Springfield Echelon Holsters

Looking for a holster for your new Springfield Echelon? You’re not alone. A lot of people are buying this pistol and looking for the best way to carry it.

Springfield Armory worked with many of the major holster makers prior to the launch to ensure good options were available on day one. Since then, other holster shops stepped up and are filling the needs of Echelon owners.

The following are some of the carry rigs that are currently available for the new pistol. As I find new holsters, I am adding them to the list. Included are duty rigs (security holsters) and those designed for concealed carry.

I offer my opinions where I can on these. I’ve carried a handgun for more than 30 years – many of those professionally as a uniformed police officer and firearms trainer. If something is good – or bad – I’ll let you know.

BlackPoint Tactical

BlackPoint Tactical is offering a new holster for the Echelon called the Leather Wing. It is a kind of hybrid holster that uses a complete Kydex rig with leather “wings” on the sides that attach to the belt of the wearer.

blackpoint tactical springfield echelon holsters

Update – Since I originally wrote this article, I purchased one of these rigs test. That’s my rig and gun in the photo above. I’ll have a full review on that soon. In the meantime, let me share a few thoughts. 

The rig has a good, quality feel to it. The Kydex portion of the holster is rigid and holds the Echelon securely. The leather wings are thick with a real strength to them. They are secured to the belt clips and holster shell with heavy-duty screws and could be replaced if needed. 

My impressions are good – the gun is a perfect fit in this holster, so it stays in place when I’m moving around. The belt clips anchor the holster solidly to my belt. I fitted two different red dot sights to the Echelon to test the holster fit – all worked without any clearance issues at all.

blackpoint tactical springfield echelon holster

After a few weeks of carrying it, I have only one serious question about it – does it adequately protect the magazine release. You can see in the photo above that the release button is exposed. I’ve not had any issues with it, but you should be aware that it is not covered. 

BlackPoint Tactical offers a lifetime warranty on this rig. Also, the holster is made in the U.S.A. These are not the cheapest holsters (starting at $98.99) for the Echelon, but they are available with fits with mounted lights. You can take a look at them on the company’s website here.


Comp-Tac is a longtime holster maker that set new standards with Kydex in competition holsters. The company makes more than just rigs for the shooting sports. Here are a look at what the company is currently offering that fits the Springfield Echelon.

Comp-Tac International – For a simple OWB holster, the International is a good choice. It has a neutral draw position with plenty of clearance to get a grip on the gun when it is needed. It is completely compatible with any typical red dot sight and works with both the standard Echelon and the threaded barrel version.

comp-tac international holster for springfield echelon with red dot sight

The mounting system for attaching the International to your gun belt is very sturdy, and it can adjust to any belt size between 1.5″ to 2.25″. Assuming you like the style, the only real drawback to this rig is the cost. Currently, it is listed for $70.

comp-tac international holster mounting options

While I hesitate at giving it a full-throated endorsement at that price, I can say it is a quality rig. I purchased one for review, and so far it meets my expectations. I’ll have a complete write-up on it in the near future, but so far, I am comfortable with my purchase.

Weirdly, the Echelon version of the holster is not listed on the company’s site, but it is available through the Springfield Armory store.

Comp-Tac CT3 Level 3 Retention Holster – The CT3 is one of several Echelon duty holsters on the market. Comp-Tac claims a Level III security rating. It is designed for the Echelon with an attached Surefire X300U (both -A and -B models). The CT3 is also optics ready.

While competition is good, I do not recommend this rig based on my concerns with the one I currently have in my hands.

comp-tac duty holster for springfield echelon

First, I am not aware of any history Comp-Tac has with making duty holsters. Duty rigs are put through much more abuse than any competition or concealment holster is. A rugged rig that works great for CCW may not make it a month as a duty holster.

