DeWalt AR-15 Nail Gun: Great Gag!

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For those of you that have not yet seen it, meet the DeWalt AR-15 nail gun:

Dewalt AR15 nail gun

Someone released a photo of their AR-15 rifle made up as a DeWalt nail gun. Personally, I love the originality behind it. As one forum poster observed, it should be a DeWalt ‘Tack Driver’.

When I originally posted this DeWalt AR-15 nail gun several years ago, I had no idea it would become such a popular post.  It has actually become one of the most read pages on the website.  I still chuckle about how viral this photo has gone.

Dewalt AR15

Also, if you have not already done so, please read through the comments on this thread and join in on the discussion about this rifle.  There is quite a bit of lively chatter regarding its status as an M16, M4 or AR15.  Also, which version of which gun… for example:  if it is an M4, is it an M4A2 or M4A3.  I find it all humorous, and I hope you do as well.

DeWalt AR-15 rifle nail gunI’m curious: have you ever done anything like this to dress up your gun?  Would you consider a Black & Decker paint scheme?  How about a Chevy or Ford styling?  The truth is a lot of people like to customize their firearms to give them a unique feel and flair.

Gun companies have cashed in on this in the past, creating limited or special edition runs of some firearms.  You may have seen some manufacturers rolling out everything from Texas commemoratives to zombie guns.  Sometimes these guns carry some collector value, but mostly they are simply an option for someone that wants to stand out from the crowd.  Since many gun owners are independent minded, adding a little flair to their rifles make sense.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to dress up one of your guns? Would you be willing to buy a limited run rifle with an unusual paint scheme?


Thanks to one of our readers for sharing this video of the gun in action:

If you watch the video, you can see the gun is capable of full-auto fire. Hopefully, that will help settle some of the arguments in the comments section.

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  • Richard Walker

    Go DeWalt – build it – I think it might sell aLOT better than the radio/charger – especially if even marginally functional!

  • Dave

    that’s actually not an ar15, it’s an m16. i know, because it’s mine.

    it’s not a tack driver, i have other guns for that :)

    • Tim

      “M16” is the military designation for the ar-15. It featured a fixed stock, non-adjustable rear sight, a triangular hand guard, and a full auto trigger group. If your rifle doesnt have these things its not an “M16”, its just an ar-15.

      • Todd

        The only m-16 / m-4 that has full auto are the a1’s
        All others have semi and 3 shot burst

        • drew


          The M16A3 is a select-fire variant of the M16A2 adopted in small numbers around the time of the introduction of the M16A2, primarily by the U.S. Navy for use by SEAL, Seabee, and Security units.[97] It features the M16A1 trigger group providing “safe”, “semi-automatic”, and “fully automatic” modes.

          I was a Gunners mate Attached to Naval mobile construction battalion 1 and we had full auto a3. Do some research before trying to state a fact

      • Armytazman

        The triangular guard is on the M16 A1, generally referred to as the Vietnam era M16. The M16 A2 has a rounded hand guard. The front and rear sights are adjustable on both, and the trigger selection for the military is single shot, burst and safe. So by your definition the m16 models I was trained on and still use in the army and issued to us as M16’s aren’t M16’s. In truth it actually looks like a M4. Another weapon widely used by the military. All of these weapons can and are modified by the military to make them have a longer life. That is only my opinion. Even though if you look at the facts on wiki and other resources you will find it to be truthful and not full of hot air like what some others have posted.

      • Arthur

        Actually as a weapons expert in the United States Marine Corps I can tell you that this resembles the M-16 A4 service rifle. The hand guards are circular and usually has rails for accessories. The barrel was reduced in length for close quarters combat. The collapsible butt stock was added for the same reason. That is just the physical appearance changes not including other modifications.

        • jay

          You must be the worst weapons expert ever. Shorten barrelled m16?

          It looks exactly like an M4 carbine. Those are the weapons with shortened barrels and collapsed butt stocks.

          Congratulations. You’re an idiot.

