Glock 42 Photos & Video

Glock 42 photo

In case you’ve missed all of the mystery, the above photo is the new Glock 42.  The G42 is a .380 ACP pistol from Glock that is the thinnest gun they have made yet.  While there is absolutely no mention of a 9mm version of the gun, many people have been hoping for a single-stack 9mm from the company since the mid-90’s.  Only time will tell if Glock will make such an animal.

Below you can see how thin the new gun really is.

These are all publicity photos release by Glock, not Photoshop mashups from the depths of the internet.

Glock 42 photos

G42 thin

G42 field strip

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  1. WHY???!!! They’ve had a deluge of requests for a compact, slim 9mm for 20 years! The compact slim .380 craze was eclipsed by the compact slim 9mm run several years ago. The 9mm is such a better round than .380.

    It’s like Glock wants to re-write history by force feeding the market with a … re-do. It reeks of “…we messed up, I guess shooters really did want this pistol … no, we will never speak of it, it never happened … we will release our version on our terms and people will love it!”

    I’m sure Glock fans will still buy a bunch of compact slim 9mm’s when Glock releases one in the future (and they will), but their strategic failure here seems to be a dangerous premonition of Glock’s failure to establish a development plan that will ensure perpetuity.

    • Kuz, Glahk purfekshun, dude.

    • OK – I’ve settled down and started doing some thinking and researching. Why would Glock ignore the large cry of the masses for a slim frame compact 9mm? Well, I may have found the answer on the Ruger Pistol Forums site.

      “Today I talked to a Ruger technician about rust on my LCP hammer spring seat pin and during the conversation I asked him how many LCP’s has Ruger sold and his answer was over 1,200,000 and climbing.” That was from 2012 when the LCP was about 4.5 years old. At 6 years old I’m betting a safe number would be 1.5 million.

      OK, so apparently the .380 craze may not be as over as it has seemed with the introduction of pocket 9’s. I’m sure Glock has been watching. If Glock even had 50% of the sales success Ruger has had than they would be looking at about 150,000 guns per year. And that’s a lot of jack, Jack!

      Still waiting for the 9mm though, but at least the wait is more understandable now.

    • I would not want to shoot a gun that small and thin chambered in 9mm….I traded my Beretta Nano for the 42…The nano was no fun to shoot and even harder to be accurate with…This argument about the 42 chambered for 9mm is rediculous…People that say the 380 round isn’t lethal are idiots…Grow up people, and appreciate this little gem for what it is, instead of what it isn’t!

      • Rob,

        I’m not clear why you feel the need to call people who disagree as “idiots.” The same folks who you call idiots might turn around and make disparaging comments about your ability to handle a 9mm compact pistol. And where would that get any of us?

        Instead, why not talk about the features of the Glock 42 that you like. Perhaps people who are interested in the gun would be better served if you described why the gun works for you.



  2. Not sure where you are going with that, Aaron. Could you perhaps be a little more succinct? Hahahaha

  3. jockstrap says:

    so if they made a single stack 9mm, it would probably have the same width at least right?

    • That is the hope!

      • I’m sure it will too, and it’s quite possible Glock will expedite the 9mm release to this year (maybe NRA, or NASGW, e.g.). I’m not sure that will help their faux pax or just solidify their “we blew it” image, but at least the long awaiting pistol would be a reality.

        However … if the genius Glock engineers have a surprise up their sleeves this could turn into a HUGE positive turnaround for Glock.

        If they have designed this slim compact pistol with a single frame and slide that can accept different barrels for the most popular calibers (.380, 9mm. .40, and .45) that would be a home run. Glock is already famous for using the same magazine dimensions for multiple caliber rounds.

        Shooters could buy one pistol and interchange calibers with a simple barrel and magazine change. Now that would be big.

  4. Why do all Glocks not cost this price? They are basically the same.

  5. Congrats to Glock. They managed to produce a single stack 380 that is a tiny bit smaller than the M&P Shield 9mm….. Excuse me as I go look at the new M&P 380 that is both a lot smaller, cheaper and still has a 6rd mag full of 380.

    • Ok, that was a bit harsh. But still, I dont see any logic here. A 380 in a 9mm size gun, but still only 9mm magazine capacity? Who is this for? And the first person that says its for female shooters who cant handle 9mm recoil gets -10 cool guy points.

  6. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Eh…. I have always believed that the ‘Fit’ of the hand gun is not unlike the fit of a fine pair of shoes. If it (the pistol) or they (the shoes) don’t ‘Fit’… it or they will end up in a box in the closet… un-used. If it.. or they do fit… you will always feel comfort and get good service from them. Your fit is rarely going to be Mine… 380 vs. 9mm… Crappolla… High tops vs. Wing tips….

  7. Ross Walters says:

    Street price of a:
    Kel Tec P3at = $250
    Taurus TCP = $199
    Ruger LCP = $279

    Glock 42 = $475

    We’ll have to wait and see what the street price of this new Glock is.
    In 9mm that MSRP might be competitive…in .380 not so much.

    To me .380 is not a range gun. It is a tiny pocket gun used in SHTF situations for targets closer than 20 feet.
    .380 ammo is typically priced 25-50% higher than 9mm so if I’m going to burn ammo at the range it’s not going to be .380.

    I’m sure the Glock 42 is a fine gun but it is entering a crowded .380 marketplace.
    At that price point I wish them a lot of luck.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a Kahr CM9 (street price $370) almost the exact same size as the Glock 42?

    • You make some valid points Ross, though I will say the trigger on the Glock is much better than the LCP and Taurus TCP.

      I think I’ll wait for the 9mm version as well.

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