in the leg because you have it flopping around in your pocket…

  69. The more I shoot my slim the more I like it. I have shot about 400 rounds thru it at 50 rounds per session with no misfeeds or jams. I have had some light strikes that concern me. This usally happens on the first shot that I load and fire. Could be coincidental but it has happened about 4 times. Has anyone else had similar issues? I have been carrying the slim as my primary ccw in a belt slide made by a local holster maker.

  70. People do knock Tarus, but I have three different pistols of theirs all have been excellent, including the ‘Slim’. Wish I could say that for my Kimber Ultra which jams regularly.

  71. Lary Zimmer says:

    I’ve had my 709 stainless since November. Great carry arm. My other Taurus is a 357. Also, a quality firearm. Only ‘problem’ so far: I haven’t been able to locate an extended mag. Anyone needing an iwb holster, try Crossbreed. Good fit; comfortable carry. I use one for both my 709 and hi-power.

  72. All I can say is what a nightmare. Brought the 709 on Jan. 13. Went to the range a week later. Shot the first 50 clean, but there was a lag in between depressing the trigger fully and the round discharging. I thought it was unique to Taurus as I had been shooting a Glock for years. Loaded the second 50, pulled the trigger….nothing. No click, no discharge, nothing. Cycled the slide a few times and again, nothing. Returned the gun to the shop. They claimed it was covered only under manufacturers warranty and they would have to send it to Taurus for repair. One month and one week later I got the gun back with a trigger bar adjustment and a new firing pin spring. But the mags (2) and the sight adjust and lockout keys (2) were missing from the case. I called Taurus and they hemmed and hawed about how they recieved it with only one mag, like I was trying to scam them out of the keys and the mags. Like I’ve got nothing better to do! Have not shot it again, but I’ll tell you this. Never again.I’m sticking with what I know works. And that ain’t Taurus……………

  73. I have had the following problems with mine.
    Shoots low. sights will not compensate.
    FTF & light firing pin strikes.
    fired cases have large bulged areas. Probably in the are of the feed ramp. Possible premature onlocking or not fully locked.
    It is currently at Taurus for repair.

  74. Ts-enthusiast says:

    I am a n00b when it comes to newly released firearms so I am kind of concerned/confused why a firearm that has been out for 7+ months has so little or no support for accessories such as night sights, laser sights, or extended magazines. Only a few companies produce holsters for it. Searching google I see all kinds of forums where people have been asking about and wanting these other accessories since this gun came out but for whatever reason they still do not seem to be available. Is this normal a normal thing or is buying an older model gun that has such accessories already available the way to go ?

  75. just fired 50 rounds of winchester and 50 rounds of lellier& bellot through my 709. over 10 misfires with l&b ammo. lite strikes? pull the trigger 2-3 more times and it fires. both ammo failed to eject and jammed.i’m not happy at this point and as i read it seems it’s a common trend with these guns. has taurus said why? i plan on calling them monday. i didn’t buy a gun to wonder if it”s going to fire every now and then. i want one that fires right all the time. anybody want to to make me feel like i didn’t make a mistake.

  76. Bought one for my wife to carry and the first 100 rounds or so, only had a few FTEs and a couple of stove pipes. I think we figured out that most of that was her grip and being new to the gun because it didn’t happen when I shoot it. We went to the range today and it kept failing to eject properly, numerous times within the first few magazines. It also looked like she wasn’t quite getting the magazine inserted properly because the problem usually showed up around shot 2 or 2, and the bottom of the magazine actually wiggles around much more than my Millenium Pro. Mine is rock solid in the frame while the slim feels loose. Both mags that came with the gun feel the same and I can actually wiggle it straight out of the gun *without* using the ejection. I suppose I’m going to send it into Taurus but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this same thing with the slim?

  77. OK I see your article says the PT 709 Slim has a 9 round magazine. Then I am reading that the mag is 7 + 1. Can you put me straight I would like the most extended for a second carry for necessity reasons.
    Thank you for any information you can give me.

  78. …come with a 7-round, flush magazine and a 9-round extended magazine.

    As I posted, the standard mag is seven rounds. As this information was provided pre-production at the 2009 SHOT Show, Taurus may have changed the plan to ship an extended mag with the gun. For all I know, they may be shipping with the 9 rounder. Check with your dealer when you are in the shop looking at these. Good luck.


