New 2009 SHOT Show Rumor: 4.6x30mm Revolver? Michael Bane says Yes


Michael Bane mentioned in a recent blog post that he had information about a new 4.6x30mm revolver that would be introduced at the 2009 SHOT Show.  Bane posts:

BTW…Wednesday’s podcast will have some thoughts on choosing a gunsafe as well as the skivvy on the new 4.6 X 30 revolver to be introduced at SHOT!

The 4.6x30mm cartridge was introduced as a competitor to the  5.7x28mm developed by FN.  While the 5.7x28mm has encountered some success in the US market in the FN Five seveN pistol and the P90 and PS90 bullpup carbines, the 4.6x30mm has not had the same fortune with the HK MP7.

The ballistics are interesting in the 4.6x30mm, but not terribly exciting when compared to the 5.7x28mm.  Fiochi advertises their 4.6x30mm 40 grain FMJ and SP ammunition at 1900 fps.  Meanwhile the FN SS197SR, with the Hornady V-Max 40 grain bullet, is listed at 2034 fps.

I just don’t see a revolver chambered in 4.6x30mm as being a gun that will generate much interest…especially as a revolver.  The only thing I can imagine is a revolver set up for varmint/small game hunting, but I would probably rather a .17 HMR chambering for that anyway.  Frankly, if we were a little closer to April 1, I would have figured Bane was setting us up for a little joke.

Regardless, tune in to Michael Bane’s Downrange Radio podcast Wednesday for all the information.  Bane has promised to give us all a little more information then.

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