New Smith & Wesson M460 XVR .460 Revolver

Smith and Wesson 460XVR

The new Smith & Wesson M460 XVR revolver has now been officially introduced.  The new five-shot revolver chambered for the powerful .460 S&W Magnum will be a Performance Center item built on the company’s X-frame.

Calling it a multi-purpose revolver, the company notes the gun is a “welcome addition” for hunters “in pursuit of dangerous game.”  Many big game hunters carry a .44 Magnum, .454 Casull or other revolver as a backup gun when in the field.  The .460 Magnum is certainly a good caliber choice for this activity!

The gun will have a green fiber optic sight from HIVIZ and an adjustable rear sight.  The titanium stainless steel cylinder is not fluted, and the stainless steel frame has a glass bead finish.  The trigger and hammer are chromed.

Smith & Wesson 460 XVR Specifications

caliber.460 Magnum
capacityfive rounds
barrel length3.5"
overall length10"
weight (unloaded)59.5 oz
front sightHIVIZ fiber optic
rear sightadjustable

Original Information:

Smith & Wesson 460

In the background of a recently released video on the new 929 revolver, Smith & Wesson may have accidentally shown another gun they plan to announce at the upcoming SHOT Show.  The new gun appears to be chambered for the .460 S&W Magnum cartridge and has a shorter barrel than any prior factory gun in this caliber.

From what we can see in the image, the new revolver has a green fiber optic front sight and a non-fluted cylinder.  As the video was produced by the S&W Performance Center, I would assume that this new .460 will be made by them as well.  When I get more information on this gun, I will update this page.

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  • Gary Reimer

    I see they are still committed to producing revolvers with the internal lock on them. Too bad. That’s a dealbreaker for me and a lot of people. Otherwise it looks like a nice gun.

    • Richard Johnson

      Hi Gary,

      Yep – a lot of people including myself don’t care for the internal locks. A few (very few) of the S&W revolvers can be had without them, but not enough.


      • rick

        The S&W internal locks can be removed with a few tools and 10min. of time.

    • Mr. mike

      I have a lock on my 686 .357 and I just don’t use it. Why is this unused lock a deal breaker for you?

  • Mr. mike

    I am looking at the 460 to use as my backpacking gun, a backup plan for bear spray. I have not fired a 460 or 500 yet and will do so this week at my gun range. This new model looks nice, but a 3.5″ barrel on this powerful gun might be a bit too much for me. How practical is a 3.5″ barrel on a gun of this caliber for the average shooter?

  • David

    I believe the looks of the hole above the cylinder release is a deal breaker for many. If I _really_ wanted one, it wouldn’t stop me, but I prefer for it not to be there.

  • Mark

    The S&W press release says it’s got a stainless cylinder – not titanium.

    • Richard Johnson

      Good catch, thanks.