Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Pro Series

Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro Series C.O.R.E.

The Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Pro Series handguns are a performance line of pistols based on the standard M&P platform.  The Pro Series is a step between the base 9mm model and the highly-tuned guns coming out of the Performance Center.

There are several different model Pro Series M&P pistols being made.  I will describe each of the currently manufactured handguns here.

Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro Series

The longest running pistol in the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Pro Series is the “longslide” version of the M&P9.  This gun was introduced in March of 2008.  This pistol features a 5” barrel (compared to the 4.25” of the normal M&P9).  In addition to giving the ammunition more velocity, the increased barrel/slide length increases the sight radius, which enhances precision shooting.

This Pro Series longslide eliminates the standard front sight and replaces it with a Novak green fiber optic sight.  This sight is much easier to see by the human eye as it is brighter and is a color that sharply contrasts the natural environment.

The rear sight on the Smith and Wesson Pro Series M&P9 is upgraded to a Novak reduced glare sight.  This sight is flat black and does not distract the eye from the front sight.  However, the sight is still very useable when you need to make a precise shot.

The M&P9 Pro Series maintains many of the features of the standard model, including the use of 17-round magazines, a 4-5 pound trigger pull, a polymer frame, interchangeable palm swell grips and a black Melonite finished stainless steel slide.  The guns are striker fired.

Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro Series pistol

The MSRP on this Pro Series pistol is $669.

More recently, Smith & Wesson introduced the Pro Series M&P9 C.O.R.E.  These “CORE” guns are slightly different from the standard Pro Series pistols.  First of all, the slide on these handguns are cut to accept  variety of optics including:

  • Trijicon RMR
  • Leupold Delta Point
  • Jpoint
  • Doctor
  • C-More CTS
  • Insight MRDS

This allows for the easy installation of a holo sight onto your M&P pistol.  Red dot sights on pistols are a very good idea, and I am happy to see that Smith and Wesson is the first major gun maker jumping on board with the concept.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Pro Series handgun

Going with the slide cut for optics is the installation of taller standard sights.  Should you need to make a precision shot, or if the glass optic was to fail, the standard iron sights will be there to get you home.

There are also a couple of aesthetic changes to the Pro Series CORE pistols.  The first is a slight restyling of the palm swell grips (see the photos on this page) and the addition of “C.O.R.E.” to the left side of the M&P9’s slide.

The new palm swell grips are called “Newly Enhanced Textured,” or “NET,” grips.  At this writing, it is not known if the grips are going to be standard for all M&P9 pistols going forward, or just for Pro Series handguns.

A second Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Pro Series C.O.R.E. pistol was introduced, this one being a longslide version of the gun.  The M&P9L CORE, as it is sometimes referred to, is much the same as the stadard CORE pistol, but with a 5” barrel and increased weight (26.0 ounces v. 24.0 ounces).

The M&P9L CORE takes the same 17-round magazines and can fit any of the above mentioned optics.

S&W M&P9 PRO Series

Both of the CORE models are striker fired, have a polymer frame and use a stainless steel slide with a black Melonite finish.  Neither of the guns are considered “California compliant.”

Both guns in the 9mm CORE line carry an MSRP of $729.

All of the guns in the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Pro Series are made in the United States and have a lifetime service policy.

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  1. The CORE looks very wicked. It would look even more official with a threaded barrel. How is the Deltapoint mounted in the first picture? Is that just one huge dovetail or something?


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