Beretta Nano Holster

“Where can I find a Beretta Nano holster?” is one of the more popular questions I have gotten via e-mail in the past few weeks. The Beretta Nano is a subcompact pistol introduced recently and it is now shipping. Perfect for concealed carry, the Nano owner needs a quality holster.

Fortunately, several holster makers are already stepping up to provide leather and polymer solutions to your CCW needs. I have assembled a small list of Nano holsters that I know exist currently. If you are aware of others, please sound off in the comments section.

(Ed. note: this page has been updated many times to reflect new holsters that are being offered for the Nano. Check back often for additional updates.)

Outbags Nano Holster

American Holster Company

Leather scabbard maker American Holster Company is making the Invisi-Tuck IWB for the Beretta Nano. The Invisi-Tuck is a tuckable holster, meaning the user can tuck a shirt in on top of the gun, eliminating the need for a jacket or other concealment garment.

The holster is sewn to a sculpted piece of leather that is tall enough to protect the skin from the metal parts of a handgun. Additionally, the leather is wide enough so the belt clips are forward and rearward of the gun, rather on top of the gun. This reduces the overall bulk of the pistol when carried.

American Holster Company invests a lot of time and craftsmanship into each of the Nano holsters it makes. For example, they use a five-step finishing process just on the edges of the holster. MSRP on the Invisi-Tuck is $85.

IWB Holster for the Beretta Nano
The Invisi-Tuck IWB for the Nano from American Holster Company.

Armordillo Concealment

Kydex holster maker Armodillo Concealment is making two of their designs for the Beretta Nano: an IWB (inside the waistband) and an OWB (outside the waistband).

Their IWB is a minimalist style that can be worn on either side of the body or in the appendix position. Additionally, you can request different side heights for your pistol in this holster. MSRP is $50.

The OWB holster is a straightforward design, without any gadgets or doo-dads that interfere with the holster’s purpose. It is, however, very customizable. You can order this in a variety of cants, rides and with different sweatshields. Additionally, a variety of colors are available, including semi-custom colors like the ATAC-FG I ordered mine in. These are excellent holsters, and at $60 they are a real value.


Beretta Holster

The original holsters that Beretta introduced for the Nano have disappeared from their website. (Update: the holsters can be found by clicking here. A carbon fiber version is also available here.) However, Beretta is making a new “Hybrid Holster” for the Nano.

The Hybrid Holster is a design that looks similar to the CrossBreed holsters, but it includes holes throughout the leather backer that are said to increase airflow. This should reduce the amount of sweating and discomfort associated with these types of holsters. Price? $64.


Blackhawk! is known for rugged tactical gear developed by former SEALs. Blackhawk! also makes several lines of handgun holsters. In the inexpensive nylon line, the company makes a number of holsters that will fit the Nano.

Among the nylon Blackhawk offerings is an ankle holster, an ambidextrous holster that can be worn inside or outside the waistband, a Yaqui-style holster and a pocket holster that is very affordable. Several other holster variations exist as well.


Popular in the competition scene, Kydex holster maker Comp-Tac is making a wide range of holsters for the Nano, including the Infidel, the Two O’clock, the CTAC, and various versions of the Minotaur.

The Infidel is a plain Kydex holster that was designed by Comp-Tac to be modular. This means the Nano owner can decide how to finish this holster out for their preferred method of carry: belt clips, loops, tuckable, etc. MSRP is $63.

The CTAC is an inside the waistband holster the company describes as one of the most concealable solutions for CCW. In this model, the CTAC looks like a typical holster, but with two wings where the belt clips are attached. Suggested retail is $80.

The Two O’Clock is an appendix holster, which is the preferred method of carry for many Nano owners. The price is $60 from Comp-Tac.

Minotaur holsters have been popular with many people for as long as they have been made. Comp-Tac makes them in a variety of configurations. Generally, they are IWB style holsters that are designed to be carried just behind the strong side hip. Minotaur holsters are tuckable designs. Pricing runs from $74 to $90 depending on which model you decide on.

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed makes the majority of its holsters in sizes that will fit the Beretta Nano pistol. Among them, the models include the SuperTuck Deluxe, MiniTuck, QwikClip, SnapSlide, SuperSlide and their ankle holsters.