        • Devil dog

          Don’t claim to be a marine if you can’t tell the difference between an M16 and and M4. Disgusting.

      • Michael

        The m16A3 also has a simi-auto and full auto selector switch on the left side just above the magazine release!

    • Bruce

      Silly people, the only difference between an m-16 and ar-15 is that the m-16 had a auto (later 3 round burst) selection

    • James Jackson

      This is a nail gun. Thus it’s not any version of the ‘m’ series or ‘ar’ series rifles. Retards.

      • Grizzly bear

        Hrey it says in the description thatits areal gun somebody decked out there gun like this and everybody csme up with the idea that its a bad ass nail gun

      • chris

        Its not real dumbass

    • Alberto

      So can I buy one somewhere? My dad would love this! You should sell them out your house if possible.

    • tim

      how do i purchase one of these

  • For Dave W.

    Well Dave, you might want to see whats been ciculating throughout all LE agencies in the country:

    The ‘unamed agency’ is Sacramento SO.

  • admin

    I’ve seen the memo from Sacramento SO. Totally silly. I can’t believe someone took the time to type that up AND send it out to other law enforcement agencies.

  • Bill

    Actually, it’s an M4 carbine because of the short hand grip and the short-ish barrel (16″). A real M-16 has a 20-24″ barrel and longer hand grip.

    Cool, none the less.

  • Chris

    It could be an M16 A4, barrel length has nothing to do with it. You have to see the internal parts to really tell.

  • Ron

    M16? No. An M16 has rifle length handguards, a 20″ barrel (pictured is a 16″), and doesn’t come with a carbon composite lower (which shoot like junk, btw).

    That’s an attempt at an M4 carbine forgery. If a dealer told you that it’s an M16, you’ve been duped.

    Like that 3-shot burst? 😉

    • Trenton

      Now tell me how you measured the barrel? And how do you know it has a full auto or burst option? Hmm? Exsactly you cant so be quiet.:)

  • Ron

    my bad…that MAY be a 14.5″ barrel.

    Anyway, enough of that. Just trying to straighten out some comments.

  • Colin

    With all the laws looking to be passed that take away gun owners rights, a “tool” like that would be a nice altrnative to have around the house.

  • -dan z-

    I once bought some ammo from a private party via the internet. He shipped it to me via UPS with the contents of the package listed as “single-use high-speed hole punches.”

    -dan z-

  • Soldier

    In reference to “It could be an M16 A4, barrel length has nothing to do with it. You have to see the internal parts to really tell.” you are an idiot. the only difference between an M16 and an M4 mechanically IS the barrel (with short hand guards), the stock, and the carry handle. the lower receiver is the same for both.

    I’m not entierly sure what that is the upper reciever is not that of an M4, which the carry handle should be removable. it is illegal for a civilian to own an M4. (gun laws require all rifles to be a minimum length of 26″ with a barrel length of no less than 16″) And not too many government agencies permit that kind of customization

  • Lt. Passmore

    Any Civilian Authorized Rifle Model M-16 or M-4 is an AR-15, that’s simply the Civilian Model, an M-16 is Illegal unless Modified with a Redone Reciever to make it Semi-Auto, Unless you have a Class-3 Liscence, which are Incredibly rare, and Finding a full auto-rifle Dealer, even with your Liscence, is still a Major Challange, the Article writer is Correct:AR-15.

    • Mike

      Hate to tell you all but the one is a short barrel rifle (sbr) and they are both select fire. Full auto or not they’re at least m16s! There is a way to tell by lookin at the pics.

