Mossberg MC1sc Holster List: Finding the Best Carry Rigs

Looking for a holster for your Mossberg MC1sc? You’ve come to the right place.

Here we have assembled a list of carry rigs for the MC1sc pistol. At the time this list was started, the gun was brand new and options are few. As time passed, more holsters have been added.

At, we test and evaluate many carry rigs every year. We know, however, that our readers test far more than we do. So we encourage everyone to share their experiences with Mossberg MC1sc holsters in the comment section. By sharing your adventures and ordeals with these rigs, everyone can learn.

Best IWB Holster

Right now, the options are few for high-quality Mossberg MC1sc inside the waistband holsters. At this time, the best rig is the CrossBreed MiniTuck. The MiniTuck is a hybrid rig that uses a Kydex shell mounted to a leather backer. Metal clips on the outer “wings” of the backer anchor the gun to your belt to spread the pistol’s weight over a large area.

Best IWB Holster for Mossberg MC1SC

CrossBreed offers a number of options – such as color choices – for these IWB rigs. Additionally, the company has a “Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee” and backs the holster with a lifetime warranty.

A second IWB rig worth considering is the DeSantis Slim Tuk. The Slim Tuk is a minimalist design that uses a single, reversible C-clip to connect to your gunbelt. It is a Kydex IWB holster, so it should be very durable.

Best Pocket Holster

I’ve tried a lot of different pocket holsters over the years. Of those that remain in business, my go-to is the DeSantis Nemesis.

The Nemesis is a synthetic holster design that has evolved over the years. The tweaks have turned the holster from good to great.

DeSantis uses a multi-layer design with a slick interior and a soft, textured shell that allow you to quickly draw the gun if needed but otherwise keep the gun in place during normal activities. Should it be necessary, the rig has a bit of a wing under the trigger guard that catches the holster on the mouth of the pocket as a second method to prevent the holster from hanging on the gun during the draw.

At $27 (suggested retail price), the Nemesis is a bit more expensive when compared to other Mossberg MC1sc pocket holsters. However, the few extra dollars gets you a great pocket rig that is still extremely affordable. It should be noted that Optics Planet currently has this holster for less than $19.

Best OWB Holster

Of the rigs currently available, the DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide is my choice for best outside the waistband holster for the Mossberg MC1sc available today. It is an expertly crafted belt slide holster with a thumb break for retention. It looks good and carries well. More information on this rig is in the DeSantis section below.

Best OWB Holster for Mossberg MC1sc

If you prefer a minimalist rig, the CrossBreed SnapSlide (pictured above) is a great choice. It uses a high quality, wide strip of leather with a Kydex shell. Not only does this affordable holster have a lifetime warranty, but it also offers a two-week trial – if you don’t like it, just send it back.

All Holsters By Manufacturer

Just because I have identified a few of the best holsters for the Mossberg MC1SC pistol doesn’t mean there aren’t other very good rigs available. To the contrary, you may find another holster that works much better than the ones I have already mentioned.

Arranged by the manufacturer names are a plethora of additional holster options. If you know of a rig made for the Mossberg pistol that I have missed, please leave a note in the comments section. Also, if you have experience with any of these holsters – good or bad – please share your thoughts. Other readers can gain a lot of value from your feedback.


Blackhawk makes a range of holsters including rigs like the Serpa and Omnivore. However, the company also makes a number of more traditional leather and nylon holsters. At the time of this writing, Blackhawk only offers universal fit type rigs for the Mossberg MC1sc pistol. As time goes on, I expect to see more offerings from them.

TecGrip Pocket Holster, Size 4 – The TecGrip line of holsters use multiple layers of material to provide reasonable concealment and comfort.

Blackhawk TecGrip Pocket Holster for Mossberg MC1sc pistol

The outer layer has a firm, grippy material that “grabs” the inside of your pocket. This is designed to keep your gun in pretty much the same place when walking and to prevent the rig from coming out with the gun when it is drawn. My experiences have been mixed, so make sure you try it out with an unloaded gun to see if it will work for you.

The inner lining is soft to reduce wear on the MC1sc finish. Between the layers is high density, closed cell foam to break up the outline of the gun and provide a little padding between your leg and the gun’s edges.

Pricing is reasonable, with an MSRP of $18.95. Size 4 seems to fit the best for the new Mossberg handgun. At the time of this writing, Optics Planet has the best price on these – less than $15.

