SIG SAUER P227 Review

Full bore .45 power in a 9mm platform is a trick many pistol makers have pursued – with varying degrees of success. When the SIG SAUER P227 hit the market in January 2013, I thought the company had a hit.

The gun felt great in the hand and shot as well as any pistol in SIG’s P-series. Yet, the gun didn’t stand the test of time. After several years of production, the gun was discontinued – ultimately giving way to the company’s striker-fired, polymer-framed P320.

Back when the P227 was the new hotness, I had a chance to get some range time with one. This is my SIG P227 review from that time.

General Information

The SIG P227 was a service-sized pistol similar in appearance and function to the P226 handguns. The major difference is the caliber: the P227 was chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge.

SIG Sauer P227 in 45 ACP

I first saw the pistol when it was introduced at the 2013 Media Day at the Range event ahead of the SHOT Show. SIG had quite a few of the guns on the range along with cases of that classic .45 cartridge. I spent some time with one of the guns there, then got a gun for review a few months later.


Here are the specs on the standard SIG P227 Nitron model:

Caliber.45 ACP
Magazine Capacity10, 14 (extended)
Action Typetraditional double-action/single-action
Barrel Length4.4″
Overall Length7.7″
Weight32.0 oz (w/ unloaded magazine)
Sightscontrast or SIGLITE night sights
Frameblack hardcoat anodized aluminum alloy
SlideNitron finished stainless steel
Gripsone-piece, E2 style
MSRP at Introduction$993, $1,085 w/ night sights


The concept of the P227 was to put the big-bore .45 ACP cartridge into the same size gun as the company’s very popular P226. The P226 is a duty size pistol with double-stack magazines chambered primarily in 9mm with .40 S&W and .357 SIG versions also available.

SIG SAUER makes a number of .45 caliber handguns, including the classic P220. Presumably, to avoid confusion, the company elected to use a new model designation instead of simply offering the .45 as a P226 variant.

photograph of features on P227 pistol

The P227 maintains the same size and overall layout as the P226 and manages to pack ten rounds of the classic round into each magazine. By comparison, the standard P220 pistol holds only 8 rounds.

Where to Buy SIG P227 Magazines

Even though SIG discontinued the P227, magazines for the pistol are still available. For the best price on P227 magazines, I recommend using our affiliate link to GunMagWarehouse:

SIG P227 Magazines

Not only are the prices for OEM P227 mags much better than from SIG, but I’ve also gotten excellent service from them including fast shipping.

Extended magazines that hold 14 rounds were available separately. They added about an inch to the bottom of the grip. While the extended mags looked a bit unwieldy, I had no problems running them.

SIG P227 Tactical with threaded barrel
This is the tactical version of the P227 with the extended magazine and threaded barrel.

Sights on the standard P227 come in two varieties: contrast sights and SIGLITE sights. Contrast sights are SIG’s standard white dot front sight with a notch and single white, verticle line in the back. As I was told some years ago, to align the sights – “dot the i.”

SIGLITE night sights use tritium vials for a self-powered 3-dot aiming system suitable in both bright and low light conditions. Many people prefer these sights as self-defense encounters often happen in reduced lighting situations.

Prior to discontinuing the line, SIG SAUER made a P227 in FDE trim.

SIG engineered the P227 with all of the E2 enhancements. This includes the single-piece grip, reduced trigger reach and the non-proprietary accessory rail.

P220 Slide Compatibility

A unique feature of the P227 is that the frame will accept any P220 slide assembly. So, you can customize your P227 with any of the P220 SAS, Super Match or Carry slides. Additionally, all .22 LR kits for the P220 should work with the P227.

On the Range

Short Story: The SIG P227 performed exactly as one would expect. It was completely reliable with a smooth trigger and reasonable recoil.

If you’ve spent any time shooting a P226, then the P227 will feel nearly identical. There is a bit more roll from the recoil of .45 as compared to a 9mm cartridge, but the action, sights and accuracy all seem to be the same.

testing the SIG P227 at the range

The gun shot very well and was very accurate. I found that recoil was slightly more than the duty P226 I was issued in .40 S&W, which surprised me a little bit. However, it was still very controllable.

I experienced no malfunctions with this gun and bullets went right where I aimed the pistol. 

The trigger pull was what I have come to expect from SIG’s DA/SA guns. The first trigger pull was relatively long and heavy, but very smooth and easy to master. The subsequent, single-action pulls were short and crisp. There were no surprises here.

Ammunition Performance

Here’s how a sampling of ammunition performed in the SIG P227 testing:

VelocityEnergyBest 5-Shot Group
Armscor 230 gr FMJ905 fps418 ft-lbs2.21″
Hornady Critical Duty 220 gr FTX +P973 fps462 ft-lbs2.37″
Remington Golden Saber 230 gr BJHP874 fps390 ft-lbs1.98″
Remington UMC 230 gr FMJ899 fps413 ft-lbs2.33″
Performance measured with a Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph at an approximate distance of 15? from the muzzle of the pistol. All measurements are an average of five shots.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the P227 didn’t offer any surprises. If you like the P226, you should like this gun. If you don’t care for the P226, you are not likely to want one of these.

The P227 was a high-quality firearm, chambered for the .45, yet will fit the majority of existing holsters designed for the P226.

MSRP at launch ran from $993 to $1,125 depending on the version and options ordered.

Today, the only P227 pistols that can be bought are on the secondary market. So, unless you are really lucky and find some old stock in a dealer’s inventory, a used gun is all you will be able to get.

Where to Buy SIG P227

Where to Buy a SIG P227

The only reliable source for used SIG P227 pistols I’ve found is through our affiliate link to here. At the time I am writing this, they have two in stock.

Last Update: October 1, 2021

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