  • April

    I would buy one of these in a heart beat! Could you “accidentally” shoot a trespassing neighbor with one of these I wonder? Ha, Ha…

  • smp

    This IS NOT and M16 or M4. This a AR15

    • Mike

      NO they’re not! They are registered full auto lowers. They are select fire lowers. I can tell by the pics. Ar15 is semi only

  • pninja

    Soldier, you said: “I’m not entierly sure what that is the upper reciever is not that of an M4, which the carry handle should be removable. it is illegal for a civilian to own an M4. (gun laws require all rifles to be a minimum length of 26? with a barrel length of no less than 16?) And not too many government agencies permit that kind of customization” You can get a shortened weapon, and a full auto weapon. What you need to do is fill out a class-3 form 1, have it signed by your local Chief LEO, send it out to BATFE, with $200 for each of the restrictions put in place by the National Firearms Act of 1934, and then they process it, send back a stamp tax (which, from what I hear, takes a looooong time to get), and then you can purchase/modify, as the case may be, the desired firearms, and voila! A gun that people will say that you’re an idiot for having, because they haven’t taken the time to learn their gun laws. Moral of this story: Don’t call someone an idiot until you have all the facts, because someone from, oh say, Canada, may come in and show that you’re the one that’s actually the idiot for running their mouth when they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    • bahahahah

      thats a lie you can get any gun u want depending on the state u live in long as you have deep pockets. i can buy an ar fully automatic with a short barrell and a supressor if i have the right tax stamps you are allowed to have sbr’s just have to get a tax stamp

      • David Bullock

        I can have whatever I want in Az. Are laws are great..

  • CPL D.

    It is not an M-16 that is for sure M-4 or some variant near of it
    shortened barrel and adjustable buttstock gives that away but since it’s a civilian model it is a AR-15 depending on which stay he/she lives in it could have been an M-4 of some type.

    • Mike

      These are NOT civilian models!!! Why you people think this??

      • Arthur

        They do this because it’s a hobby. If someone makes something resembling something else people will relate to what it looks like. I do understand where your coming from.

  • PFC.Anderson 35F

    dave i hate to tell you this it is an M4A1 i should know because that is the weapon i am assigned. 5.56x45mm Colt armament built but is an AR-15 ( Armalite weapons industries)design created by Eugene Stoner of Armalite’s research and developement sector. effective to 200 meters but i wouldnt try anything past 175. it has terrible bullet drop at 300 meters (some 22 inches from straight aim point) and the round is too light for any long range shots, the wind easily blows it off course. i personally am an M-14 lover the 7.62x51mm boasts tremendous fire power and great accuracy to ranges triple that of an M-4. At 400 mm the bullet drop out of a full length M-14 barrel (~22 inches) is about 2.1 inches and it is less effected by wind.

  • Racer Travis

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Service members,
    I believe we have discussed past the fact this is just a really cool looking tool. I am sure the public appreciates your passion for weapons.

    Semper Fi

  • Desert-Rose-8

    I just want the directions so I can build mine. Also, look what Dave Canterbury, outdoorsman/surivial expert did with a sling shot. Easy modification, and you can betcha I have one now.

  • Sasquatch

    I just want to know where to get mine!

  • Coffieman

    I don’t care what kind of rifle it is…I WANT IT!

  • plumbarias1

    I’m going to try to make one , I have alot of spare parts around , its just too cool not to try

  • ghoul88

    please list where i can purchase one of these for my home improvement/defense projects

  • Paul

    That is a M4A2. It has a 16 inch barrel and the carbine foregrip. It also has a fixed carry handle, the M4A3 has a detachable carry handle.

  • David
  • Hook of the Claw

    None of you wannabe mall-ninjas know what it is ‘cuz you aint been in the shit! If you were a real operator like me, you’d be all hardcore with a manly beard and swagger.

    That is clearly an XM4-5 chambered in the highly-awesome 5.57 caliber (notice how its one bigger than the 5.56?) and limited only to tank mechanics in the Navy SEALs deployed to Iran last year in Team 28. If you kids were operators like me, you would have known that.

    Ranger up!!

  • Cody Fortenberry

    guys, civilians CAN own an M4. Its called a SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) which is a class 3 weapon. You can legally own one so long as it is regestered and you pay the class 3 transfer fee.

