Kholster IWB Concealment Holster Review

kholster_11aThe Kholster holster: a tuckable, IWB holster.  We received two for testing.  Both reviews are on this page.  The second evaluation is about halfway down the page.  This is the first…

Over the years, I have worn numerous holsters for off-duty carry with each one having different strengths and weaknesses.  Some suffer in the quality department while others lack comfort.  Some are more adept at ease of concealment than others.  Here in west central Florida, the hot, muggy summers (and springs and autumns) dictate that shorts and t-shirts are the attire of choice, making adequate concealment an issue that must be addressed.  In my experience, the best style of holster for concealment is the IWB or Inside the Waist Band holster. There are numerous manufacturers of IWB’s and we recently had the opportunity to test three versions from one of the newest entries: Kholster.

We received three different versions of the Kholster for testing: the “Full Moon”, the “Crescent” and the “Little Moon.”  These three versions are for large, medium and small handguns respectively.  All three retail for $45 at and are identical in features and design, the only difference being size.  I tried out the “Crescent” with my H&K USP .40 compact for the past few months in the depths of the Florida summer.

These holsters do not look like any other holster on the market.  The gun is held in place by a small piece of Kydex which has been heat formed to the correct shape on a mold.  The Kydex is in-turn riveted to a large circle of leather which has adjustable belt clips attached.  The leather prevents any part of the gun from contacting the body.  You will not find any fancy stitching or hand-tooled leather here; function is the only apparent design element. It looks large and ungainly but it is the most comfortable IWB holster I have ever worn.

kholser_01aThe Kholster is adjustable for cant, depth and retention. Mine was perfect out of the box so no adjustments were necessary.  To adjust for cant and depth you simply unscrew the belt clips and move them to another hole. To adjust the retention takes a little more work.    According to the website, if it is too loose or too tight you can heat the Kydex with a hair dryer and fine tune the fit around your unloaded firearm.  Or you can just send it back to the manufacturer for adjustment.  One of the other features that I like is that the shirt can be tucked in over the gun for greater concealment. While this is not unique to the Kholster, it is appreciated.

Concealment was on par with other IWB holsters.  No surprises here.  There was some initial concern that the leather crescent would show through a shirt.  This fear was allayed almost immediately as the leather conformed to my waist line after the first day.

Comfort is where this holster truly shines.  The leather backing keeps the gun from chafing against your body and disposes of the need to wear an undershirt.  I wore the holster for an 8 hour period while working in my garage workshop one weekend and I forgot it was on after about 30 minutes.

This leather is also the source of the major problem I have with the holster. The leather prevents the thumb from wrapping around the grip until the gun has cleared the holster.  This has taken some getting used to but after a few days of practicing, I have worked out a fast, accurate draw.

kholster_08aKholster seems to take customer service very seriously.  The holster comes with a 90 day unconditional “no strings” guarantee and a limited life time warranty.  If it breaks, they fix it.  It is nice to see a manufacturer stand behind their product like that.

If you are in the market for a comfortable, affordable holster, Kholster has the answer for you. At just $45 for each model, this is one of the more affordable IWB’s on the market.  In the end there is nothing flashy or hi-tech here, just a supremely comfortable holster for a great price.

ed. note: A second review of the Kholster IWB holster is forthcoming by another reviewer.  As Kholster was kind enough to provide more than one T&E sample, we were able to have different reviewers test them to give you, the reader, more than one perspective on the product.





A Second Look at the Kholster

kholster_01aThe Kholster holster, an inside the waistband holster, was reviewed by Tom (above). As Kholster was kind enough to send us several holsters to evaluate, I also have been testing one.

Full Moon Kholster

During the past several months, I have been using the Full Moon Kholster designed for the full sized Smith & Wesson M&P. Overall, the Kholster was very comfortable, secured the pistol well, and did a good job at concealing the duty-sized gun.

The Kholster is a relatively simple design consisting of a round cut of leather with a Kydex insert riveted to the leather. There are also two metal clips affixed to the leather. The clips are attached to the leather by screws. This allows the clips to be moved to other pre-drilled holes, offering a wide range of adjustments to match the individual user.

My S&W M&P fit perfectly into the Kydex portion of the holster. The pistol was securely held, and no amount of sitting, walking, running or jumping around dislodged the pistol when it was worn.

I found the Kholster was one of the more comfortable IWB holsters I have ever worn. The large, round leather piece did an excellent job at protecting my skin from rubbing against the edges of the pistol.

kholster_03aThe metal clips are positioned at the far edges of the leather, so the pistol weight is widely distributed. I found this to be more comfortable than a single clip or straps located just at the pistol’s location.

I frequently take short trips, where the drive is 2-3 hours. On several of these trips, the M&P made the journey in the Kholster. I was happy to discover that the Kholster was more comfortable than other IWB holsters I have tried for these journeys.

Initially the leather was slightly stiff, and made an odd print under a shirt. However, after a few days of wearing the holster, the leather took on the contours of my body, and the odd printing disappeared.

The full-size S&W pistol concealed very nicely under an untucked shirt. I was concerned about concealing a gun the size of the M&P, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was no harder than a smaller pistol like the Glock 19.

I found that drawing from the Kholster was similar to other IWB holsters. However, obtaining a grip on the gun was slightly different due to the protective leather piece. I discovered the best way to draw the gun, was to lay my thumb over the back of the slide, with the proper portion of my palm contacting the M&P’s grip. As my fingers wrapped around the gun and began to pull upward, the grip of the gun moved away from my body just enough for my thumb to slide into the proper position. Practicing this draw, I became very proficient, and had no problems with completely controlling the gun.

kholster_04aThe craftsmanship of the Kholster is good, with no discernable blimishes or other problems. However, it does not have the same “look and feel” of a high-end scabbard made by someone like Mitch Rosen. But, the Kholster is designed to be functional, not a decoration piece. And for the same price of a single high-end holster, you could own three Kholsters.

Kholster LLC offers a 90-day unconditional, no strings guarantee and a limited lifetime guarantee. Kholster states that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may, within 90 days, return the holster for a full refund or replacement – your choice. Additionally, Kholster stands behind the holsters for life, repairing or replacing any holsters with a defect in material or craftsmanship free of charge.

Kholster holsters sell for only $45 each, with free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Bottom Line

I found the Kholster to be a good quality product at a very reasonable price. The holster is comfortable and carries the pistol securely.




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