CRKT Foresight Review

The CRKT Foresight from renowned knife designer Ken Onion is one of the company’s latest offerings.  The Foresight is a folding knife with several unique designs that a lot of knife enthusiasts will like.

If you are not familiar with Onion, he has been producing knives since 1991 and was inducted into the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame back in 2008.  He also holds 36 patents for his designs, and is credited with being the first knife designer to produce a commercially successful assisted opening mechanism in 1996.

CRKT Foresight Review

The Foresight Blade

When starting this CRKT Foresight review, the blade jumped right out to me.  The shape of the blade reminded me of the Gurkha Khukuri knives.  The Foresight blade gradually gets larger the further it extends from the handle, until it begins a distinctive curve into the point.  This deep bellied drop point blade design is a Ken Onion signature item.

The top of the blade starts out level with the top of the handle, but then begins a downward curve in the last third of the blade.  The combination of larger mass on the bottom with distinctive curve up, and the downward curve from the top creates a visual of the old Khukuri knives.  I know it doesn’t have the trademark bend of the Khukuri, but that is the image jumped out at me when I first saw the Foresight.

The Foresight has two options for blade edge.  A standard razor-sharp cutting edge, and a combination razor-sharp and triple-point serration edge.  Both blade styles have a non-glare Titanium-Nitride finish, and are made with AUS-8, 58-59 HRC steel.

Handle Construction and Material

The handle is another distinctive feature that draws attention to the Foresight.  Made of cold-forged aluminum, the handle is ergonomically designed to fit the user’s hand.  Designed with “swept” finger grooves that naturally draw the user’s fingers onto the handle, the Foresight is one of the most comfortable and natural feeling knives I have ever held.  CRKT claims that the grooves draw the user’s fingers onto the handle for a grip that makes the user feel like they could never lose grip in heavy use.  After handling the Foresight at SHOT Show, I have to agree that the design does draw the user’s hand into the grip for a very comfortable and sure grip.

CRKT Foresight

Ken used a low-profile stainless steel carry clip that is about half the size of traditional carry clips.  Although shorter, CRKT describes the clip as “deep” and it appears to have a slightly curved design to help in retention.

The inner workings of the Foresight uses a stainless steel “InterFrame” that CRKT claims provides a strong footing for the hardware while also providing a sturdy locking liner.

The Action

The CRKT Foresight blade is opened with the assistance of a short flipper that extends through the handle’s top when the blade is in the closed position.  A simple flip of the flipper begins the blade opening process, which is then made “silky smooth” with the assistance of the IKBS ball bearing pivot system.  In addition, once in the locked open position, the flipper actually extends the fore finger grip guard.

Having played with this knife at the 2013 SHOT Show I can tell you that the Foresight was an amazing knife.  Not only are the design features attractive, they bring the user several practical solutions and enhancements for an overall greater knife experience.

Foresight knife

The Foresight uses a locking-liner system to keep the blade in the open position.  To return the blade to the closed position the user simply pushes the stainless steel locking bar to the side to allow the blade to begin the closing process.

If there is anything that I would change about the Foresight I probably would have used the Veff serrations, and a price below $80.  The $140 MSRP is a bit steep, and I think it comes from the larger design and the IKBS ball bearing system.  (Ed. note: At the time of publication, the CRKT Foresight can be had for less than $90 by clicking here.)

Although the IKBS is very nice, this price point could be a sticking point for potential buyers, especially when CRKT offers several other nice large knives for under $100. An AutoLawks option may have been a nice addition as well.  However, the stealthy black color and the features mentioned have really made me want to own a Foresight for myself.

CRKT knife foresight

Knife Specifications

  • Blade length – 3.50” (89mm)
  • Blade thickness – 0.16” (4 mm)
  • Blade steel – AUS 8, 58-9 HRC
  • Handle length – 5.17” (131 mm)
  • Overall length – 8.69” (221 mm)
  • Weight – 6.3 oz. (179g)
  • MSRP – $140 for both versions

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