BlackPoint Tactical

Peach State holster maker BlackPoint Tactical offers a number of carry rigs for your Mossberg pistol. I’ve not tested all of the company’s holsters, but I have run the Mini Wing with a Diamondback DB9 Gen4 I reviewed. I was not my favorite holster to use, but it was secure and fairly comfortable for an inside the waistband rig. For me, I prefer the CrossBreed offerings for hybrid holsters. But that is a personal selection and not meant to demean BlackPoint.

BlackPoint also offers a standard Kydex outside-the-waistband holster and a modular appendix carry rig that can be fitted with a magazine carrier.

According to Mossberg, BlackPoint Tactical makes the Mossberg branded holster (below) under the Crucial Concealment brand (also below).

Clinger Holsters

Clinger Holsters designs rigs that are intended to conceal even large sized handguns. It’s flagship product, the No Print Wonder, is in its third generation and is one of four holsters made for the Mossberg MC1sc. Clinger offers a lifetime warranty on its products and a two week trial period.

Comfort Cling Pocket Holster – The Comfort Cling is a pocket holster that uses a grippy exterior surface to anchor the gun in your pocket. Inside the holster is a slick nylon surface for easy drawing. The combination of the two surfaces is intended to keep the gun in place all day and provide for a smooth draw should you be forced to use deadly force in defense of your life. The holster can be swapped for an optimal draw with either hand. Its price is a very reasonable $19.

V3 No Print Wonder IWB - The ClingerHolsters V3 No Print Wonder is a bit more complicated in appearance than many other IWB holsters. The rig purports to pull the gun very close to the body while increasing comfort by using two belt clips on “wings.” The wings help to anchor the gun close to the torso and spread the weight out over a wider area.

The No Print Wonder uses the same body as the company’s Ultra Concealable OWB. You can purchase new clips for this rig to make it an OWB holster. Likewise, you can remove the wings and add a different belt clip to turn it into the Stingray listed below.

Generally, I’ve found rigs like the V3 No Print Wonder to do a good job. However, I have not used this specific holster before, so I cannot give it a thumbs up or down yet. But, it is one I would consider. The V3 No Print Wonder has an MSRP of $69, and the company is shipping them now.

V3 Stingray – Compared to the No Print Wonder, the Stingray is downright conventional. It is an inside the waistband rig made of Kydex with an open top. A single polymer clip connects the holster to a belt. The clip is adjustable to allow for either a neutral or 15Ëš cant. These carry a full retail price of $49.

Cook’s Holsters

Another Georgia company, Cook’s Holsters offers a number of Kydex concealed carry holster designs for the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm pistol. The company offers a variety of the typical Kydex rigs including OWB and IWB styles. As with many of the other companies, Cook’s offers your choice in colors and patterns. You can even get an IWB rig with a Fabriclip so you can carry your pistol without a belt. I strongly recommend extensively testing this method of carry before heading out into the world with a loaded pistol and no support belt.

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters is a prominent manufacturer of concealed carry rigs for self-defense. Some of its most popular designs use a hybrid approach that uses both leather and synthetic materials.

CrossBreed Mini Slide Holster for Mossberg MC1SC

SnapSlide – If you prefer an outside the waistband holster, the SnapSlide is hard to beat. This rig uses a long leather backer with slots to run your belt through. In the center of the leather is a Kydex shell molded for a precise fit to the Mossberg MC1sc pistol. Between the Kydex shell and the leather pressure from being next to your body, the gun is held securely.

Snap Slide rigs can be had for either left- or right-handed draws. Color options like olive drab green and Tiffany blue are available if you prefer something other than black. There are also material and color options for the backer.

CrossBreed Mini Tuck for Mossberg MC1sc Pistol

Mini Tuck – According to CrossBreed, the Mini Tuck holster is perfect for deep carry. I’ve used this rig with other guns, and I found it to be both secure and comfortable. The wide leather backing piece does a good job at spreading the weight of a pistol around your waist for increased comfort. This also better anchors the gun into place.

CrossBreed Holsters offers this carry holster with a few options including a choice in leather backing (such as horsehide or dyed black cow leather) and a range of colors for the Kydex shell.

Freedom Carry IWB/Appendix – Appendix carry, carrying inside the waistband in the 1- to 2- o’clock position is very popular as it is both fast and comfortable for many people. CrossBreed offers the Freedom Carry that blends its existing technologies with a style that works well for appendix carry. I recommend giving it a look if you like appendix holsters.

Crucial Concealment

Crossover Holster for Mossberg MC1sc

Crucial Concealment is the sister company of BlackPoint Tactical (above) that is making the house-branded holster for Mossberg (below.)  The Crossover Holster is the only rig the company makes for the MC1sc and it is the same rig that is offered directly from Mossberg. At the time of this writing, the price is $10 more expensive from Crucial than from Mossberg. Also, the Mossberg site appears to be the only place to get this holster that is fit for a Viridian laser sight. So, buy yours through Mossberg for the best price and selection.