  • Mounta1neer

    Looks like a real tack driver to me…

  • Eric

    I’m calling bullshit on this. for starters its not an M16/AR15 anything. If you want to be all douchey about weapons designations the M16, M16a1, M16a2, M16a3, M16a4, M4, and M4a1 are all specifically made rifles/carbines for the military and have specific features to model number that this custom rifle does not have. Its only an AR15 truly if its a civilian model made by colt and marked that way. its an AR type rifle. The other issue i have is how does it fire nails because unless you forgot how weapons work the only thing special about this weapon is it has a battery shoved in the mag well. how do you feed the nails? individually maybe. I say post a video of it firing because otherwise its just a nice AR with some yellow paint and a battery for some reason.

    • Mike

      It’s select fire!!its not an AR!

  • OneUS-Marine

    What? Really….

  • Tony R.

    I want to see a Dewalt 249…

  • Ed

    Please please please build it! I gotta have one!!!

  • Angie

    I am just thinking…when you have an intruder nailed against the wall and your family has no harm…does it really matter what kind of weapon you used?

    • Trish

      I was so excited when I saw this on FB yesterday. Does this really exist? If so, I want one. So, if it is real, where do you purchase it and what is the price? This, for me, is a great alternative in a big city I live in. I’ve wanted a gun for protection in my home and rather than killing someone, I can “nail” them. I noticed others say build it, build it. That’s why I am asking if this has been done?

  • mike

    okay we can end this argument now I spent 6 years as a small arms repair technician for United States Marine Corps if it were a real gun it would be an m4 carbine. the internal workings for the m16 A2 A4 are the samethe only difference between the two are cosmetic changes today in a couple the Picatinny rail system which is on the A4 not the a2 and the replacement of the heat shields on the a4 compared to the a to which was widely used in Vietnam as well as the A1. now the M 4 instead of having a six inch barrel protruding from the heat shield it has a3 inch barrel the max effective range between the two is about 200 yards it has a retractable but stock and again if its fully automatic it is the m4a1 series if it has a closed heat shield is the m4A2 and as it is present in it is more closely related to the m4 carbine

    • mike

      I apologize I made a mistake the wanted to show is actually the m4 a2 mile because it does not have the Picatinny rail system on the heat shields it has the same heat shields just a smaller scale as the m16a2

      • Eric

        There is no such thing as an M4A2. show me an FM or TM since you clame to be an armorer. changing the handguards does change the designation.

  • Eric

    Are you kidding me!?!?!? Your arguing about the designation, which doesn’t matter, but your all missing the dumb dewalt battery in the magwell.

    All AR rifles and carbines are select fire, its how the safety works. it moves from safe to semi. or safe – semi – burst. or safe – semi – full. anyone can put triggers in lowers, an M4A1 with a semi only trigger still says M4A1 on the side – I’ve seen it, the engraving doesn’t magically change

    The model number, like M4 or M16, are given by manufactures and the military. A custom built AR is called whatever the person who made it calls it.

  • Chef

    m16-20in barrel, mid length gas system front sight post, m4A1-same, with 16 inch barrel, m4a2-carry handle 16in carbine length, m4a3-flat top upper, no carry handle same as A2, it was originally called an AR-15 or (Automatic Rifle 15) by Stoner, the military designated it the m16, same as a beretta is an M92, a colt is an M11, a SAW is an M249, the M is just the military designation number, unless it’s a service weapon, full auto, select fire, carry handle, no carry handle, sbr, stupidly long, it’s still an AR15

  • Thomas L. Kedrowitz

    I stll don’t see a price for this . I would really like to have one.

  • LapElectricInAz

    You guys are all wrong. That’s an Ak 47 😉

  • the daz

    ahhhhhhhhhh don’t care the cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just gimmie gimmie gimmie

  • charles shaffer

    is it real and is it for retail sale and if so how much is it???

    • Paul

      No, it’s not real! A real gun but with a dewalt battery shoved into the magazine well. It will not fire nails. The article is a gag, satire, not real.

  • noodlr riechman

    I would like to purchase the nailgun how much? Please contact me on where to purchase wat retailer or contact me

    • Paul

      Its not a nail gun! Its an M4 with a dewalt battery shoved into the magazine well.

