Remington Squeeg-E Cleaning Kit

Remington has joined forces with Bill Rogers, the founder of the Squeeg-E gun cleaning system to produce the Remington Squeeg-E cleaning kit. Not only designed to be a one-stop cleaning kit, the Rem Squeeg-E package is a move towards patch-less cleaning of your favorite firearms. Dean DeLoe and Kevin Graff of Remington were great guys, and walked me through the features of this new cleaning kit.

Remington Squeeg-E cleaning kit

For those not familiar with the Squeeg-E concept, it involves pulling a rubberized plug through the barrel to remove debris. The plugs are attached to a wire cable by inserting a metal end into the Squeeg-E’s open end. On the other end there is a T- handle, that also attaches to the cable by pressing the other end of the cord into the handle. The cables are encased in a rubber tube to prevent damaging the barrel.

Prior to attaching the Squeeg-E plug the user will guide the cable through the barrel from muzzle to breach with the handle already attached. Then attach the Squeeg-E plug for the appropriate chamber and pull on the handle, dragging the plug the length of the barrel and in the direction the bullet travels.

The Squeeg-E plugs have five equally spaced rings that are larger in diameter than the chamber. As the plugs are pulled through, they fold backwards, creating a very tight seal on the inside of the barrel. Because the Squee-E is rubberized the rings mold to fit the barrel. Each consecutive ring provides an ever-increasingly clean rub of the barrel’s interior. It’s like a triple-blade windshield wiper, but for a gun barrel instead.

Remington Squeeg-E cleaning kit

This kit comes in a green Remington range bag (approximately 12”L x 8”W x 6”H), with shoulder strap. There are (3) side pockets that zip down to reveal the cleaning supplies. Here’s the incredible amount of supplies you get in each bag:

* (3) different length pull cables (rifle, shotgun, handgun)
* (1) Remington universal T-handle
* (1) Remington bronze brush
* (1) Remington soft nylon brush
* (1) Yellow lightly oiled cleaning cloth
* (1) 0.5 oz. bottle of Rem All In bore cleaner solution
* (1) 1.0 oz. bottle of Rem Oil
* (1) Remington medium Rem pad 12”x28”

And the following Bore Squeeg-E pull plugs:

* (1) .22/.223/5.56mm
* (1) .243
* (1) .270/7mm
* (1) .308/7.62mm
* (1) 9mm/.380/.357
* (1) .40/10mm
* (1) .44/.45
* (1) .50/.410
* (1) 20ga/28ga
* (1) 12ga/16/ga
* (10) Matching bronze bore brushes
* (1) Threaded revolver adapter for the bronze brushes
* (3) Brass patch pullers – if you must
* (1) Large thread adapter
* (1) Instruction sheet for all the supplies provided
* MSRP – $79-89

Dean and Kevin told me that there are two “major” distributors that have already made agreements with Remington to sell these cleaning kits. Since the Rem Squeeg-E cleaning kit has just been announced, the names of the distributors could not be released until closer to their Summer 2012 release date.

Remington Squeeg-E cleaning kit

The MSRP might seem a bit high at first, but when you start to price the individual components you can quickly start to see the value of this kit. Especially when you consider that one competitor’s pull through cleaning system runs about $15-20 per caliber. The Rem Squeeg-E kit gives you 10 different Bore Squeeg-E’s, for (14) different calibers, in a bag that would retail at $20-25. So far I’m really liking the Rem Squeeg-E cleaning kit.

Dean and Kevin were incredibly gracious – they gave me a Rem Squeeg-E cleaning kit to test out. I’ll be posting a review in a couple of months after I’ve had the chance to run a few guns through the works.

Click here to get the Remington Squeeg-E cleaning kit from Amazon.

Remington Squeeg-E cleaning kit

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