New T/C Venture Compact Rifle

Thompson Center (T/C) made rapid inroads into the centerfire rifle market in just a few short years. So good are these rifles that T/C guarantees the accuracy of their rifles with a 3-shot shot group within 1″ at 100 yards. Not bad for a mass-produced rifle, right out of the box. The T/C Venture has been a very popular rifle, that demonstrates the quality associated with any T/C rifle.

During Media Day at SHOT Show I got a chance to shoot the new T/C Venture Compact in the very popular .308 caliber.

TC Venture Compact mag

Very similar to the larger Venture rifles, the Venture Compact will only come in a 20″ barrel, and in a handful of calibers.  That barrel will have a match-grade recessed crown and excellent 5R ratchet rifling.

In addition, the lands and grooves are rounded in what the T/C guys said is a design that should improve accuracy and maximize performance while the bullet travels through the barrel.

TC Venture Compact

The bolt is coated in Melanite and the handle is angled at 60-degrees for ease of action and scope clearance. There is a 2-stage safety to the right side of the receiver just behind the closed bolt handle. On the opposite side of the receiver is the bolt release lever.

There are 1″ adjustable buttstock spacers to allow the shooter to customize their length of pull. This is a rifle that a younger hunter or shooter could start off with and continue to shoot into their adult years. Though shorter than the varmint versions I had no problem getting comfortable behind this rifle.

TC Venture Compact SHOT Show

The Venture Compact comes with a lightweight synthetic stock that has raised Hogue traction panels on the pistol and foregrip. These panels were very comfortable to hold and provided a very confident grip on the rifle.

The trigger pull was very nice and had a crisp break. The trigger can be adjusted by the shooter from 3.5 to 5 pounds.  The set screw is located just above the trigger.

TC Venture Compact gun

The T/C Venture Compact also comes with a detachable magazine. I’m a big proponent of a detachable magazine. I think it offers a much safer way to load and unload a rifle, and one that is much quicker than internal or hinge-plate magazines.

I got to talk with Jeff Picket and Bill Booth on the finer particulars of this rifle.

T/C Compact Venture Specifications

At launch, here are the specs on the T/C Compact Venture:

Calibers.22-250, .243, .308, 7mm-08
Rifling5R ratchet rifling, rounded lands and grooves
Barrel Length20″
Overall Length40.75″
Weight6.75 lbs
Rate of Twist1:9 (7mm-08), 1:10 (.243 & .308), 1:12 (.22-250)
Scope Mount2-part Picatinny rail
Length of Pull12.5″ – 13.5″
Stocksynthetic with textured raised Hogue grips
Trigger Pull Weight3.5-5.0 lbs, user-adjustable
Magazinedetachable box
MSRP$449 (w/o scope)

I was actually surprised at the ease of shooting the Compact Venture. The recoil was much less than I expected, especially for a shorter barreled rifle in .308, and the famed T/C accuracy was evident. Mounted with a Weaver scope, the Compact Venture fulfilled the TC guarantee at 100 yards.

Venture Compact evaluation

If you’re not interested in the Venture Compact, the larger versions come in the Weather Shield stainless steel, and Varmint versions. The full-sized Varmint comes with a choice of Realtree AP Snow, or Realtree Advantage Max-1 camouflage patterns chambered in a long assortment of the most popular calibers.

T/C Venture Compact review

Final Thoughts

I was impressed enough with the T/C Venture Compact that I am seriously considering this rifle for one of my next hunting rifle purchases.

With the shortened length, light weight, and adjustable stocks, this may also be a rifle my sons could grow into.

Last update: August 30, 2021

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