Dara Holsters

I’ve tested a number of Dara Holsters rigs and found them to be solid options in a crowded market. I have no hesitation in carrying with one of its rigs. Right now Dara Holsters is taking pre-orders on rigs. Once these become regular items, I will add them here.

DeSantis Gunhide

DeSantis Gunhide is a traditional holster maker that started operations in the early 70s. Starting with rigs made by hand at the kitchen table, founder Gene DeSantis grew the company to one of the biggest names in concealed carry rigs. I’ve used several of the DeSantis designs, and have had good service from them.

Although I hold the company in high regard, the company’s warranty is not as good as some other companies. According to the company’s website, “ all DeSantis products are sold ‘as is’ and ‘with all faults’.” Additionally, returns made from purchases made on the company’s website are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

It is for this reason that I recommend buying DeSantis holsters through a third party site like Optics Planet (a surprisingly good place for prices and service.) It has been my experience that these companies will stand behind the products they sell. If you get a defective rig, you should be able to just swap it out.

Apache Ankle Rig #062 – As an ankle holster, the Apache is simple but effective. The rig uses a non-molded nylon sleeve to hold the gun while a wide elasticized band attaches the rig to your leg. The back of the bad has sheepskin lining to improve comfort. DeSantis includes a thumb break strap to hold the gun in the rig. The “fits most medium autos” model is the correctly sized Apache. The same rig works with the Kimber Solo, Kahr P9, Kel-Tec P11, SIG P290, P938 and P365.

DeSantis DS Paddle for MC1SC

DS Paddle #D94 – The DS Paddle is a Kydex, OWB rig designed for carrying on the strong side hip with a straight draw. As the name suggests, it comes with a paddle attachment. However, it also comes with a belt loop attachment if you prefer to anchor directly to your gun belt. At the time of this writing, the DS Paddle has a suggested retail price of $47.99.

DeSantis Infiltrator Air Holster

Infiltrator Air #M78 – Similar to other hybrid designs, the Infiltrator Air IWB holster uses a breathable synthetic backer instead of leather with a Kydex shell. I have found the rig to be more comfortable than leather backed rigs as the backer allows for airflow and is padded. A choice of C- and J-clips allow you to carry this normally or with the rig under a tucked shirt. The suggested retail price is $86.99.

DeSantis Intimidator Pancake OWB Holster for Mossberg Mc1SC

Intimidator 2.0 #138 – If you are looking for an MC1SC OWB holster, the Intimidator might be a good choice. It is a hybrid pancake design that uses a leather backer with belt slots and a hard Kydex shell. It is an open top design that uses its molded shell to “lock” onto the gun for a secure carry. The suggested retail price is $42.99.

DeSantis OWB Holster for MC1sc

Mini Scabbard #019 – If you are looking for an open top OWB holster for the MC1sc, the Mini Scabbard might tick all the boxes for you. The molded leather holster uses an adjustable tension device to ensure the gun stays in the holster until you draw it. The belt slots will work with 1.75″ and smaller belts. DeSantis lists this holster at $63.99.

DeSantis Nemesis – As I identified earlier in this article, the DeSantis Nemesis is the best pocket holster for the Mossberg MC1sc. I’ve owned this rig for several different guns and have always had great service from them. Over the years, the company has improved the design to make it the functional and affordable holster it is.

The outside of the holster has a surface that is vaguely like rubber without the tackiness. It helps to keep the gun exactly where you put it in the pocket. On the inside of the pocket holster is a slick material that lets you draw the pistol without hindrance. Additionally, the rig has a “wing” that both stabilizes the gun when carried and ensures the holster releases the pistol during the draw.

I cannot speak highly enough about the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. While I believe it is the best Mossberg MC1sc pocket holster, the suggested retail price of $26.99 makes it the best rig for the money.

The Pro Stealth #N87 – If you need an inexpensive IWB holster for your Mossberg MC1sc pistol, DeSantis offers the Pro Stealth. This is an inside-the-waistband rig that is made of nylon with a single spring clip to attach to your belt. It has a spare magazine pouch attached to the front of the holster body. The clip can be moved to either side of the holster to allow for right- or left-handed carry.

Generally, I do not like this design and find the location of the spare magazine to be suboptimal. I find the unused leather mounting strip for the belt clip to be annoying as it rubs against the body. Also, the clip tends to have sharp edges. However, it is a better design than some of the cheap nylon IWB rigs that are out there. The pricing reflects that as it has a $38.99 price tag.

