Walther PK380 Holster Options

Looking for a Walther PK380 holster?  Based on the e-mail I receive, I know a lot of you are.  So, here are a few holster sources for you PK380 owners.

If I have missed any, and I likely have, please list additional holsters in the comments section below this article.  That will help others looking for the best scabbard, and I will be also able to update this article with the information.

Update – I am actively working on adding more holster options to this page to help everyone out. With the new Walther CCP that is hitting the market, there is a lot of interest in these German guns.

Walther PK380 Holster


The Blackhawk! nylon holsters will work for people wanting to carry the PK380.  The standard nylon belt holster lists for about $30 and can normally be found for about $25 online.  It is a simple way to carry tour pistol, but is also very affordable.  A great thing about these holsters is they can work with laser units mounted on the gun’s accessory rail.  For example, the size 4 Blackhawk! holster will work with the PK380 with an attached laser.

CrossBreed Holsters

Cross Breed MiniTuck holster for the Walther PK380
Cross Breed MiniTuck holster

CrossBreed offers the very popular SuperTuck Deluxe fitted for the Walther PK380.  The SuperTuck Deluxe is a leather-Kydex hybrid IWB holster that can be worn with a tucked-in shirt.  Cross Breed also offers the QwikClip and SnapSlide holsters for the PK380.

DeSantis Gunhide

The good folks at DeSantis have been making leather holsters for many years.  If you need a Walther PK380 holster, you could do a lot worse than looking at this company.  With its broad line, the company has several options for the compact Walther pistol.  You can pick from the extremely popular Nemesis pocket holster, the Apache ankle holster, or one of several IWB-type holsters.  All of them are quality products and worth your consideration.

Fobus Holsters

Makers of inexpensive, yet fairly durable, synthetic holsters, Fobus offers a number of holster options for the Walther PK380 handguns.  Probably the company’s most popular holster, the Roto Evolution paddle holster, is made for this pistol and is frequently found for less than $40 at dealers.  For those on a tight budget, the company offers a plain paddle holster that can be picked up for less than $30.  If shoulder holsters are more your thing, Fobus offers that as an option for your PK380 also.  These tend to run around $90.

Fury Carry Solutions

Makers of Kydex OWB-style rigs, Fury Carry Solutions offers three different models of holster for the Walther pistol. The models are the: Concealment Series, Competition Series and Professional Series. Each rig offers a slightly different set of features – such as a cant or straight draw – to match your needs. They offer a variety of color options including MultiCam and Kryptek patterns.

High Noon Holsters

The custom leather shop in Tarpon Springs, FL offers many of their holsters fitted for the Walther PK380.  Examples include the Slide Guard belt holster, the Tailgunner IWB holster, the Under Taker shoulder holster, and the Speedy Spanky paddle holster.

High Noon also offers several holsters for the PK380 as stocking items.  This means you don’t have to wait several weeks for them to custom make your holster.  As stocking items, the PK380 can be had in the Under Armor shoulder rig, the Pocket Grabber pocket holster, the Down Under IWB, and the Skin Tite belt holster.

Tagua Holsters

Tagua Holsters make good quality leather holsters in Brazil and then they are imported into the United States.  I own one for my SIG P226 and have done a review on it here.  It is a good holster and they are offered at very reasonable prices.

Tagua makes inside-the-waistband holsters for the Walther PK380.  These are simple leather scabbards available in both black and saddle tan.  The asking price on these is pretty reasonable and generally less than $30.

Walther Arms

Walther Arms used to offer leather belt slide holsters for the PK380.  The holsters were available as both right- or left- handed and with or without a thumb break.  However, as Walther transitions away from Smith & Wesson and into their own US-based entity, those holsters are now missing from the Walther site.  It is not know at this time if they will be offered at a later time.


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