Modern Man Soap Review

Today, I’m reviewing the soaps from Modern Man Soap Company.

Wait, what?

Soap is not a normal topic of discussion on Nevertheless, it is an important part of any person’s hygiene – be it the normal 9-5 lifestyle or in a true off-grid living arrangement. Refusing to bathe repels human contact, but it does attract illness.

That’s not a good combination.

review of the Modern Man Soap Company


If you don’t have time to read the whole review, here’s the quick take:

  • hand-crafted, artisian soaps
  • my favorite is the Salt Bay
  • An Calman is better for dry environments
  • Made in the USA
  • not a sponsor or affiliate of the site

Special note: Modern Man Soap Company is not an advertiser, nor have they paid for this article. All of the soap was a full-price purchase made by my wife. Everything here is just my thoughts on the great soap products that we recently started using.

Why Try a Modern Man Soap?

Recently, my wife purchased a number of soap options for me from Modern Man Soap Company.

While I’ve never been particularly sensitive to different soaps, I’ve recently developed a rather strong allergy to something that causes my skin to itch and eyes water. In one particularly bad attack, my tongue began swelling to the point of impairing my speech.

Modern Man Soap Review

In an effort to improve the products I am exposed to, my wife decided to introduce high-quality soap with natural ingredients and eliminate the bar soaps with harsh detergents used by some of the commercial options.

I figured a full review of these soap options was in order…


Hand Wrapped Packaging of the Soap
The soap comes hand wrapped in individual packages.

Modern Man Soap Company uses natural ingredients in all of its products. Some of these include beeswax, coconut oil, mango butter hemp seed oil and argan oil.

Some of the soap options are vegan while others contain tallow – a traditional soap ingredient. The company even offers a hypoallergenic soap.

Back Story

Great companies often have a great backstory. It seems Modern Man Soap Company is one of those.

The founder of the company traced his family roots back to the Scottish Highlands. During the reading of his grandfather’s journals, the founder discovered the handed-down soap-making recipes from Scotland.

It seems Scottish soaps have a strong appeal for their quality. And this company is using recipes handed down through the generations from that precise region. Pretty Cool.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon Soap

My wife purchased a bar of the Sea Dragon soap to try. It has a mottled mix of dark and light colors that comes from the activated charcoal mixed into the bars.

Modern Man Soap Company suggests the bar is great for hard workers with oily skin or excess dead skin. When using it, it did not dry out my skin, and it did leave my skin feeling soft and particularly clean.

While I liked this bar, I found myself preferring the…

Salt Bay Soap

Salt Bay Soap

The Salt Bay soap was my favorite shower bar. I found that it made a better lather than the Black Dragon while still maintaining a feeling of excellent cleansing. My wife raved about the bar’s exfoliating properties.

While I’m more than happy to devour animal flesh, I know everyone is not. If that is you, you’ll be happy to know that the Salt Bay bars are vegan – made with castor, coconut and other oils – not tallow.

An Calman

An Calman Soap

The An Calman bars are specifically designed for people with sensitive skin. I figured this would be the best for me. Even though I would end up preferring the Salt Bay, the An Calman was a real treat.

It is more of a moisturizing bar. If you live in a dry climate, I bet this would be a great bar soap for you. My wife seemed to like this bar a lot.

Another thing we liked about this bar is the scent; it has a great smell that is not overpowering.

The G.O.A.T.

The GOAT Soap

Like the High Power pistol, is this soap the Greatest Of All Time? I have no idea, but I do know that the G.O.A.T. soap uses goat’s milk and honey to make for a very gentle cleansing bar.

While the Salt Bay was my favorite for the shower, this one was a very close second. In addition to the milk and honey, the soap uses beeswax, olive oil and orange oil. The result is a great feeling – and smelling – shower soap that my wife and I both enjoyed.

Final Thoughts

I really like the selections from Modern Man Soap Company my wife purchased. All of them were high-quality bars that had a true craftsmanship quality to them. Even the individual wrappings are hand folded. With their beautiful presentation, these bars are a no-brainer for any gift-giving occasion.

It almost seems a shame to suggest these fantastic soap bars be hidden away in your survival gear. But, they would work well for that purpose.

I know we will be using these soaps regularly in our home. Additionally, these will make great Christmas gifts for our friends.


As with all of my reviews, I provide a disclosure so you can judge what biases may influence my writing.


This soap was purchased by my wife at full retail price right off of the company’s website. We received no discount or other consideration.

Modern Man Soap company is not an advertiser, nor have they paid me any money to write this article. In fact, the company has no knowledge that I’m reviewing their soap.

If you have any thoughts about the review or experiences with the soap, feel free to leave a comment. Feedback is always welcomed. I just ask that you refrain from using profanity, etc. This is a family-owned website that tries to keep things famil friendly for our readers.