New Gen 4 Glock Information

[Update 12/18/2009: Gen 4 Glock photo is here.]

More information on the new Gen 4 Glock pistols was leaked this week on the Handgun Podcast.  Host Eric Shelton described three new features of the fourth generation Glock pistols: adjustable backstraps, a new texture, and a dual recoil spring.

Glock 27

Shelton stated he was in a Glock Armorer School hosted by Dennis Tueller, and during that class the Gen 4 Glock was discussed.  Shelton said the new Glock pistols would have adjustable backstraps, which was leaked back in July of this year, but Glock has declined to publicly confirm.

Shelton said the new grip texture was not the RTF2 texture introduced by Glock at the 2009 SHOT Show.  Rather, Shelton stated the new grip was less aggressive than the RTF2, but more aggressive than the ‘standard’ third generation frame.

While both of the above new features I discussed previously, Shelton did describe something that my sources had not mentioned: a new recoil spring assembly.  Shelton said the new assembly had two recoil springs to better tame recoil.  While felt recoil is more of an individual perception, Shelton said Glock told them that with the new springs, the .40 S&W feels like a 9mm.  I am assuming the new spring assembly would be like the system used in the ‘baby’ Glock pistols such as the model 27.

If you don’t already listen, I encourage you to check out Shelton’s podcast.

Update – Glock rolled out the new models at the SHOT Show and they are pretty much as described.  The Gen4 Glock pistols have swapable back straps, a new recoil spring assembly and a new grip texture that is more grippy than the old style but not as clothing-dangerous as the RTF2 style.  Also, the new guns have a larger magazine release button.  After the introduction of the new pistols, there were some reliability issues with the 9mm pistols.  It is my understanding that those were resolved with a voluntary recoil spring recall.

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