Second, Comp-Tac has not explained what their Level III rating actually means. This is problematic. Safariland established a standardized retention level measurement system a few decades back, but Comp-Tac has not clearly stated how they measure what its “Level III” rating is. Sadly, I’ve seen some poor quality designs from other companies claim high retention ratings that they simply did not possess when using the standardized system.

exposed magazine release with comp-tac holster

Third, the holster does not cover the magazine release. An exposed magazine release on the inside of the holster (toward the body) is not a major concern for me. However, the Echelon is fully ambidextrous meaning it has a release button on the outboard side of the pistol as well. I can envision a situation in which a seat belt or other object could bump against the pistol and inadvertently release the magazine.

Fourth, my holster seemed to be missing a screw for the soft cover that protects the red dot optic. This is a minor thing, but without the screw, I suspect the cover will tear away in short order, and suggests an issue with quality control.

missing screw on comp-tac duty holster

Lastly, while the holster is supposed to work with police pistols with and without a mounted light, I found that reholstering a gun without a light can very easily go wrong. Without the light guiding the pistol into the holster, it is very easy to catch the front edge of the trigger guard on the holster and prevent a proper seating of the firearm.

I’ll continue my testing of the CT3, but I cannot recommend it as a duty rig at this time. Like the International above, Comp-Tac does not currently list the CT3 with an Echelon fit on its website, but the Springfield Armory store has it for $185.

Comp-Tac Single Mag Pouch – In addition to holsters, Comp-Tec is making an open top single magazine carrier for the Echelon pistol. The Kydex pouch rides outside the waistband and adjusts to fit belts of sizes up to 2.25″ Each single pouch costs $42 on the Springfield Armory site.

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters is fully supporting the Springfield Armory Echelon with all of its holsters that are suitable for full size pistols. Also, the holsters are all made in America. Let’s take a look at some of these rigs.

Chest Rig – Quality chest rigs can be tough to find. Fortunately, CrossBreed offers one of the best for the Echelon.

CrossBreed Chest Rig for Echelon

The Chest Rig is perfect for any kind of outdoors activities and makes for a comfortable way to carry if you are driving long distances. CrossBreed lists this at $149.95, but I’ve seen it go on sale for less on their site here.

DropSlide – The DropSlide is an OWB-style hybrid rig that uses a Kydex shell on a leather backer. The leather slab has two belt slots that provide a neutral draw. Slots are wide enough to accommodate belts up to 1 3/4″ wide.

color options for Drop Slide OWB holster
Here are the color options available for the Drop Slide OWB holster.

The holster cannot be had for an Echelon with a light or laser attached, but it does work with red dot optics. Both the leather backer and Kydex shell can be color customized. The MSRP on these is $57.95, but the company often runs sales on them.

Freedom Carry – Another hybrid design, the Freedom Carry is an IWB holster for the Echelon that combined a Kydex shell with a soft leather backer. A single belt clip is located on one side as opposed to both ends of the backer as is done with the SuperTuck.

CrossBreed Holster Freedom Carry IWB for Echelon

CrossBreed states that this holster can be used in a traditional, strong-side carry or in an appendix or cross-draw position with the Echelon. You can order this in a number of different color choices. Currently, no light or laser options are available, but you can use an Echelon with a red dot mounted. The MSRP is $69.95 but can often be found on sale here.

Hybrid MT2 – This IWB rig combines some of the features of the company’s other rigs, like the Reckoning and MiniTuck. Like most of the CrossBreed holsters, this hybrid-style rig uses a leather backer with a Kydex shell.

CrossBreed MT2 IWB holster for Springfield Armory Echelon

Designed for a straight-up draw, the leather backer has the Combat Cut to help you get a sure grip on the pistol when presenting it. It has a pair of belt clips on either side of the shell to provide excellent support with a quality belt. As with other CrossBreed products, you do have color and finish options. The MSRP is $72.95 though I’ve seen it on sale from time to time here.

Open Top Pancake – This one deviates from the company’s standard leather/Kydex combinations as it is all leather. Called the Open Top Pancake, the rig is exactly what it sounds like: a strong side, belt slide holster without a thumb strap.

CrossBreed Open Top Pancake Holster for Echelon

It has only two belt slots but is designed with a slight tilt forward to improve concealability. Right- and left-handed models are available, and the rig works with red dot sights. Standard pricing is $74.95, but the company does run occasional sales on it here.