CrossBreed offers all of these holsters for right and left handed shooters. But they also go a step farther for Beretta Nano owners and offer these holsters for guns with the Crimson Trace Laserguard also. This is a real boon, as finding holsters for the guns with lasers can be hard for many people.

Pricing is model dependent but starts at $48.50 and goes up to $69.75.

DeSantis Gunhide

Long time scabbard maker DeSantis Gunhide makes a variety of Beretta Nano holsters. These models include pocket carry, belt carry, inside the waistband and more.

Shoulder holsters can be tough to find for the Nano, but DeSantis offers the Patriot. This is a nylon shoulder rig that has a magazine carrier included.

DeSantis Beretta Nano Holster

The Mini Scabbard is a traditional outside the waistband leather scabbard that is available in both tan and black colors. The nice thing about the Mini Scabbard is DeSantis makes it available for Nanos with the Crimson Trace Laserguard and LaserMax lasers attached. MSRP is $58.99.

For an ankle holster, consider the Apache Ankle Rig. This hideout rig has a sheepskin lining to increase comfort and a wide band to reduce wiggle. It is available in black only and retails for $53.99.

Perennial favorite, the Nemesis, is an inexpensive pocket holster made of synthetic materials. I’ve previously reviewed the Nemesis (click here.) These are great holsters, and the price is right at only $24.99.

DeSantis also makes the SuperFly pocket holster, which is very similar to the Nemesis. The SuperFly has a tacky rubber on the outside of the holster to help hold it in place while drawing from the pocket.  I found that the SuperFly was a little too thick for my tastes, and with a Nano, I think this might be a bit too bulky for many people’s tastes. MSRP is $37.99.

Nano Holster from DeSantis

A third pocket holster option is the Pocket-Tuk. This is a leather holster that can also be used as a tuckable IWB holster. A clip quickly removes to convert to a pocket holster. The pricing is the same as the Nemesis: $24.99.

Another tuckable holster for the Beretta Nano is the Tuck-This II. It is a nylon holster with a magazine holder built into the front of the rig. A large J-hook allows the user to tuck a shirt in over the gun. Retail price: $38.99.

If you are looking for a Nano holster with a thumb break, take a look at the Mini Slide holster. It is a traditional, strong-side belt slide holster with a thumb break. It is available in black.

DeSantis also makes the Hide and Chic purse, a stylish woman’s handbag, that will fit the Nano. Pricing on the purse is not cheap at $229.99, but it does offer a way of carrying for many women who otherwise could not.

Flashbang Holster


This ingenious design was developed for women to carry a small pistol attached to their bra. It might sound a bit unorthodox, but from the women I’ve talked to that have tried them – they work! There are a variety of Flashbang models, including this one for the Nano pistol.

flashbang for beretta nano


The Fobus Tactical XDSC holster is an inside-the-waistband scabbard that is built for comfort. The rear panel that rides next to the body is perforated for airflow. Additionally, the panel is large enough to prevent the gun’s hard edges from rubbing against skin. These holsters have a lifetime guarantee.

Foxx Holsters

Foxx Holster

Foxx Holsters makes a hybrid-style inside-the-waistband holster at a reasonable price. The rigs are not fancy, but they appear to get the job done. They use a 9 ounce leather backer with a .06″ Kydex shell. The metal belt clips are adjustable so you can customize the cant and ride.

Front Line

The Rear Pocket holster from Front Line is designed to conceal the Nano behind a flap of leather to make it look like a wallet. Holsters are a tanned leather and are constructed to stay in the pocket when the gun is drawn. It is available in right- and left-handed models.

Galco Gunleather

Galco offers a few traditional holsters for the Nano, plus a fairly wide selection of non-traditional holsters.

One of the Galco inside the waistband holsters available is the Stow-N-Go. This is an open top, leather holster with a traditional plastic belt clip. It is a straight up draw without any cant. It does not allow for a shirt to be tucked in on top of it. MSRP is $32.95.

The Galco Walkabout for the Beretta Nano is very similar to the Stow-N-Go. The main difference is the Walkabout adds a single magazine pouch to the front of the holster. While this arrangement is not ideal for a fast reload, it does allow the user to keep an extra mag with them and without the need for an additional mag pouch. MSRP on the Walkabout is $39.95.

A little less traditional is the Underwraps Belly Band. This rig is a large elastic-type band that wraps around the torso. It has several pouches and a holster sewn into it. The Underwraps allows for deep concealment and the carrying of additional gear, such as a set of handcuffs, extra magazine and knife.

