CRKT Parasaw

CRKT Parasaw Evaluation

When I stopped by one of the CRKT booths this year at the SHOT Show, I got introduced to  several new knife designs.  I’ll be writing about those finds in separate articles over the next week or two.  However, I also got to see another new innovative design of an already popular accessory:  the CRKT Parasaw (Model 9300KL).

The Parasaw is a combination of the increasingly popular paracord bracelet and a very handy hidden tool.  The Parasaw is your standard woven 550 paracord bracelet with a secret tool hidden inside.  In between the paracord weave, designer Ken Onion has secured a Tungsten Carbide wire saw.  The saw is thin pieces of wire formed into small criss-crossing strands.  Every so often the strands are linked together to ensure the saw “blades” stay together.

To avoid cutting the user, or damaging the bracelet while stored, the saw is wrapped in a plastic sheath.  As the user engages the saw to cut, the plastic will break away from the sawing surface to allow for easy cutting.  If there is more time the user could unwrap the plastic first.  There are two finger loops at the opposite ends to facilitate a good grasp of the saw while in action, and to protect the user’s hands while holding the CRKT Parasaw.

CRKT parasaw review

Now, in addition to having a length of cord, the user has a very useful saw to add to their variety of survival needs.  All this is in a compact, lightweight carry item, that many find as a great accessory item to wear as well.

Here are some of the specifications of the CRKT Parasaw:

  • Made of standard 550 paracord
  • Plastic snap buckle
  • Tungsten Carbide wire saw stored inside the paracord weave
  • (2) sizes – Small and Large
  • (3) colors – Black, Green, Tan
  • Length of braided bracelet – 9.5”
  • Length of unbraided paracord – 11.8’ (from packaging) dependent on size
  • Length of unbraided paracord from CRKT website – 8-9’ dependent on size
  • Weight – 0.9 oz.
  • Tungsten Carbide wire length – 18.5”
  • MSRP – $24.99

CRKT parasaw review

Talking with Otanashi Noh and James Williams from CRKT I was told that the Parasaw should be available soon.  The Parasaw is already in production, and CRKT had examples at the booth, so I would expect availability by late first quarter or second quarter of 2013.

Update:  The CRKT Parasaw is now shipping.  Click here to get your CRKT Parasaw from Amazon for less than $15.

CRKT parasaw

CRKT parasaw

CRKT hidden saw

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