Reckoning – The Reckoning is one of the company’s more popular rigs, and it is easy to see why. It is a high-quality, compact design that manages to fit a pair of clips for superior stability to other models like the Freedom Carry. I’ve purchased one (with the black backer) for review that I’m currently testing. So far, it is doing very well, and I recommend it.

crossbreed reckoning springfield armory echelon holster

CrossBreed offers a large number of customization options on this one including colors, belt clip types and more. It’s a solid choice and many of you are probably already familiar with it. CrossBreed lists it at $76.95, but it can go up from there if you go for some of the options. I’ve seen it for lower, so check the company’s website for sales.

Rogue – For an all-Kydex rig, the Rogue holster is a good option to consider for the Echelon. It can be had for right- and left-handed shooters. It is compatible with all standard optics.It is compatible with all standard optics. I’ve purchased one for my own testing and have confirmed that it offers plenty of clearance for different sizes of red dot sights.

crossbreed rogue holster for echelon pistol

An IWB holster, this one uses a “concealment claw” that helps push the butt of the gun closer into the body. Pricing starts at $94.95. As with the others, I recommend checking the site for discounts.

SnapSlide – The SnapSlide is a basic OWB holster with few options or frills. It is a hybrid design as is typical for CrossBreed with two belt slots for a gun belt.

SnapSlide Holster for Echelon

While I think there are better choices for a belt slide holster, the rig isn’t bad. The MSRP is $54.95, but the company does offer it for cheaper during various sale events.

SuperSlide – While I like OWB holsters, this is not my favorite. I’m not sure it is in my top 50% either. Don’t get me wrong – it is well-built. It’s just not a design that works well for me.

CrossBreed SuperSlide OWB

It is a hybrid holster with three belt slots. You can wear it strong side or weak side, depending on your preferences. The MSRP on this one is $57.95. Like the others, this one sometimes goes on sale.

SuperTuck -The original and most popular holster in the company’s catalog is the SuperTuck IWB. One of the first hybrid rigs, this model combines a large slab of soft leather that rides against the body. A Kydex shell is attached to the leather to form a complete scabbard.

A pair of belt clips are mounted to the leather – one on each end of the rig. They help spread the weight of the gun and increase the comfort of the overall package. The MSRP is $77.95 – which is a bargain. However, you can sometimes catch a discount on the company’s site here.

Crucial Concealment

Crucial Concealment has a simple line of holsters, and my testing of them has shown them to be good quality rigs. While they don’t look as fancy as some others, they perform well and are priced a bit better than some of the alternatives.

Covert OWB – This is a Kydex outside-the-waistband holster with a straight drop. However, the belt loops can be shifted to give the gun a slight forward or rearward tilt. Also, the belt loops can be moved so that the gun rides slightly higher or lower relative to the belt line, which offers some unexpected versatility.

springfield echelon in a crucial concealment owb holster

I decided to get one of these to test it for this site. The gun fit perfectly in the holster and carry is comfortable and secure whether outdoor or in more “civilized” office environments. The good news is that this rig is designed to work with optics. All of the red dots I tried with this holster had plenty of clearance. 

back of crucial concealment echelon holster

There isn’t anything fancy here, but the system works for carrying the Echelon concealed. You can get them through the company’s online store here for $65.99.

Covert IWB – Much like the OWB above, this is a simple Kydex design. Developed for inside-the-waistband carry, this rig uses a single belt clip to secure the holster to the belt. It’s not fancy, but it works.

crucial concealment covert IWB holster

I have one of these in hand now. Initial testing shows the clip works fairly well to anchor the holster to my belt. Draws and concealment are not a problem. Also, the gun feels very secure when carried.

I tested several different optics with this rig, and all had plenty of room. I hope to do a review on this soon. 

optics clearance on crucial concealment rig

It runs $65.99 on the company’s website, which is a bit more than I think it is worth. But, inflation has really hit America hard, and it is less expensive than some alternatives, so it might make sense for you.

DeSantis Gunhide

DeSantis is a premium holster maker and is supporting the Echelon right out of the gate with several models.

