Taurus 709 SLIM Pistols a Reality: Information from the SHOT Show

The Taurus 709 pistols, also known as the Taurus SLIM, is a series of single stack 9mm pistols designed for concealed carry.  They are polymer framed, and offer a choice in slides: blued. stainless steel, and titanium.  The blued and stainless models weight 19 ounces unloaded, and the titanium model shaves another two ounces off of that number.

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm

All three models have a 3.2″ barrel and come with a 7-round, flush magazine and a 9-round extended magazine.  The pistols have the Taurus SA/DA trigger system, meaning once you chamber a round, the trigger pull is a “short, crisp” SA pull.  Should the gun fail to fire, the next trigger pull (second shot capability) is a longer double action shot.  Assuming the gun fires each time, the trigger pulls will all be single action.

Sights are a low profile, but very usable, three-dot system.

Taurus announced the 709 series of single stack 9mm pistols last year, but never shipped them.  During the past year, the Taurus SLIM has undergone several changes.

There are several cosmetic changes, such as the grips:

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm grips

and recess around the take down:

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm take down

The most significant design change has been the addition of a trigger safety.  The original 709 did not have a trigger safety, but the shipping models of the Taurus SLIM will have one.

Taurus SLIM pistol 709 series in 9mm

I had the chance to handle the blued and titanium models at SHOT.  The SA trigger pull was light and felt pretty good for a polymer gun.  The DA pull was much longer, but relatively smooth.

These guns fit in my medium-sized hand pretty well, but someone with large hands may not like the size as much.  These guns should conceal easily in a IWB or belt scabbard.  While not as concealable as a Taurus TCP or Ruger LCP, they do offer the added benefit of a more serious caliber, better sights, more grip surface, and up to 10 rounds on tap before a reload.

I hope Taurus gets these to the dealers soon.  The single stack 9mm is a good choice for concealed carry and if they work well on the range, Taurus may sell a bunch of these.

Editor’s note:  The 9mmTaurus SLIM did make it to market and appears to be selling well.  We have our review of the gun here (click here).

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