Angstadt Arms 9mm SBR and Pistol

Angstadt Arms 9mm

Angstadt Arms made an appearance at the 2015 SHOT Show with their new 9mm pistols and SBRs. I had a chance to handle them and was impressed by the feel, finish and balance of the guns.

Here is a little about the guns and my observations…

Basic Information

Angstadt Arms has developed a 9mm AR-style gun that can be made as a pistol or SBR. The guns use a blowback design and are fed by Glock magazines. Most 9mm AR-style guns use Colt-pattern magazines, so the Angstadt Arms guns really stand out from the crown on this point. The bolt will hold open on the last round.

Angstadt Arms

Uppers and lowers are machined 7075-T6 aluminum. Typically, the company uses a matte black anodized finish, but other colors may be a possibility.

The photos on this page show the SBR versions of the gun. A pistol version is also available. It currently has a SIG arm brace, but that may change in the future in light of the recent ATF interpretation of the law.

My Impressions

I was impressed by the 9mm pistol and SBRs that were on display at the Angstadt Arms booth. The machining and finish detail appeared to be excellent. One might assume that a company would only bring good looking samples to the show, but I’ve discovered that is not always the case.

Angstadt Arms UDP-9 Carbine

All of the guns felt very well balanced in the hands. I’ve found that some AR-style rifles can be wildly out of balance. Fortunately, Angstadt Arms seems to have really paid attention to how the gun handles.

The magazine release is an oversized rectangle that seemed to work very well. The Glock mags slid in and out with ease.

Angstadt Arms 9mm Glock magazine

In many ways, these SBRs make more sense as a law enforcement entry gun than a SBR 5.56. Short barreled ARs chambered for 5.56 are unbelievably loud (in excess of 170 dB at the muzzle) and without a suppressor they can act as a flash bang on your team members.

Using a light, fast 9mm load, a shooter can get 5.56-like performance from an SBR. For example, when I tested the 50 grain Liberty Civil Defense JHP, I got nearly 2,500 fps from a 10.5″ barrel. Muzzle blast and recoil were a mere fraction of what a 5.56 round does from the same length barrel.

I’m hoping to get one of these for review in the coming months. When I do, I will be sure to post a full review here on the site.

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By Richard Johnson

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They are said to be retailing about $1299 USD but from what I have
gathered from other sites they should be around the $1000 price mark.
All I can tell you is I am definitely getting one!

While I like the concept I dont feel that theres much innovation to merit the price. There are already caliber conversions that allow you to do the same thing for much less

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