Book Reviews

Many gun enthusiasts are voracious book readers. The fact that you are on this page tells me that you are one of them. Us too.

Here are some of the books we have read and reviewed that relate to firearms. Some of these books relate to reloading, others to self-defense. Still, others are about the history of a particular gun or company.

We’ve read each of these books, and they are sitting on the shelves of our writers. Some are better than others, but we cover the good and the bad on each one in our gun book reviews. We don’t want you to have any bad surprises if you decide to add one of these to your own collection.

  • American Gun – This is a history book that reads more like a campfire conversation. Former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle wrote this book to tell the story of these United States through the perspective of ten guns. Read the review, but I can tell you now, the book is worth taking the time to read it.
  • Armed Response – This is a solid book on using a firearm for self-defense. It is excellent for the beginner, but even a long-time practitioner of concealed carry can learn a few things.
  • Beating the Reaper – Do you know what to do if you are traumatically injured in a knife or firearm attack? Do you have the tools and skills to stay alive until paramedics can get to you? This book specifically covers what happens after the attack has been stopped, but now there are injuries to treat.
  • Black Man with a Gun – The first time I heard Kenn Blanchard talk about the racist roots of gun control, my perspective about the history of gun control changed. I really began to understand that control, not guns, is the objective of anti-freedom progressives. More than just a history book, Black Man with a Gun deserves to be read by every American.
  • Cartridges of the World – This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of cartridges, new and old. It is not an exciting read, but there is not another reference anywhere near as complete as this one.
  • Deadly Force – Understanding Your Right to Self Defense – Many years ago, Massad Ayoob wrote the definitive tome on the lawful use of deadly force called In the Gravest Extreme. This is essentially an updated version of that book and should be considered required reading for anyone carrying a handgun for personal protection.
  • Defensive Living – Defensive Living is a short, to-the-point book that is perfect for the new gun owner. It is a fast read, but don’t let that fool you. It is filled with solid information.
  • Defensive Revolver Fundamentals – This is an exceptional book from Grant Cunningham. If you own a revolver – or are thinking about getting one – for self-defense, this book is a must-read.
  • In the Gravest Extreme – This is probably the best-known book on self-defense with a firearm. It set a new standard that all other personal protection books have been measured against. It was written by Massad Ayoob.
  • Legally Armed – While the title suggests one thing, some of the information in this book actually can steer you into unknowingly committing a crime. I’d suggest reading this review before you decide how to spend your money on your next gun book.
  • Modern Reloading – Written by Richard Lee, the founder of Lee Precision, you can guess this will be a easy to read book that focuses on a can-do attitude toward reloading. The information is excellent and thorough. The only thing that some reloaders might take issue with is that the load charts measure powder by volume and not mass (weight).
  • Navy SEAL Shooting – This is an exceptionally good training book for both new and experienced shooters. Written by Chris Sajnog, it is well written, well-edited and makes sense.
  • Shooter’s Bible to Cartridges – Much less comprehensive than the Cartridges of the World book above, the Shooter’s Bible to Cartridges is a good reference for popular rounds. It offers full-color photos and appealing charts, which sets it ahead of the other book. But as reference material, the other book holds the edge.
  • Standard Catalog of Remington Firearms – Another brand reference book from the people that published the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson guns (see entry below), I had high hopes for this tome. Unfortunately, it failed to meet expectations. You might still be interested, but please read the review first.
  • Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson – If you collect Smith & Wesson guns, you need to own this book. Read the book review for all of the details, but this is the best reference book on guns I own.
  • The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry – This classic Massad Ayoob book covers everything you need to know to safely and lawfully carry a concealed firearm for self-defense.
  • The Mosin-Nagant Rifle – If you own a M-N rifle, you should immediately buy this book. It is the premier reference on the guns with a guide to identifying arsenal marks, production dates and more.

If you have any specific gun books you would like to see us write a review on, make sure you let us know. We want to make sure we provide the best gun book review information possible. There are, unfortunately, many poorly written firearm books on the market. We want you to get an honest, unvarnished perspective on these tomes. You should be able to rely on their accuracy, and we will let you know if they deliver on what they promise.