It is a slow method from which to deploy a handgun, but it might be your only choice in certain situations. MSRP is $58.95.

An old standby for carry in plain site is the Escort Waistpack. The Escort is Galco’s take on the old fanny pack. It is a simple bag holster available in black nylon only. You can get the Escort for the Nano as a right or left hand draw. Suggested retail is $89.95.

Galco also offers two day planner-type holsters. One, the Defense Planner, is a holster only. The second, called the Hidden Agenda, is a holster with a functional calendar planner included.

These leather, book shaped holsters are not designed to be worn, but to carried with you. They can be had in brown and black. The leather is very fine and the price reflects it. MSRP is for the Defense Planner is $96.95 and the Hidden Agenda is $169.95.

At the top of the cost line, Galco also offers their line of fine gun purses for the Beretta Nano pistol. These are not inexpensive when compared to traditional holsters, and they do have the drawbacks associated with off body carry. However, they also are very stylish and allow a woman to carry a pistol while wearing tailored clothing. Prices start at $186.95 and go up to almost $400.

High Noon Holsters

High Noon makes a wide range of leather holsters – from OWB to IWB holsters for your Beretta Nano. Just some of their offerings include the:

  • Slide Guard OWB ($104.95),
  • Topless OWB ($104.95),
  • Need for Speed OWB ($119.95,
  • Down Under IWB ($184.95),
  • Public Secret IWB ($184.95),
  • Tailgunner IWB ($209.95),
  • Pocket Grabber pocket holster ($54.95),
  • Undertaker shoulder holster ($179.95),
  • Speedy Spanky paddle holster ($159.95),
  • and many more.

High Noon offers a number of these holsters as stocking items, but you can also get them custom made in a variety of exotic skins such as shark skin. Additionally, they can make many of these holsters using horsehide if you prefer it to cowhide. Matching belts and magazine carriers are also available.


Outbags Nano Holster 01

Possibly the best value in leather holsters for the Nano, Outbags makes very affordable IWB-style carry rigs. These holsters are hand-stitched leather that is dyed a rich brown or black color. They are available in both right- and left-handed models.

Click here to seethe brown model at Amazon here and here for the black model. Currently the pricing is less than $25 including shipping.

Outbags also makes an open-top, belt-slide holster. These leather rigs are also very affordable. They are available in both right- and left-handed versions.

PJ Holster

If you are looking for a kydex holster, take a look at the offerings from PJ Holster. Three different models for the Beretta Nano are available: pocket, IWB and OWB. The pocket model is $35 while the IWB and OWB are $40each. Magazine carriers are also available for $15 each.

The holsters are available in colors other than black for an additional $3. Optional colors include OD, police blue, desert tan and gunmetal grey.

From the PJ Holster ad at

Simple, Practical, and Affordable. I make my holsters from a single piece of 0.80 or 0.93 Kydex and use high quality chicago screws for strength and durability. I hand mold each holster to the gun and work with it until it fits perfect. The holster provides excellent, adjustable retention. They are very easy to put on and take off. You never need to take your gun out of the holster until your need it which makes it easier to carry in condition 1. Trigger is always protected. Minimal profile makes it comfortable enough to wear all day. Quick turnaround 7 – 10 days from order to delivery.

Belt options include behind the belt J-hook, clip on loop, closed loop, or invisible velcro. Belt width, gun depth and cant set to your specifications.

PJ Holster offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime guarantee for any breakage.

Pro Carry

Pro Carry offers inexpensive IWB rigs for the Nano. These holsters are finished in black, have a reinforced opening and use a simple metal clip to affix to the belt. The holsters are made in the US.

Raven Concealment Systems

Raven offers a range of Kydex holsters for the Nano. The Phantom Modular holsters are typically worn as an OWB, but can also be worn as an IWB. A variety of customizations are available like the Armordillo Concealment holsters, though the color options are fewer and the price is higher: $79.99.

ACR is another Beretta Nano holster from Raven. This IWB holster is an appendix-style carry that is available for right and left handed shooters. The MSRP starts at $99.99.

RKBA Holsters

RKBA is a small holster shop that makes some great holsters at very reasonable prices. I’ve owned several of their products since shortly after they opened for business. Two of my favorite leather RKBA holsters, the Ambidextrous Pocket holster and the Tuckable IWB are both available for the Nano. I’ve found both of them to be great quality and extraordinary values. The pocket holster is only $35 while the tuckable is $47.50.