  • franksutton

    Very interested in buying the nail gun if its real and functional it would be great home repair gun and home protection and looks cool as hell great idea. Let me know ill take to dad would love this to show off at vfw.i can hear it now dam fellers look at this new weapon . Next gonna be a snapper gernade launcher. Thank but im serious on nail gun

  • Sam

    Wow guys!! That’s a gun! Actually it’s an assault rifle! Of some type that happens to be described on the opposite side shown in the picture. But I’m going to get back to more important things in life than arguing over this like cleaning my m240b. Bleh.

  • DantheMan

    And here is the original 2008 article with the creator, who also shows a pic of a gun he saw in 2003 that inspired him to dress up his M16.

    • DantheMan

      For the sake of your beaten down keyboards and probably yells of rage over what you “know” it is or isn’t. Learn to use the internet for its intended purpose. That’s why Al Gore created it. (Clearly that last line was a joke, least see who gets it)

  • weston777

    I don’t give a rats patuti what it is I want one !!

  • jason Yates

    I want one of these guns . I will pay money. Please contact me. This is a SERIOUS INQUIRY!!! Sincerely, Jason Yates

    • paul

      Its not real! Its a gun painted up and a battery slapped in the mag well! Its a gag, a joke, a haha.

  • Shawn

    I love the idea. I would buy one if it was ever built. Hummmm, I’ve got all the tools I need to do the job and if my crew gets out of line I’ll just nail them to the wall. Unharmed of corse lol

  • Tim Felton

    How much does this cost?

    • Paul

      5 million dollars….send me a money order and I will custom build it for you!

  • Corinnsma

    I just want to know… IS THIS EVEN REAL? it’s so cool I really hope it is. I’m aware it’s not a ‘legit’ gun but an airgun shaped like a gun… someone help me out here

    • paul

      No, its not real! Its a real gun with a dewalt battery shoved in the magazine well. Its a gag, just like it says at the top of the article.

  • Trenton

    That “clip” looks exsactly like my battery for my drill… hmmm…

  • Lagrange

    Didn’t anyone notice the auto sear pin above the selector… That would lead one to believe it’s a selective fire weapon.

  • AEG Expert

    This is obviously, technically, built on an AEG M4 rifle (look again at that buttstock) with custom paint and internal upgrades utilizing the power of an 18v battery thus transforming it in to the modern day version of a Roman “Ballista”! =)

  • Lagrange

    And here is proof of my theory!:

    You can see the same oversized charging handle latch!

  • Glenn

    A bull pup design wold be better. Then you could actually have a receiver for the battery and the nail clip. Floor installers could love it. But what would the inspector say?
    Drywall screws, would be great for ceilings.
    Come on Dewalt! Take the idea and run!

  • Mike

    I got a kick out of reading all of the ‘experts’ comments. Not all AR15’s are Semiautomatic. In basic training (1980) the rifle I was issued had a 3 position selector switch and could fire semi auto, or fully auto. SO there!

    • Alan Kolkow

      My first time in basic training, in 1974, I used an M-16A1. Semi and full rock -n- roll. The second time, I used an AR-15, and it had semi and 3-round bursts.

      • Ash

        No Alan, you did not use an AR-15 in the Military.

        Mike, I get a kick out of reading your comments. In basic you shot some variant of the M-16/M-4, you never shot an AR15 in basic. Do some basic research.

        • Alan Kolkow

          When and where did you go to Basic Training?
          Troll elsewhere please. I know what I qualified with.
          Next thing you’re going to say is there’s no such thing as a Claymore mine. Give me a break.

          • Ash

            Sand Hill – Fort Benning, 2006. Obviously you don’t know what you qualified with. An AR-15 was the design produced by Armalite in 1959, but Colt bought it and designated it as the M-16, or military variant of the Armalite platform for the U.S. Armed Forces.

            Colt then produced a semi-automatic version without the selective fire option. This civilian version was the AR-15, and notice that this was a civilian version, not one that the Military used.

            So, once again, you didn’t use the the AR-15 in the Military. Please do some basic research next time instead of making us “trolls” correct you.