  79. They *are* definitely shipping with the 9 shot magazine unless the dealer I just spoke with this past weekend was lying, which I wouldn’t suspect. He said he just sold one. Unfortunately for us who own one already it appears we are S.O.L. because Taurus is not selling them separately, at least for now. Hopefully that will change as the slim sales increase and the buyers yell at them a bit.

  80. What a piece of crap I wound up with. Picked it up from my dealer this a.m. (w/2 7 rd. mags). This thing will be going back to the factory tomorrow. The trigger pull sometimes (maybe one in ten) is smooth as glass, feels like maybe 4 1/2 lbs. The rest of the time is horrible, feels like 10 or 12 lbs. or more, I kid you not. I had to pull so hard my wrist would shake before the thing would fire, and I’m a pretty strong guy. Thinking maybe it just needed a little break-in I put 300 rounds through it. 1 failure to feed, and a very sore knuckle. I could hard hit anything with it. Just to compare, I brought out my Glock 26. It hit everything I aimed at.

    After reading these (mostly)glowing reviews I guess I just got a lemon. Don’t get me wrong I own a PT92 (great pistol) and a Judge (What a blast that thing is) and think they are just great. But not this time. It’s just a hell of a thing to take a gun home and find out that the one you got was a piece of crap.

    For now I’ll stick with my Glock 26. A little chunkier, yes, but it’s never, ever had any type of failure. Plus it’s 11 rounds and my reload mag is a Glock 17 (rounds) mag. I did like the idea of a slimmer Nine though. Quite concealable. I’ll report back when my Slim comes back.

  81. Just got one for my wife. One of the only guns that will fit my wifes small hands. I will let you know how she and the gun performs after 4 days of drills and 800 rounds at Front Sight Las Vegas.

  82. I am new to firearms but bought 709slim 2 weeks ago. Love it so far. Question- I cant figure out how to decock the guy safely. Any advice?
    Also- I got a nice holster for it. Check stonerholster.com

  83. Allow me to but in here, let me tell you about two companies I go to for accesories.
    One is Double-Triple, the other is Raine, they both make great holsters.
    Double-Triple makes a great line of in-the-pocket, or clip-ons.
    Raine makes them, too, but what I want to tell you about is their slide holsters. They are fabulous!!! My husband has had his for at least 9 years, I’ve had mine for about three, still going strong!!!!
    This holster comes in three different sizes. I carry a CZ-82, 9×18 Makarov, evryday of my life. I own a gun store, and rely on it totally. My holster is also extemely important.
    It is a speed holster, which is very important to me- nothing snags on this holster. It makes for a very nice, clean and speedy draw. It is totally adjustable- I use the number 1, for larger guns, but this thing will adjust to fit anything from a .22 caliber to a .45 caliber pistol, and there are two smaller sizes!!! The number 3 will easily fit the LCP’s, or the P3AT’s.And they are really tough!!! You could roll off a mountain with it and it would still be intact. They are made of heavy duty canvas nylon, and are very comfortable, lightweight rigs. The slide holsters are belt worn and ambidexterous, also.
    Like I said, I wear mine everyday, everywhere I go(except banks, post office, etc.), and that includes riding my Polaris up the side of a mountain, doing jumps, mudholes(have to cover it up), riding in/out ditches, washboarding, etc. It’s TOUGH.
    Also, Raine makes to order. They don’t have thousands of ready-makes laying around, they make them when you order, and they give great service! Address below:
    Raine, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2219
    Anderson,IN 46018-2219
    Phone: 765-622-7687
    E-Mail: rainemail@raineinc.com

    Double-Triple does business differently- they have a $200.00 minumum, so unless you plan to do some shopping, you may want to call for a retailer near you near you. All Double-Triple holsters are ambidexterous. Address below:
    Double Triple Trading
    P.O. Box 6073
    Anaheim, CA 92816
    Phone: 1-800-949-8546
    Fax: 714-632-8850
    E-mail: info@DoubleTriple.com

    Anyway, this is a suggestion for those who are wondering where to find a holster to fit the Taurus 709 slim, or anything else, except large revolvers- and they have other ones for those, too!!!

