BLACKHAWK! Be-Wharned Knife Review

Blackhawk Be-Wharned Review

The Be-Wharned knife is the first BLACKHAWK! knife I have ever owned.  I’ve found that first impressions are generally accurate, and I was impressed the first moment I held the Be-Wharned knife.

No doubt about it, the Be-Wharned is a self-defense knife.  The 3.4″ blade is a wharncliffe design, which comes down to a sharp point.  The blade thins as you move from the handle to the point, meaning less resistance in cutting and stabbing motions.

The stainless steel blade has a plain edge, which from the factory is exceptionally sharp.  Ever see the ‘tough guy’ movies where one of the stars is able to shave with his sharpened knife?  The Be-Wharned comes from the factory that sharp.  I used it to shave a portion of hair off of my forearm with no effort whatsoever.  Don’t let the kids play with this knife.

Be-Wharned Review

The handle is made from aggressively textured G-10 with stainless steel inserts.  Don’t know what G-10 is?  Don’t worry; neither did I.  G-10 is a high-pressure laminate material formed from fiberglass and epoxy.  It is extremely durable, and is virtually impervious to water and climate changes.  G-10 material is also chemical and fire resistant.

In the case of the Be-Wharned knife, the G-10 provides an exceptionally durable finish that is textured with ‘scales’ giving the user a firm purchase on the handle.  The G-10 really provides a ‘no-slip grip.’  Compared to the other finishes available on knives, this is my favorite by far.

Blackhawk BeWharned Review

The only drawback to the G-10 handle is the texturing may be too rough on some pants pockets.  If you have a very nice designer suit, or even just moderately priced pants made from lightweight material, the Be-Wharned may not be the best choice if you plan on carrying a knife clipped to the pocket.  However, with jeans, uniform pants, and inexpensive cargo shorts, I didn’t have any problems with the textured handle of this knife.

Designed by trainer Michael Janich, the blade is made from AUS8A stainless steel.  The Be-Wharned uses a liner lock to hold the blade in place.  The lock seems very sturdy when I worked with it.

An ambidextrous thumb stud is mounted on the blade to allow for one-handed opening.  I found the blade opened easily, and it positively ‘snapped’ into place, giving me a tactile assurance that the blade was locked into position.

Blackhawk BeWharned handle

The Be-Wharned feels very well balanced in my hand.  The handle seems heavier than the blade, and when held aggressively, it feels very good.

The clip is securely fastened to the handle by three screws.  The handle is pre-drilled so you can move the clip to any one of four positions, allowing you to carry the Be-Wharned in the manner you prefer.  Tip up or down, right hand or left…you make customize it however you like.

Blackhawk BeWharned lock

Fortunately, I’ve never had to use a knife to defend myself, but I would be well-armed using the Be-Wharned.  Between the Janich design and the BLACKHAWK! quality, I heartily recommend the Be-Wharned knife to anyone needing a high-quality knife for personal defense.

  • blade length – 3.4″
  • overall length – 7.85″
  • blade material – AUS8A stainless steel
  • blade finish – satin
  • edge type – plain edge
  • handle material – 420J stainless steel liners with G-10 textured scales
  • MSRP – $99.99

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