Break Free Bore Cleaning Foam Review

Break Free offers a product called the Bore Cleaning Foam.  The foam is specifically designed to clean copper and brass residue from the bore of your firearm.  The question is…does it work?

I picked up a can of the Bore Cleaning Foam, and had the perfect chance to test it after spending a day at the range with my Sig P226.  I’m generally pretty skeptical of cleaning products, and the incredible claims they make.  However, I have been using Break Free’s CLP for years with good results, so I figured I would give another one of their products a try.

Following the instructions, I field stripped the pistol, and sprayed the foam directly into the barrel of the firearm, filling the bore completely.  I then set the barrel to the side while I cleaned other parts of the gun.  After 15 minutes, I ran a few clean patches through the barrel, and, amazingly, I had a clean bore.  No scrubbing needed.  It really was that easy.

The foam is non-toxic and is odor-less.  It doesn’t take a lot of foam to clean the barrel of a pistol, so a single can should last for a good while.

2013 Update:  It has been a few years since I first started using the bore cleaning foam from Break Free.  The fact that I am still using this should tell you everything you need to know about what I think about it.

I have found that this is some of the best stuff I’ve tried on striping all of the carbon and copper from  the inside of a bore.  When I pull apart a pistol, I fill the bore with this foam and start cleaning everything else.  When I get to the barrel, the gunk inside is already loose or dissolved.

The Break Free bore cleaning foam is definitely better than Hoppes #9 and the various solvents in the cleaning kits found in the big box stores.

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