Springfield Echelon Review

Welcome to the future.

The new Springfield Armory Echelon is a thoroughly modern pistol that incorporates all of the advancements made during the past 50 years of handgun design while introducing a brand new feature that has been sorely needed.


Smith & Wesson Model 648 Review: Classic Rimfire Magnum

The Smith & Wesson Model 648 is an iconic piece of Americana, like a trusted friend who stands by your side no matter what. It’s the kind of revolver that has been around for generations, passed down from father to son and embraced by hunters, lawmen and competitive shooters alike. With its classic lines, reliable construction and superior accuracy, it’s become a symbol of rugged dependability in the eyes of some Americans.

Shooting Gear

ESS Guardian EDC Backpack Review

I continue to be impressed by the quality of Elite Survival Systems products, and I hope to relate why in this ESS Guardian EDC backpack review.

I needed a low-profile backpack to carry all of my gear. I relied on another backpack for many years. While I was happy with its performance, it didn’t exactly blend into most environments.

Second Amendment Issues

Support for Gun Control at All-Time Low in USA

Support for new gun control laws is at an all-time low according to a Gallup poll.

Down from an all-time high of 60% recorded in 1959, only 29% of the surveyed adults believed that citizens should be banned from owning and possessing handguns. Additionally, 69% of those surveyed outright oppose any ban on handguns.


Springfield Hellcat Pro Review: Bigger and Better

Without a doubt, the original Springfield Armory Hellcat is an amazing handgun – one of several in the micro-compact CCW pistol niche. In today’s Springfield Hellcat Pro review, we take a close look at its larger brother.

Reviewing the Hellcat Pro on the range

Does adding 0.7″ in length and 4 more rounds in the standard magazine make a big enough difference to upgrade to the Pro? We explore that and all of the other features in this range test and review.