Dennis Tueller Describes the Gen 4 Glock Pistols

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The Generation 4 Glock pistols are almost here. As the 2010 SHOT Show approaches, information and photos have leaked regarding what new features the Glocks will have.  Glock, of course, has not officially commented.

Dennis Tueller confirmed several of my prognostications and other information in the December 25 edition of the Handgun Podcast. Tueller was a guest in episode #79, and he briefly talked about the new Glock pistols.

Adjustable Backstraps

Tueller confirmed the adjustable backstraps that I first reported on back in June. “What they’ve done…they reduced approximately 1/8″ off the backstrap,” said Tueller. “So the standard pistol, the Generation 4 pistol, will have a smaller all-around grip.”

Calling them a “grip adapter”, Tueller said the the backstraps are “…more like overlays, because the pistol can be used efficiently without the inserts.” Tueller said the pistol is designed to be shot without any backstrap overlays. Tueller said adding the first overlay, takes the Gen 4 Glock to the same size as the previous generation pistol. Adding the second backstrap makes the grip 1/8″ larger.

The end result is a Glock pistol where the user can adjust the grip 1/8″ smaller or larger than the current generation.

Magazines and Magazine Release

The magazine release was significantly changed according to Tueller. While I hypothesized Glock would incorporate a reversible magazine release, I had not suggested a larger button. The pictures leaked from various sources show the magazine release button to be visibly larger.  Tueller stated “It’s more than twice as wide as the original one.”

Tueller said the magazine release button is not extended more than the current generation pistols, it is just significantly wider. “I’m sure that will be an advantage to folks with perhaps shorter thumbs; (they) won’t have to reach as far to get to it,” said Tueller.

It would appear that a reversible magazine release will be standard in the US, but Tueller said “…in other markets, Glock is offering the pistol with the ambidextrous magazine catch option.” I’m not sure why Glock would not offer the ambidextrous magazine release in the US.

All of the pistol magazines will have cut-outs on both sides of the magazine to work with the reversible button, and a cut-out on the front of the magazines to work with the ambidextrous release. It would appear the current magazines would not work in the Gen 4 pistols where the magazine release is moved to the right side, nor would they work in a ambidextrous release model.

New Texture

Handgun Podcast host Eric Shelton and Tueller also discussed the new texture that will be on the Generation 4 Glocks. Tueller said the RTF texture introduced at the 2009 SHOT Show “…has gotten mixed reviews.” On the Gen 4 pistols, a new finish will be introduced.

“What they’ve done on the Generation 4 pistol, is they’re kind of splitting the difference,” said Tueller. [The Gen 4 Glock] has a surface more like a stippling, than checkering. It is rougher and more positive grip than the standard Glock pistol, but not as aggressive as the RTF.”

Recoil Spring Assembly

They also discussed the new recoil spring assembly. Tueller said the new heavy-duty recoil spring noticeably dampens felt recoil, and almost triples the lifespan of the assembly from about 3000 rounds to approximately 7-8000 rounds.  It does not appear the new recoil spring assembly is adaptable to previous generation pistols.

For more information, go to the Handgun Podcast and listen to the entire interview. Shelton and Tueller discuss more than just the Generation 4 Glock pistols. Shelton puts a lot of work into the program that he then gives you for free. If you’ve never listened to a podcast, give it a try. You don’t even need an iPod. The computer you are on right now is sufficient.

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