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New Ruger Gun at 2009 NRA Convention: Another Platform Redefined

(Editor’s note: On May 15, Ruger introduced the SR-556: a piston driven AR-15 style rifle.)ruger_lcr_01

Ruger is really stiring up excitement in the firearms world.  Ruger brought out the SR9, the wildly popular LCP, and the now shipping LCR.  And Ruger isn’t done yet.

At the 2009 NRA Convention, Ruger wil be announcing another new product that will allegedly redefine a platform.  May 15 is the announcement date, but speculation is already running wild.  Here are some of the possibilities…

Polymer Framed 1911

Ruger broke more than a few people’s expectations when it comes to small revolvers, by introducing the part-polymer LCR.  Ruger could do the same with a polymer-framed 1911.

A single stack, thin-framed polymer 1911, or even a polymer wide body 1911, would definitely catch the attention of more than a few people.  Purists will decry such a gun, but in spite of prior generations of purists, Glock (and more recently Springfield and Smith & Wesson) has excelled.

A lightweight frame and less expensive pricepoint would make this gun attractive to many people.  Would a polymer framed 1911 make it?  Time would tell.


“Value Priced” Piston AR-15

The AR-15 platform is all the rage right now, but the vast majority of AR’s are pretty much the same.  The .223/5.56 guns that are AR competitors tend to be very expensive.  Ruger could introduce a piston AR-type gun that is sub-$700.  The obvious problem is they already have the Mini 14 platform, and any AR type rifle could pull sales from it.

(Note: Ruger did introduce a piston driven AR-style rifle.  However, the MSRP is almost $2000.)

Lightweight and/or Big Bore SP101

In 2008, Massad Ayoob speculated that Ruger might introduce a lightweight SP101 at the 2009 SHOT Show.  Ruger may still introduce such a thing, but they would be competeing against their new LCR.  So, I think this is unlikely, unless it was in a high pressure cartridge such as the .327 Magnum that might be too much for the LCR.

A more interesting option would be a lightweight, but big bore SP101.  I would definitely love to see a 2 1/2″ or 3″ aluminum framed SP101 in .44 Special.  I think that this, while not a runaway hit, would sell well.  I would think it would compete very well against the Charter Arms Bulldog.

Tactical Shotgun

I’ve never really thought “Ruger” when I start thinking shotguns.  But, think about what is hot right now in gun sales: concealed carry and tactical guns.  Ruger has two small, concealable guns already.  The tactical rifle is covered by the new Mini 14’s introduced at SHOT.  The missing link is a personal defense shotgun.

I’m thinking a 6-shot pump or semi-auto shotgun, with ghost ring sight and an optional mounted light, at an aggressive price point, would steal some sales from Mossberg and Remington.  The one thing that I think would be a “must” is some type of adjustable stock to accomodate a variety of shooter sizes.  This could take the form of a M-4 style stock, or the Remington adjustable length of pull kits.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

2 replies on “New Ruger Gun at 2009 NRA Convention: Another Platform Redefined”

I, too, would like to see a big bore SP. But in .45 acp rather. .44 special is really pricey these days. .45acp is reasonable. Of course that would mean moonclips. But .45 colt might not be a bad choice. Standard .45 colt loads are well proven in defensive power. It is also a bit more economical than .44 spec.

The shotgun is also very likely. Maybe a box mag type? Maybe they’ll come out from left field and hit us with a tactical lever action. All black and railed out with side saddle 30-30 or .44 mag loops. Heh, it is fun to speculate.

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