    Now, let me put some words in here about my pistol, the CZ-82. It is a 9×18 Makarov. I am cross dominate, so I love the ambidexterous mag release and safety. It has a 12 rd. double stack magazine, it’s single and double action, it’s a cocked and carry because it was a military weapon, smooth bore, fixed barrel, and when racked- it has no pound pull.I hunt squirrel regularly with this thing, with excellent results!!! It is extremely accurate.
    Another exteremly accurate gun is the Hungrian FEG PA-63, also 9×18 Makarov, has an aluminum alloy frame,has a 7 rd. single stack magazine. This gun doesn’t have a slide release- but it will shoot a three-four inch group easily.
    For those of you unfamiliar with European guns,these are of the Walthers/ Browning lines.
    The 9×18 Makarov ammunition is what comes between the regular 9×19 Luger, and the 9×17 .380 rounds. It is eastern block 9mm ammo. It is a very satifying round. I went to the range with the gentleman who teaches our Concealed Carry classes, he carries a Bresa .380 that he loves. But,I let him shoot a magazine through mine- and now he will stand on a soapbox for my gun anytime !!! And, it is exactly the same size as his Bersa !!!
    For anyone out there screaming only American guns– I pay an American Importer for my weapons, thank you !!!!
    Just putting it out there!!!!

  84. Here’s an update to my previous post #81. After being told I would have to Overnight ($50) the lemon 709 I bought new, I called customer service asking that I be reimbursed the $50 since the 709 was a turd right out of the box and I didn’t even have it for a day before I had to ship it back. Well of course they were rude and said no way. I asked for a customer service Supervisor, one Christian Perez. Of course he ducked my calls and messages so no help there. I received a letter that said it will be 5-6 weeks until I get it back.

    BATF is in charge of firearms product safety. I believe the issue with my 709 is a hazard to life and limb. (See my previous post.)I will report this issue to BATF. I get the impression that MANY 709’s have been returned since their release.

    The only reason Taurus is still in business is because of their “free” (what a joke) repair policy. Eventually, most Taurus products will be returned for service because they are poorly made. Yes they are relatively inexpensive, but “you get what you pay for”. I have owned 4 Taurus products and 3 of them have had to be returned. My Judge hasn’t had to go back – yet, probably only because I have put very few rounds through it. I’m done with this Brazilian junk manufacturer. No more Taurus products for me. In the meantime I still shoot and pack my Glock 26 which keeps chugging along with ZERO failures, ever. I’ll let you know when my junk 709 is returned. I’ll take it plinking, but will never carry it. I won’t bet my life on a Taurus product. No way.

  85. Huntersplace says:

    This is for Matt and anyone else that needs to ship a firearm. If you use a licensed dealer to return it, they can send it by parcel post for about $15. Fed-Ex and UPS will charge you about $50. It will take a few more days by snail mail. My 709 was returned after the FTF problems also. I have looked at several in the gun stores and I noticed that all I have seen have gouges and strike marks on the inside rear of the ejector lever from the slide contacting that spot. If you remove the slide, it is the part sticking up the highest on what you now hold in your hand. I think this interference was the cause of my feeding problem. It also shot low. I have got it back after Taurus replaced the ejector lever and sights. The ejector now only has a very light rub mark and not the gouge when I sent it in. The slide also removes and installs much more easily. This ejector lever could be bent to the inside during manufacture or assembly causing almost everyones problems so check yours out. I have not gone to the range yet, but exect it to work much better.

  86. Jerry O. says:

    The wallet / pocket holster I use for my Taurus Slim is made by GURU and sold through pocketholsters.com to sheath the Kel-Tec PF-9. As a matter of fact, it may be more of a perfect fit for the Taurus than the Kel-Tec. Yes, I have a Kel-Tec PF-9 too. So, I know how it fits. And, BTW, I read on another forum that someone commented that the Taurus Slim is a DAO weapon. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is single action with a double action second strike capability. Here’s two sites to check out about the Taurus Slim…../////http://pocketholsters.com/Kel-Tec_Pocket_Wallet_Holster/kel-tec_pocket_wallet_holster.html////////http://www.gunblast.com/Taurus-PT709.htm

  87. David E. says:

    I purchased the 709 slim and have been totally disappointed with this firearm. Out of 200 rounds of various target rounds we experieced numerous jams, misfires and stove pipes. Sent the gun back to Taurus with the gun being in repair for 5 weeks, problem found stated the extractor and slide were adjusted and the firing pin spring was replaced. Took the gun out to the firing range and experieced the same problems but not as often. The gun was then tested with good quality hollow points with every round jamming. In conclusion, This gun is considered to be totally unreliable for self defense as I cannot recommend this firearm or Taurus due to the lack of quality control when sending this firearm back as repaired. Currently the firearm is at Taurus for a second time and expected to be returned in 5-6 weeks. I’m glad that I have several guns for self defense as it appears that this firearm will spend the majority of its time at the manufacture. Lifetime warranty means nothing if you have nothing to use!!