Slim-Tuk – DeSantis announced that its popular Slim-Tuk holster is now available for the Springfield Armory Echelon pistol. The Slim-Tuk is an inside-the-waistband Kydex holster known for having a minimalist profile, and it allows for comfortable all-day carry.

slim-tuk holster for the echelon

The Slim-Tuk features a durable 0.08″ Kydex shell that provides protection for the pistol while allowing for a smooth, fast draw. The holster is designed to work with a range of optics and every red dot I have works with this rig. It’s not a fancy holster, but it works and the price is reasonable with a full MSRP of $45.

Speed Scabbard – I don’t know for sure, but I suspect this is one of the company’s better-selling holsters because of its simplicity, quality build and attractive looks. It is an open-top, leather holster that carries on the belt. While intended for strong side carry, it can also be carried in crossdraw position.

desantis speed scabbard for springfield echelon

I’ve used these for other guns in the past, and I’ve purchased one for this pistol as well. Watch for a review soon. For now, the highlights:

  • it uses premium materials
  • keeps the pistol close to the body
  • compatible with every optic I tried
  • required minimal break-in
  • made in the USA

The MSRP on these is $88.99, which isn’t bad for a leather rig that has the feel of a custom holster. 

Thumb Break Scabbard – This is the company’s classic leather, belt slide holster. It is a three-slot model which allows you to adjust the tilt of the gun from a neutral (straight up draw) position to a grip forward (aka FBI tilt) position.

desantis thumb break scabbard with echelon

In general, I like the Thumb Break Scabbard better than the Speed Scabbard. While the Speed Scabbard is closely fit, it does not have the same retention that most Kydex rigs offer. Consequently, the thumb break offers that additional margin of security that I prefer.

I’ve picked up a Thumb Break Scabbard for the Echelon which I will review on this site. The short story so far is that it is a solid choice will all of the same benefits as the Speed Scabbard I identified above. 

Veiled Partner – This is a Kydex OWB rig for the Echelon. It is a solid choice – I am currently testing one with my Springfield pistol now.

desantis veiled partner with springfield echelon

The rig has removable belt loops with a total of four screw that secure the attachments in place. This rig is very similar to the Crucial Concealment Covert OWB rig (above), and you can also change the configuration of the belt loops to tailor it to your personal style. They allow you to select your preferred ride height and tilt in just a few minutes.

veiled partner belt loop

My gun clicks into the holster nicely, and based on initial testing, I trust it to retain the gun in most circumstances. 

All of these holsters are available on the DeSantis Gunhide website here.

Galco Holsters

Galco Holsters have been around for many decades and are well known for their leather CCW rigs. The company also makes synthetic holsters, but their leather is what I personally like best. Here’s what the company currently offers for the Echelon.

Combat Master Belt Holster – This is a strong side, pancake holster with the famous FBI Tilt. The molded leather looks good in both a dark tan and black. Double stitching holds everything together for a lifetime. One potential negative for some shooters – this style is not compatible with a red dot sight mounted on your Echelon.

Galco Combat Master holster for the Springfield Echelon

Sadly, inflation drove up prices on these from where they used to be. But for premium steerhide, the $130 MSRP isn’t unreasonable. Be sure to visit the Galco page for additional information.

Corvus – The Corvus is a Kydex rig that can be configured for OWN or IWB carry. You can also adjust the tilt of the gun to get the best draw. It is red dot compatible.

Galco Corvus for the Springfield Armory Echelon

I’ve not had the opportunity to test this holster, so I can’t offer any special insight into it. Give it a look on the Galco site here for more information.

Great Alaskan Chest Holster – This chest rig is a beauty. Designed to carry your Echelon chest high, this is the preferred rig of many outdoorsmen. The system is adjustable so you can find the best fit. It is compatible with a red dot – make sure you purchase the correct version.

Galco Great Alaskan Chest Holster for the Echelon

A few of the other features include a 2″ shoulder strap for all day comfort, a Fastex-type buckle on the torso strap, a glove-friendly release for quick access in all conditions and the use of premium steerhide. The company also offers a magazine carrier as an optional accessory. The MSRP is $299. Check out the company’s site here to see more.

