Fourth Generation Glock: Adjustable Grips


[Update 12/18/2009: Gen 4 Glock photo is here.]

Glock has officially started teasing to the fourth generation of their pistols due in 2010.

Calling it the “Next Generation of Perfection,” the fourth generation Glock pistols are expected to feature an interchangeable backstrap, or adjustable grip, to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes.

Way back on June 9, I broke the information on the adjustable grip Glock after a Glock rep leaked the information to police supplier, GT Distributors at the National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED) conference.

The fourth generation Glocks are rumored to have a textured finish that is not nearly as aggressive as the RTF2 introduced at the 2009 SHOT Show.  The new finish is said to be rougher than the prior generations, but easier on the hands and clothes than the RTF2.  The RTF2 was found by some people to wear through uniform shirts and other clothing too quickly.

While adjustable grip pistols are not new, Glock has resisted adding this feature to its guns.  However, with the significant gains Smith & Wesson has made into the police market with the M&P pistols, Glock is likely feeling the pressure to add interchangeable backstraps to better appeal to the law enforcement market.  Many agencies switching to the M&P have stated that the ability to match the gun to the officer’s hand size was a major factor in choosing Smith & Wesson over Glock.

Gen4 Glock 21

The Gen 4 Glocks will be seen at the 2010 SHOT Show, and we will be there for full coverage.  We will grab photos, video, interviews and even get these guns in out hands to shoot on the range.  We’re good like that.  The new Glock Gen 4 pistols are sure to be a hit with a lot of people from fan boys to police departments looking to move into the 21st Century.

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  1. I don’t think I can adequately describe my ambivalence to this development. I’m sure it’ll help them sell guns, but I’d much rather have them add a bit more of a tang to the frame than to bother with adjustable grips. Just ain’t necessary.

  2. With all respect to my friend Haji, having handled one of the Gen4 guns myself I have no doubt that very few people will feel ambivalent about it once they get a chance to see them. As soon as the G19 Gen4 is available, there will be one (or two) in my inventory.

  3. so typical of so many gun owners, they criticize/knock a product or product change BEFORE they have ever seen or had one in their hands.

    Does the word STUPID come into play here any?????

  4. I’m a little shocked. Although some are buying XD-Ms and M&P pistols for the adjustable grips, Glock is literally selling the same “old” pistols by the boatload.



  7. Czecho Man says:

    Whoever said Chrysler are good cars. Ha ha ha. It is a pressure on Glock to start improving their products. If it is perfection then there is no need to change any of it. Glock outsold most pistols because they are cheap and that’s it.

  8. Rumor has it that the Gen4 is Glocks attempt to correct it’s miserable failure of the G22’s with tactical lights being used by law enforcement agencies.

    Plain and simple Glock’s .40s with the lights don’t work for the departments. Rumor has it that a new recoil spring will correct this. Only time will tell.

    It also gets rid of the goofy fish scale grooves on the slide and the current RTF (Another design FU) and go to a less aggressive texture. (RTF3?)

    By going away from the ambi magazine catch debacle they will catch up with S&W with a reversible magazine catch. I guess, if you can’t design something, copy something that works.

    But, then again I could be wrong…

    Most assuredly it will sell more Glocks.

  9. I won’t hold my breath. They all shoot reliably and the customers don’t mind owning several pistols. No problem.

    • Andy,

      Unfortunately, many police departments are reporting that the Glock 22 does not shoot reliably with some popular ammo (Speer 165 gr Gold Dot for example) when a light is mounted. Additionally, Glock is starting to lose market share in the law enforcement realm, which is where the Glock gained popularity and credibility. You will see some significant changes in January.

      And, please, no hate mail. I’ve carried Glocks on and off duty for 15 years…I like them fine.


  10. Anyone who thinks the size of the grip on current Glocks is not a problem has never tried to train someone who is 5 foot 2 inches tall with hands the size of a pygmy’s how to shoot the G22. I am really looking forward to Glocks with adjustable grip sizes. The G22’s grip is just too big, even for a lot of normal size officers.

  11. I’m 5’9″ and the Glock grip feels terrible to me, I’m really looking forward to the new design, but I’m pretty happy with my M&P’s so the Glock will have to be pretty spectacular.

  12. I just bought the new gen 4 40 cal 22 frame it is all it is cracked up to be and more the new grip is more aggressive than previous models but not as aggressive as the R.T.F model. The clip release can be switched from right hand to left hand and the adjustable back straps should fit all hand sizes it also sports a double spring setup

  13. Any online dealers selling/shipping Gen 4 Glocks?

  14. Can’t wait for the Glock 21 4th Gen to be released! But as of now, I guess there are no plans. Hmmm…

  15. Gen 4 G22’s are already in service in my city. I know two females that have been issued them and they love em’. One is a lefty and being able to move the mag. release to the opposite side is a terrific idea for a left handed shooter. I handled one and liked the grip very much. So much so that if we obtain any Gen 4 G23’s I will try to get one.

  16. js stone says:

    I always said the reason I sold my glock for a M and P is it just didnt fit me. The glock left me with a right side unbalanced grip- it was just too fat for my hand… I was always having to re-adjust grip. The M and P just fit better – I would like to have a glock that fits so I will diffently try one.

  17. Gator Weiss says:

    Adjustable grips are essential because hands are diverse.

  18. I loved Glocks, but the M&P offers more variety. And there is an old saying Varety is the spice of life :)
    Hence the reason I got an M&P compact, and I also have a fullsize magazine. I still love Glocks, especially the pocket rocket G26.

  19. I am a female 5’6″ and I love my glock 27 40 cal!! It fits my hands just fine!! I have pinky grips on both clips. I wouldn’t change it!

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