          • Alan Kolkow

            2006??? you need to get your research somewhere other than Marvel comics. Now be a good little boy and let the grownups talk. LOL

          • Ash

            Alan, you old codger you. I told you to take your meds and quit lying to people online. It’s not a time machine grandpa, it’s a way to communicate your ignorance to the outside world.

            Now you go back to your “selective fire AR-15”, which is apparently the only one in existence.

          • Richard

            Some of the M16 rifles that were (and in some cases, still are) in military service were marked with the AR-15 designation. Take, for example, this one:

          • Spencer Bryan

            I am also a U.S.Army Veteran. Fort Sill, OK 1999 to answer your when and where training question. NOWHERE in U.S. military History have we EVER used the AR models. Perhaps you may be confused based on their similarities, yet AR was started by Bushmaster who DOES NOT provide firearms for the military. That goes to another company for the production of M16 and M4 models. This is not trolling… your wiki link is also crap. Perhaps try utilizing a sight that can’t be edited by literally anyone…. that is what a wiki is… So I guess a bit of computer and internet knowledge would be useful as well

          • Alan Kolkow

            Fort Leonardwood, MO., 1974, M16A1. And where were you in 1974. And I have the FM to prove. I was also at Fort Sill when they first started building the Basic Training facility where you took basic 25 years later. But I suppose you are going to say that is a lie too, right. I don’t really care what you want to think.

    • Jackie Morrison


    • Spencer Bryan

      If it had a 3 position selector then it was an M16A1 most likely given the year… not an AR-15… AR is the civilian model that is only capable of single fire unless it is converted which is illegal in any state. I served in the Army myself and have used both the military and civilian models… there IS a difference man

      • Rush Emmett Davidson

        Correct. I too served in the Army in 1980-1984. M16A1 was the weapon issued during this time and has the 3 position switch.

      • Brian Jurow

        I was issued the M16A1, 3 selections as well. Full, Semi, and Burst. We’re still using those Nam weapons

    • San Diego Clipper

      All the “experts” you’re talking about must have rated your comment so highly.

  • Paul

    Lol…when I went through in 1995 we had a selector switch that was “safe” – “semi” – “burst”.

    The one I have in my patrol car now is a civilian model with just a 2 position selector switch of “safe” – “semi”.

    They should read “no pew” – “pew” – “pew pew pew”! Lol

    • Carli Park

      Aero Precision makes a lower marked as such. ”no pew’ – ‘pew’ -‘ pew pew pew’

  • Paul

    I just can’t get over how many people that have posted on here thinking this is a real nail gun! The title even says great gag! Its a real gun with a battery shoved in the mag well for looks only. They must not really understand how a weapon is fed ammo.

    Here is a basic explanation.
    1. A loaded magazine is insertered into the magazine well (where the battery is).
    2. A round is chambered by either pulling the charging handle or sending the already locked back bolt forward.
    3. The trigger is the squeezed causing the firing pin to discharged the round.
    4. As the projectile and gas travel down the barrel, the round exits the muzzel and the gas goes into the gas tube causing the bolt to extract the spent casing and then returning forward feeding another round.
    5. Squeeze the trigger and repeat!

  • Hey Seuss

    For starters, this nail gun is excellent for commercial job sites. I can tack any truss being boomed in from a hundred yards. What is my profession? You ask? You guessed it. Carpenter. MASTER Carpenter that is. This nail gun has become standard for everyone on my crew. Ever seen a house get built without anyone stepping foot on the foundation?? No? Then you probably haven’t seen this bad boy in action. I pop up my good ol Coleman campers chair, lock n load and then watch the magic happen. POP POP POP-house done.

    Ps, “carbine” is only a reference to barrel length, nothing crazy….

    Yours truly, HeySuess

  • Hey Seuss

    The one thing I learned from this thread: How much more I know about ARs than most! For a while I believed I only knew the basics, until I saw on here how “educated” everyone else is on the matter..