High Ready Chest Holster – Want a chest rig, but the Great Alaskan is a bit expensive? Give the High Ready a close look. It is $125 cheaper and delivers a quality rig that accomplishes much the same as the more expensive model.

Galco High Ready Chest Holster for Springfield Echelon

This rig uses synthetic materials including Nylon straps and a Kydex shell. Three metal release buckles make it easy to don and doff. For $174, this rig is one of the cheapest quality chest rigs available. See more about it here.

Double Magazine Carrier – This is a leather, open-top mag pouch that rides OWB. You can purchase one directly from Galco here.

Galco Double Magazine Pouch for the Echelon

N8 Tactical

N8 Tactical offers it’s: Xecutive  IWB style holster made of Kydex. It will fit the Echelon with a red dot – I’ve got one of these for myself and have checked to ensure it will work with everything I have tried. This rig has a metal belt clip that lets you quickly don (or remove) the holster. 

n8 tactical xecutive holster for echelon

I’ve been testing this holster since the Echelon launched, and I can’t find any faults in it. You may or may not like various aspects of the rig, but I can’t find any problems with it. I do recommend adding the Xecutive ModWing to the holster (less than $9.) This is a L-shaped attachment that presses against the inside of the waist/belt to help tuck the grip of the pistol next to the body. It is a solid addition to the rig.

Xecutive ModWing

The price is very affordable: only $39.95. This makes the holster one of the best values on the market.

Special note: N8 Tactical is now owned by CrossBreed Holsters. So you may see some cross-over branding between the two companies on this holster.

QVO Tactical

QVO Tactical is building an IWB Kydex rig for the Echelon as shown in the video below. As of this writing, the rigs are not yet on the company’s website.


Safariland is, without any doubt in my mind, the first and best duty holster maker on the planet. I’ve carried their security holsters for all of my career as a uniformed cop. While I have tried and trained with others, none ever performed to the same level.

The following holsters are currently being offered by Safariland. For any department considering swapping to the Echelon, these are where I would start my research.

6360RDS ALS/SLS Level III – This is the primary duty rig I would consider for carrying the Echelon on duty. It is a rugged holster tested to true Level III of retention. It has a rotating hood and other security features standard.

Safariland 6360 Echelon Level III Duty Holster

The 6360RDS is compatible with the vast majority of red dot sights (hence the RDS in the name) and more than a dozen weapon mounted lights. It also is available in a variety of finishes to match your uniform needs. It’s not cheap, but neither is your life. This can literally save your life in a gun grab situation. You can order one up directly from Safariland here.

6390RDS ALS Level I – This holster is very similar to the one above with the major exception being that it offers little in the way of security. As a Level I holster, there is minimal protection from disarming attempts.

Like the Level III above, this rig can be had in a variety of finishes and with fits for many popular weapon lights. You can get one of these directly from Safariland here.

6378RDS ALS Concealment – If you like the general design of the duty holsters above, this concealment holster might be for you. It is a paddle holster with the same basic configuration as the 6390 series. It is not tested to any retention level, but it does use the ALS system. So, I would say it is better than most rigs for security, but it’s not something to rely on.

One thing to remember is that the design is functional rather than something optimized for concealment. I’d recommend using this on your own property or at the range and buying something else for actual CCW duties. You can learn more about it on the Safariland site here.

Final Thoughts on Springfield Echelon Holsters

The Springfield Armory Echelon is a pistol with a lot of great features going for it. It ships with many of the features I’ve been wanting to see in a service pistol. Time will tell if the shooting public takes to it. I hope they do.

As new carry rigs are added for this gun, I will update this page. If you know of something I’ve missed, please let me know. It is hard keeping up with all of the holster offers out there, and I’m sure I don’t catch every one. Likewise, if you are a customer of one of these companies and can offer feedback on any, please let me know. I do not want to recommend Springfield Armory Echelon holsters that offer a less than perfect fit or with genuine concerns about their performance and reliability. I want to make sure I am supporting companies that offer excellence in their workmanship and service – so let me know who is doing the best job!

Last Update: December 23, 2023