Bravo Concealment ACER DG2 Review

It is impossible for me to keep up with every holster maker on the market. There are hundreds of small and large shops around the country making carry holsters.

However, no matter how big the pool, the best will always rise to the top and be seen. One of the names that keeps coming up in online discussions has been Bravo Concealment. I’ve been told numerous times that the company makes high quality rigs, and that I should check them out.

Recently, I had a Walther PPS for review. I didn’t have an appropriate holster with which to test the PPS, so I reached out to Bravo Concealment to see if they would be interested in submitting one for review. The company agreed and here we are.

General Information

Bravo Concealment ACER DG2 review

Bravo Concealment is a Texas company that specializes in making custom Kydex holsters. They offer a range of concealed carry rigs with numerous options available on each.

The holster I received for review is the ACER DG2. This rig is an inside-the-waistband holster made with 0.08″ thick Kydex.

As I mentioned, Bravo Concealment offers a variety of options on each of their products. For the ACER DG2, the following can be customized:

  • sweat guard: mid or high
  • color: black, red, flat dark earth (FDE)
  • belt loops: soft or hard, varying belt widths
  • left- or right-handed
  • Combat Suede exterior: none, black, tan

Other products can have different options and colors to pick from.

rounded corners on Bravo Concealment IWB holster

The test holster arrived with a mid-height sweat guard, hard belt loops and black Kydex. Additionally, Bravo Concealment applied the Lion Combat Suede (tan) to the exterior of the holster. Combat Suede is a suede-like material that Bravo Concealment offers as an optional application to the exterior of the holster.

All of the edges were rounded off on the evaluation holster I received. The Combat Suede was perfectly trimmed and attached to the exterior of the holster. As it arrived, it seemed perfectly adjusted for retention.

The base price of the ACER DG2 is $69.99.

Walther PPS Holster

Along with the holster, Bravo Concealment shipped me a Kydex magazine pouch. This single mag pouch was an outside-the-waistband (OWB) rig with hard belt loops. It used a desert tan colored Kydex.


I wore the PPS in the ACER DG2 for a couple of weeks. During that time, I engaged in pretty much all of my standard activities from yard work to cleaning the garage to typing on the computer.

Overall, I found the holster to be comfortable. The rounded edges did not poke or pinch, and the medium height sweat guard did a good job at keeping the gun from poking into me.

attention to detail

The Combat Suede was particularly nice. While it is not padded in the typical sense, it provided a soft buffer between me and the holster. Additionally, the Combat Suede has a higher degree of friction than plastic, so it helped to anchor the gun into place.

I tried the gun at both the appendix position and behind the strong side hip. The rig worked in both positions. Seated, it was more comfortable behind the hip, while standing, I preferred it in the appendix position. I simply moved the holster to where it was most comfortable for where I expected to spend most of my time.

retention adjustment

The belt clips were easy to work with, and I could move the holster to a new location whenever I needed to.

The gun was very secure in the ACER DG2. It released easily when purposefully drawn. Until that moment, however, the rig holds the gun without any wiggle or other movement. The belt clips did an excellent job at securing the package to my belt.

magazine carrier

The magazine carrier also wore well, though I really expected it to since it was set up as an OWB rig.

Final Thoughts

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Bravo Concealment, and now I know why. This holster was very well built and shows a lot of craftsmanship that is missing from some of the other rigs I have tried.

The ACER DG2 worked very well with the Walther PPS I reviewed, and I suspect it will work great with pretty much anything you want to carry. If you are in the market for an IWB rig, give this Bravo Concealment holster a look.


I include a disclosure statement with all of my reviews so you are aware of any potential influences in my evaluation of the holster.

Bravo Concealment provided this holster for free for the purposes of a review with the Walther PPS. At no point did anyone suggest or ask for this review to be “positive”. This is not a paid review.

Bravo Concealment is not an advertiser or sponsor, nor am I in any discussions with them to be one. is an independent, for-profit website. I do not charge readers a dime to access the information I provide.

Some of the links on this page and site are affiliate links to companies like Amazon and Palmetto State Armory. These links take you to the products mentioned in the article. Should you decide to purchase something from one of those companies, I make a small commission.

The links do not change your purchase price. I do not get to see what any individual purchases.


Since I posted this review, Bravo Concealment has discontinued the ACER line of holsters. While this is a bit of a disappointment, I know the company is working on additional projects, and that it will continue to exhibit excellence in design and construction in all of the rigs it makes.

Last Update: October 19, 2022

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