  88. shadetree says:

    I have just purchased a Taurus 709 slim, I had a few reservations about quality control from Taurus, but have seen some very nice guns from them at the range. I can say that I brought it straight home, went into the backyard and shot a few magazines through it with no problems except slide not locking back. I may have been the culprit with my thumbs forward shooting grip and I am used to this and it does not bother me. Mine just arrived at the gun shop and may be one of later prodution, so if they were aware of any problems maybe this one got out ok. So far I love the little gun and it was so much cheaper than the Walther pps, without the Walther backstrap safety that can render the gun useless when needed. With the Taurus if you want to lock the action you have to use a key to do so, if you don’t want to fool with it, it is easy to ignore.
    I would also remind those of you who are having ftf, fte or whatever kind feeding issues, to make really, really sure to lock your wrists when firing. Not saying I know it all just saying with such a small gun, it has to have a solid and firm handhold for the slide to work properly. anyway happy shooting!

  89. Russ Jones says:

    Just got my 709 slim about an hour ago at Gander Mt. It was 450+ tx which I thought to be high but go it because I like it and it was their last one. Ive read every post and most all say that out of the two mags they include one is the nine shot so i was bummed cause mine were both 7 shot flush. Cant wait to shoot it. Out of all the postings here the large majority are positive. I hope the same holds true for me. Thanks for all the info

  90. Goodgrouper says:

    I also purchased a 709 (recently). It failed to eject (FTE) one out of every ten rounds with two different manufacturer’s cartridges. Very disappointed in intial quality. I’m sure not happy with the hassle to send it back for repair, and expected long delay in its return. At this point, I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend… that’s for sure!

    • I’ve got a 709 in the safe now. I will be doing a full review and range report on it in the next few weeks. I’m going to run a bunch of self-defense ammo through it (with chrony) and will let everyone know how mine works, and what to expect out of your ammo choices.


  91. I read where you guys are paying well over $400.00 for your weapon. There is a dealer here in Tulsa that sells the PT709 Slim for $369.95. With an ISP holster and 50 rounds of “good” ammunition and $33.55 worth of government taxes, I was outta there for $427.50 Call Dong’s on Admiral Place in Tulsa, Okla. for the best sales and service.I don’t work for them. I just appreciate not being taken advantage of.

  92. John from N.H. says:

    I bought my 709 slim back in March 2010, loved the size and feel..BUT…it shoots way LOw and way Left at 7 Yards!!!..almost 2 feet to the left @ 7 Yards!! unacceptable!!! after adjusting the rear sight,which would not travel far enough to compensate for its poor accuracy. after trying SEVERAL types of ammo, hollow point,FMJ,etc…still same problem, so, I spoke to a couple of other dealers in my area and they say Taurus quality has gone downhill in the past few years ,and their service is Painfully Slow and they are’nt very helpful…so, I called Taurus twice and had problems right off the Bat!!They blamed my ammo, my shooting habits, etc.. it went back and was returned, SAME Problem!!, and NOW IT Jams!! Great Service Work!! I know guns, and have NO problems with my Ruger or FN P9…so its NOT me! Sorry Taurus.F grade for you!!in this case(and a few other posters here)~Don’t Buy This Gun!!~ BEWARE..I’m trading mine , and it will be out there, just as BAD as ever…I’m Sticking with RUGER and SIG SAUER from now on. Also had similar issues with a .38 Taurus Snubnose back in 2009… I should have Learned my lesson. Never Taurus for Me Again,especially if They Can’t Service, and Degrade Customers. My Local Dealer Had a Judge 410/45 that was Bad out of the Box! He won’t Carry their Guns, he’ll only order them if the Customer Requests them…same with another dealer South of here..What Does That tell You??? Goooood Luck if you still want one :(

  93. I just added the Crimson Trace laser to my Taurus Slim. I have a Fobus paddle holster that was so comfortable but now the gun does not fit. I need to find a paddle holster that fits and Fobus is not responding to my email question on another option. I’m small framed and don’t always wear a belt so this is the best and most comfortable holster for me. Anyone using or know of a paddle holster for the Taurus Slim/ with laser combination?

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