    Btw, I’m a Navy SEAL, master gunsmith, secretary of defense(for the world), and a triple black belt gunologist….bc I said so…


    You can plainly see the pin above the selector for the Auto Sear…. This Would indicate that the lower receiver is equipt with a1 style fire control parts and is most likely full auto with no burst capability. As for the m16 m4 debate …. Neither are correct! The top Rifle has a 16in barrel and a1 style non removable carry handle and therefore is not a true m4! And the bottom rifle has a 7.5in barrel and again is not a true m4 either! Both of these rifles are custom builds and can not truly be given the moniker of m4! However if these are in fact transferable weapons and not dealer demos than it could be possible that the lower receivers are m16 receivers! They probably belong to an ffl holder with a class3 and most likely ARE dealer demos in which case they are just AR15s that have M16 fire control parts installed built entirely with non military compliant uppers and old style 4 position telescopic stocks. Any self respecting M4 would have a Colt logo on its lower, a 14.5 in barrel with cuts for mounting accessories, a huge round handguards much bigger than normal carbine handguards, its carry handle would be removable, And it would fire in semi and burst only.

  • Alexander O.

    Can we just stop the bickering, it’s obviously a shovel.

  • Mike West

    how much does this cost

  • Wayne Jackson

    Hate to disappoint you all BUT This is an OLD Hoax!

  • General Cornhole Jackson III


  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Think gun should have a TUMBLE choice rather then to
    drive nail right threw a bottom feeder!

  • Burgess Krell

    Oh lordy… someone purchased third party plastic and shoved a power tool battery into the magazine well and viola, Second Amendment allies are suddenly taking eShots at each other. This is how DC maintains it’s stranglehold… the only place on earth where “divide by zero” actually evaluates to a result.

  • Brian Jonathan Shelters

    Can you actually buy one of these???

  • crystal Culbertson

    I’m so disappointed that this isn’t real, but I do love the originality! Great read! I was so excited about this I ran to show my boyfriend. First thing he does- smiles and says, “How much does it cost?”

  • Uzzi

    Where can I order one from?

  • Danny

    I want one

  • Dennis Kelley

    The US Air Force bought the AR (Armalite Rifle) as the AR15, WHICH when purchased by them, was semi AND full Auto.

  • Michael Conder

    I question how accurate that would be.. I mean nails aren’t exactly aerodynamic… And with no rifling on the nail I just don’t think it would be very accurate

  • Anthony Petrillo

    AR describes all of the rifles of the platform. M4 and M16 are military designations for specific configurations. All M16s and M4s are ARs. The idea that ARs are only semiautomatic is a misconception; I can put a new trigger in my AR and make it automatic. It’s still not an M4.

  • Arnold Sharp

    How come no vid of the target or what the damned thing can do to an… the bad guy???

  • Austin Sparks

    I want one. I’d pay $600 for it

  • Raccoon1

    and where do you get the add ons for this?

  • Kim

    I want one lol

  • Anthony Moscicki

    Vietnam vet – C Troop, 1/4 Can, 1st ID – M-16A1 had a 3 position selector -semi, full and safe. M-16A1 did not have a burst position; that was a later varian

  • Leticia Arroyo

    is there one or two nail guns for sale is so please email me at an please tell me how much they cost I have a few people including myself that wants one thank you

  • GTRdone

    I did my basic trading for the US Army Reserves at Ft. Knox, in 1989. I also was issued an AR-15, full auto. I was 28 at the time, and had been a gun geek for years, way before the terms “gun” and “geek” were put together. I knew much of the history of the AR15 and M16.
    I thought it was so cool that I might have a gun that had been used in Vietnam, or as one of the early trials. Either way, it was an old gun, still shooting, and I wondered at its history.
    Lots of things were tried by the military, then put in training circulation when the trials were over. No point getting rid of something if it works, and the manual of arms is the same.
    Prior to deployment for Desert Storm, we were at Ft. Ord California. Many of the M-16s we were using, had chromed bolts and / or carriers. I asked the armorer about it, and he stated the were part of some durability trials they had been doing.