Survival Gear Reviews

Survival gear can range from food to manual saws to packs to carry everything around in. does occasional reviews of these kinds of products, which you will find through the links below.

ASAP Survival Sidekick Bugout Bag – If you are looking for a ready-made bug-out bag, take a look at the ASAP Bug Out Bag. There were a lot of useful tools and bits in the kit, and the bad itself wasn’t too shabby. Someone new to prepping could do a lot worse.

Cool Survival Tools – I pulled together some of the coolest gear you can get for realistic survival situations that hunters, campers and others outdoor might need. I think you will really want to look at some of the things I’ve discovered here.

CRKT Eat’n Tool – Think of it as a tactical spork. If you are putting together a bug out bag or hunting pack, this tool would be a handy addition. It gives you a little more flexibility in eating while staying small and light.

CRKT Parasaw – It seems that everyone has or is selling a paracord bracelet. CRKT took it one step farther and added a small saw in the bracelet. This saw isn’t going to clear a forest, but it will help you cut branches for a shelter should you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Elite Survival Systems Guardian EDC Backpack – This is my current favorite bag to carry around. I use it regularly to carry my camera gear, work stuff and other odds and ends. I highly recommend it.

Elite Survival Systems Stealth SBR Backpack – Need a way to covertly move your AR pistol or SBR? ESS has a pack for you. This rifle case/backpack is of top quality – from materials to comfort, I was impressed. However, you want to be careful about the size of the gun you are transporting in this bag. Read the review for all of the details.

Midland ER310 Weather Radio & Charger – This handy unit is an excellent weather radio with a builtin charging port to juice up your cell phone and other electronic devices. It has a built in rechargeable battery and is powered by a solar panel and dynamo crank.

Modern Man Soap Company – Soap may not seem like a survival item, but once you run into hygiene issues, you will realize it is a necessity. I review these Made in the USA soaps.

MTM Case Gard Survivor Ammo Can – Caching guns, ammo, and other gear can be a good idea. If your house is burglarized, having spare money and ammo buried in an airtight container can be a big help. Does the MTM ammo can work as advertised? To find out, we buried one. Check out the results here.

Personal Locator Beacons – If you spend time in the wild, you should consider picking up an emergency distress beacon in case things go wrong. I give you my thoughts on some of the top models on the scene today.

Siberian Coolers Classic Line – I take a close look at the 45 quart model in the Classic line of high efficiency ice chests made by Siberian Coolers. This thing performed admirably and I recommend them for consideration.

Streamlight EPU-5200 – One of the things you need when bugging out, or when the power goes down when you are bugging in, is power. Simply being able to recharge your cell phone can allow you to maintain communications. The EPU-5200 is a weather proof, drop resistant way of charging many of today’s electronic devices.

About Our Survival Gear Reviews

Emergency equipment, like the gear mentioned here, needs to work. Unless you are testing it yourself, the only time you would pull it out is when you need it. So, it has to work correctly from the start.

We approach our gear reviews from the perspective of the potential buyer: what would you want to know about the product? Does it work as intended? What are the possible problems or drawbacks?

Price is always a consideration, but cheap gear that does not work is no bargain. So, we mention price in the evaluations, but we focus on how well the tools actually work. If the tool works, then it is likely worth the asking price. If the gear fails during testing, then free is too expensive.

When we test gear, we try to do so in realistic conditions. For example, an ammo can is actually buried for months to make sure it will withstand water. A saw is used to cut wood. A backpack is carried on long hikes to see how it wears. I think you get the idea.