Review Policy reviews guns, shooting products and training schools as a part of the service I provide my readers.

It is my policy to conduct fair and honest reviews giving no special benefit to any manufacturer who submits a product for testing.  My first responsibility is to the citizens, law enforcement officers, soldiers and others who come to this site seeking accurate evaluations of gear.

Who I Work For

My readers are my customers. That means the reviews I do are for them, not the manufacturer.

Too many reviews are “bought and paid for” by companies who find a publisher willing to take the money. is not one of those places.

You are the person I work for. It is my goal to provide you with the absolute best information on any shooting product or service you are interested in.

Money and time are finite resources, and I want to make sure that you have good information with which you can make purchasing decisions.

Testing Parameters

I have always done reviews that were fair and honest. However, in an effort to provide even greater value to you, I’ve established certain review criteria for different classes of products. Additionally, I actively seek input from you – the reader – in what I can do to improve the reviews on the site.

How to Submit a Product for Review

Products submitted for review are not guaranteed a review, nor are there any guarantees about when the review will be published. I try to review most products within 90 days, but I am not always able to make this happen due to a variety of external factors.

How an item is tested and evaluated will be detailed in the review, if not described in the testing parameters section above.

If a product fails during testing, it will be returned to the manufacturer per the normal warranty procedures. The failure will be noted in the review, along with how well the company’s customer service department handled the repair or replacement.

Anyone wishing to submit a product for review may do so by contacting us. All products submitted for review become the property of If an item for review is to be a loan only, the details (time frame, return shipping, etc.) must be worked out in advance of shipping the item.


All reviews will note if the product was provided by the manufacturer or privately acquired. Additionally, all reviews will clearly note a special relationship, if any, between the author, the website and the manufacturer. is a ‘for profit’ entity. At the time of this writing, the majority of the site revenue is generated through affiliate links to and through Google Adsense. Future revenue streams may include other forms of advertising and affiliate relationships.

Amazon Affiliate

Some links from this site to are affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and subsequently buy a product on Amazon, I will receive a small % of the purchase price – typically between 4-10%.

The commission paid to me does not affect the price you pay. Refer to the privacy policy for additional information.

Google Adsense

Google is an advertising company, a fact that many people do not realize. They earn money by acting as a broker between manufacturers and publishers to place advertising on websites. This program is called Adsense.

Currently, earns money through the Adsense program. If you click on an advertisement, I earn a small amount of money from the advertiser. Refer to the privacy policy for additional information.

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