RKBA also makes serveral other designs for the Beretta Nano. These include the Flat Bottom Pocket ($36), the Dual IWB ($60-65), the Off-Set Clip Tuckable ($47.50), the Pancake OWB ($50) and the new Kydex OWB holster ($60).

Sneaky Pete Holsters

Sneaky Pete Nano Holster

The Sneaky Pete holster for the Nano is a belt holster that completely encases the pistol, disguising it as a smart phone. It is leather with a Kydex insert. The Kydex gives the holster its form, preventing the gun from ever printing. Also, the Kydex ensures a smooth draw.

The leather flap is held closed by the use of two strong magnets. Velcro and snaps can create sounds that the magnets will not. In some situations this could be critical to your survival.

Several options are available including right or left hand draw, belt loops or clip attachments and a laser option. MSRP is $54.95.

Sticky Holsters

A favorite of many long time readers, Sticky Holsters offers generically sized holsters that are unique in how they work. The rigs are IWB and use friction and compression to hold them in place. No loops, paddles or clips are used. While I am a bit leary of such a system, many readers absolutely love theirs.


It is tough to beat the value of Tagua holsters. They are made with genuine leather and use double stitching throughout. I’ve got one of these rigs for my P226 and it has held up nicely over the years.

The Tagua rig for the Nano is a full leather OWB holster. It uses a forward cant and has a thumb break for retention. Click here to see more about it.

Talon Holsters

Talon IWB Beretta Nano holster
This is a Talon IWB holster for the Beretta Nano

Talon Holsters makes a simple, but effective, IWB style holster for the Nano. It is a black leather holster that can be had for right and left handed shooters.

The mouth of the scabbard is reinforced so that the holster will not collapse when drawn. The rest of the holster uses thin leather to minimize bulk. It attaches to the belt using a metal clip, rather than belt loops. This allows the shooter to slip the gun into place easily, and to take it off just as quickly.

Retail price for the Talon IWB is $49.95.


UTG makes a very inexpensive ankle holster for the Beretta Nano. I don’t know how comfortable this rig is, but with more than 230 reviews on Amazon, it rates 4 of 5 stars. At less than $17, it sounds like one heck of a bargain.


Versacarry makes a rather unique carry system that is not a traditional holster, but carries muck like a typical IWB. The Versacarry system is also somewhat universal, meaning that it is not make-model specific.

Barrel length of the gun is what the Versacarry system is based on. If you were to imagine a large S-hook, the top curve is the belt clip. The bottom hook is a coated rod that inserts into the bore of the gun. With this simple set-up virtually any handgun, including the Beretta Nano, can be carried with an absolute minimum of bulk.

Pricing on the Versacarry is simple: $24.99 for any of the sizes they offer.

Beretta Nano Holster


The Beretta Nano has a variety of accessories available for it. Here are a few you might want to consider.

Trijicon Night Sights

Trijicon Night Sights for Nano

Many people will agree that night sights are a must on a defensive handgun. Trijicon is one of the oldest makers of handgun night sights in the US market. I’ve used their sights for years and can attest to the fact that they are rugged and reliable. Get a set for your Nano by clicking here.

Lasermax Centerfire

Lasermax laser for Beretta Nano

Custom fit for the Nano, the Centerfire laser from Lasermax gives you the ability to accurately aim the gun from even unconventional locations. Since the fit is so integrated with the natural shape of the gun, it doesn’t add much bulk to the overall package. The real bonus is the Centerfire is priced very affordably, making it one of the top values for your pistol.

Pearce Grip Extensions

Pearce Grips

Simple but effective, the inexpensive grip extensions from Pearce Grips allow you to get a better handle on your pistol without adding much weight or bulk to the pistol.

Hopefully, this article is of use to you if you are in the market for a Beretta Nano holster. If there are any we missed, please list them in the comments section below. We will update this page and make sure the readers have the best information available.

If you are looking for rigs for the APX pistol, click here for that list.

Last Update: October 19, 2022

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Got my G42 and Nano holsters from Dara. They’re top notch. I wanted to change the cant anlge after I received my holster, and they did it for free. I’ll never carry another.

I’ve got a pair of Dara holsters for my S&W Shield. I really like them, and I’m working on a review of them now. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with them!

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