Remington Golden Saber Black Belt Ammo

Remington Black Belt Ammo

The new Remington Golden Saber Black Belt ammo was announced at the 2013 SHOT Show.  Since the original article, I have obtained additional information on the ammunition.

The initial calibers the Black Belt ammunuition will be loaded for are 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG and .380 ACP.  This pretty much covers all of the popular self defense and law enforcement calibers on the market.  Several of these calibers have multiple loads available (more on those below.)

The Black Belt is named for the distinct black Mechani-Lokt belt used by Remington to lock the jacket and core together.  This is a mechanical process that gives the bullet an hourglass shape.  The Mechani-Lokt pulls the jacket into the lead core much like a tight corset would pull in a woman’s waist for a similar hourglass figure.

Remington Black Belt ammunition

This band prevents jacket separation which is a much demonized issue.  In the theory espoused by many, if the jacket and bullet stay together, stopping power is increased.  While I don’t think this factor alone means much, there is no doubt a heavy bias by many in the law enforcement and self defense communities toward “bonded” bullets.  So, if you are in the market of selling ammunition, you have to come up with a process of preventing jacket separation.

Like the original Golden Saber bullets, the Black Belt bullets use a brass jacket, not a copper jacket.  Also, the nose of the hollow point has spiral cuts, which Remington states creates “…reliable and predictable expansion through clogging barriers such as wall board and heavy clothing.”

Remington Black Belt bullet

The cases are nickel-plated, which is supposed to reduce corrosion.  The ammunition uses a reduced flash propellant and an optimized primer that is also supposed to help reduce muzzle flash.

The Remington Golden Saber Black Belt ammo will be available in both 25 and 50 round packages.

Remington Black Belt Ammo

Remington Black Belt bullet

From Remington:

Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) is proud to announce a new line of law enforcement ammunition with innovative bullet design – the Golden Saber Black Belt.

At the heart of the new line of ammunition is the ground-breaking Black Belt™ bullet.   The Black Belt bullet was designed utilizing the stringent FBI Barrier Test Protocol for optimum performance.  The bullet features an hour glass shape and the innovative MechaniLokt belt that locks the core and jacket together producing controlled expansion and penetration with high weight retention for optimized terminal performance.  In addition, the belt provides a bearing surface for loading and engraving the rifling in the barrel.

Remington Black Belt ammo

Like the venerable Golden Saber, the bullet is constructed of a brass jacket in time-proven bullet profiles for reliable feed and function.  The spiral nose cuts and hollow point cavity are optimized for predictable and reliable terminal performance through clogging barriers such as wall board or heavy fabrics.  The lead core of the bullet is mechanically locked to the rear of the bullet furthering the prevention of jacket/core separation in even the toughest of barriers.

The Golden Saber Black Belt ammunition features flash suppressed propellant and primers for minimal muzzle flash and nickel plated shell cases for corrosion resistance and reliable feed and function.  The initial offerings will include loads for 40 S&W, 45 Auto, 9mm Luger and 9mm Luger (+P) cartridges.

Initial offerings

Golden Saber Black Belt

25 Round Pack

Index Number  RAMAC Bullet Grain Cartridge
GSN40SWA 29441 BBJHP 165 40 S&W
GSN40SWB 29443 BBJHP 180 40 S&W
GSN45APB 29449 BBJHP 230 45 Auto
GSN9MMB 29421 BBJHP 124 9mm Luger
GSN9MMD 29425 BBJHP 124 9mm Luger (+P)

Golden Saber Black Belt

50 Round Pack

Index Number  RAMAC  Bullet Grain Cartridge
GSN40SWAB 29367 BBJHP 165 40 S&W
GSN40SWBB 29437 BBJHP 180 40 S&W
GSN45APBB 29417 BBJHP 230 45 Auto
GSN9MMDB 29348 BBJHP 124 9mm Luger (+P)
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  • Ross

    I’m very surprised they didn’t show an illustration or picture of the bullet.

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  • John

    I’d consider the MechaiLokt feature more “innovative” if Hornady hadn’t released Critical Duty a year ago…
    Great minds think alike, but the “innovation” award goes to the 1st one to use the feature.
    Undoubtedly, GSBB will be top quality, as the original GS bullets are. No knocking Big green, just a dose of reality.