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GunsHolstersAndGear is a gun review website. We cover firearms news and in-depth reviews of firearms and shooting gear. It was founded by Richard Johnson and is owned by Tac6 Media.

Secondarily, the site is a news delivery platform that covers events including the SHOT Show, NASGW Expo and the annual NRA Meetings.

My name is Richard, and I am the creator of this site. More information on my background is below if you are curious about me. The following information will hopefully explain a little about the site, its purpose and what you can expect from it.


I’ll put it simply: my gun reviews are biased toward the consumer. I aim to give you the best information possible so you can make an informed decision. No gun manufacturer has paid us or compensated us in any way to publish reviews here, nor will I ever accept such money.

In addition to all kinds of firearms, I also evaluate other shooting gear. This includes holsters, ammo, scopes, tactical flashlights, knives and more. I also test hunting and survival gear. If it is something of use to a firearms enthusiast, it is probably something I will test and evaluate when I get my hands on one.

MTM Survivor Ammo Can Video

Manufacturers are welcome to send products for review. I do not guarantee that we will run a review, nor do I guarantee that anything we do review will be positive. I am not looking to burn anyone’s product, and we have no axe to grind with anyone.

However, my readers are my first responsibility. If something does great, I will tell them that. If something fails, I will tell them what failed and how your customer service department handled the problem.



I report on industry news including new gun announcements, manufacturer moves and general information that may be interesting to shooters.

If you represent a gun company, feel free to contact me with your information. I am always accepting press releases. Keep in mind that just because I actively seek releases, does not mean that I will publish any of them you send.

GunsHolstersAndGear readers are most interested in hearing about new shooting products. A release on who was hired for what position is not likely to make it into print here. On the other hand, an announcement (with photos and video) about a new line of ammo or other shooting product is likely to get coverage on the site or in the newsletter.


Discussions and dissenting opinions are welcome here. I actively seek feedback on both the subject and content of my writing. If you disagree with something I have written, please let me know in the comments section of the article.

The one thing that I ask is that everyone try to keep a civil tone. Just as I would not burst into your business and start cursing you in front of other customers, I ask you extend me the same courtesy.

I’m open to learning new things and want to know if I’ve mistaken some fact. However, personal attacks and profanity will not be tolerated.


I try to keep politics out of the discussion around here. This isn’t because I don’t care about politics. The opposite is true. However, too many people on both sides of an issue are want to engage in personal attacks and hyperbole. To maintain a civil website where everyone can learn about gear and tactics, it is best to avoid political issues whenever possible.

Due to the nature of modern society, sometimes politics are a relevant part of a gun discussion. However, I do try to keep that at a minimum. I ask that you do the same in the comments.


While I am the primary writer, I have featured the work of others in the industry. Here is a brief run down of who I am, plus some of the information on other contributors.

Richard Johnson, Publisher

Richard Johnson Gun Writer

Richard started Guns Holsters And Gear (GHG) in 2007 as a firearms companion site to the law enforcement training site, BlueSheepdog.com. Since then, GHG has grown into its own authoritative news and reviews site.

Serving in law enforcement for more than ten years, Richard moved full-time into publishing in 2013. Prior to that, he worked as a street cop, law enforcement trainer, sergeant and lieutenant with departments in Georgia and Florida. If you’ve heard of Kennesaw, he worked there and can tell you first hand that the “law in Kennesaw” works to reduce crime.

Richard’s work has been featured on many websites and various traditional media outlets, including:

  • BlueSheepdog
  • Tactical Weapons
  • Combat Handguns
  • Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement
  • ITS Tactical
  • Human Events
  • The Firearm Blog
  • NRA’s Life of Duty
  • Trainers Command Post
  • Police & Security News
  • The Daily Caller

Additionally, Richard has been a guest on Cam & Co., has been quoted in Newsweek and has been cited as a source in many firearms and law enforcement training classes and bulletins. Richard has won awards for investigative journalism and photojournalism. Richard authored several books and is currently writing a new firearms book.

Richard is currently a member of:

  • Firearms Policy Coalition
  • Second Amendment Foundation
  • National Rifle Association
  • National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation

The first gun bought by Richard was a Smith & Wesson Model 10 with a 4″ heavy barrel. While there have been many other outstanding firearms in his life, the Model 10 will always hold a special place in his heart.

Additional Contributors

Although the site is primarily the work of Richard, GHG audiences have been entertained by the writings of several other contributors.


media day

Aaron is a long-time shooter, hunter and street cop. He is also a sniper for his department’s SWAT team. He is quite knowledgeable about handguns, and a true expert on rifles and long-range shooting.

You won’t find a stronger supporter of the natural rights to self-defense codified in the Second Amendment than Aaron. Plus he makes some very good jerky with all of the meat he brings home during the hunting seasons.

In addition to his contributions here, Aaron is the editor at BlueSheepdog.



Randall is the guy you want to sit next to on an airplane on the way to the SHOT Show. Not only is he personable, but he is a real wealth of information on guns and shooting. A wise man will spend more time listening than talking when Randall is in the conversation.

He is a long-time SWAT cop, collector of fine revolvers and has been known to make some very desirable custom knives.

Randall publishes ThinBlueFlorida, and I am very happy to feature his work here.

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