DeSantis Raptor Kydex Holster for MC1SC

Raptor #146 – Another strong side Kydex holster, this one is designed to attach to your belt with hard loops. Belts of up to 1.5″ wide will fit in the loops. This is an open top style holster that uses a detent around the trigger guard to secure the weapon. It has an MSRP of $79.99.

SL Raptor #147 – With this holster, DeSantis added its Chek-Lok retention device that secures the gun inside the holster with a trigger guard lock. Releasing the gun is accomplished by proper thumb placement during the draw. Otherwise, this is the same Kydex OWB holster as the standard Raptor above. It has an MSRP of $83.99.

Best IWB Holster for Mossberg MC1sc

Slim Tuk - The DeSantis Slim-Tuk holster is a Kydex rig with a C-clip for attaching to the belt. The design of the holster allows for it to be carried strong side or appendix carry. The clip is also reversible, so lefties can use the holster also. Full retail pricing on this holster is $40.

Sof-Tuck #106 – A simple leather IWB holster, this rig has a reinforced mouth to hold the rig open for reholstering. The plastic clip is cant adjustable and allows for a shirt to tuck over the gun. It can be worn in the appendix, hip, behind the hip and cross draw positions from either side of the body. It can also be adjusted for ride height. The MSRP is $34.99.

Super Fly #M44 – If you want a pocket holster, I suggest trying the Nemesis mentioned above. However, if you want a rig with a stickier exterior or that further conceals your Mossberg pistol, give the Super Fly a consideration. This scabbard holds the same general shape of the Nemesis but adds a tacky surface to the exterior. Additionally, DeSantis adds a removable flap to further conceal the outline of the pistol. In my opinion, the surface is too sticky and the extra flap is simply too bulky. However, I know several people who like this rig a lot. The Super Fly has a full retail price of $41.99.

DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide – For a traditional strong side, OWB holster it is tough to beat the leather Thumb Break Mini Slide. Available in either black or tan dyed leather, this outside the waistband holster for the Mossberg MC1sc is a belt slide model that pulls the gun tight to the body for good concealment. It handles belts that are up to 1.75″ wide. As with most high-quality leather rigs, it is not cheap at $74.99, but you do get a product that will last a long time.

Tuck-This #M24 – This is another nylon IWB rig.  It is similar to the Pro Stealth above but replaces the metal clip with an adjustable polymer J-clip. The clip allows for many adjustments that the metal clip does not. First of all, it can be mounted at three different heights allowing you to adjust how low the gun will ride in relation to your gun belt.

Secondly, the clip can be rotated to allow for a nearly infinite number of cants. If you like a straight draw, FBI cant or something in between – you can set it up in that way. Also, since the clip is reversible, you can set it up for cross-draw carry.

Lastly, the clip allows for a shirt to tuck in over it for deep concealment. I’m not a huge fan of nylon holsters based on my experiences with them. However, if you are willing to spend $49.99 for this rig, you will get a lot of options on how to set it up.

Forged Tec Holsters

Forged Tec Holsters

Made in Michigan, Forged Tec Holsters offers an inside the waistband rig for Mossberg’s compact 9mm handgun and the price is very reasonable.

The IWB holster is made of Kydex with a flared opening for easy insertion of the pistol. It has a belt clip that adjusts for cant and is available in two sizes: one for belts up to 1.5″ and one for up to 1.75″ The larger belt clip does not cost you more money.

As I said, pricing is very reasonable: $25 for a black version. If you would like another color, maybe Flat Dark Earth or Tiffany Blue, there is a slight upcharge of only $1.

Forged Tec sells this holster on eBay. Some readers may have a negative opinion on eBay, but I do not. Here’s the thing: since it is sold on eBay we can see the company has 100% positive feedback on a legitimate 1,300 transactions (these are not puffed up reviews as you see on some sites.) Also, the transaction is completely backed by eBay and the price includes free shipping. If there is a better deal, I haven’t found one yet.

Mossberg Branded Holsters

Mossberg MC1SC Holsters

Mossberg is offering a pair of Kydex holsters that are marketed as minimal, ambidextrous rigs that can be used as IWB or OWB holsters. Additionally, the company states users can adjust ride height, cant and strong side (right- or left-handed). One holster is set up for the standard MC1sc while the second is molded for the pistol with an attached Viridian laser. Both of these have a retail price of $59.99.

N8² Tactical

N82 Tactical

Offering a number of generic fit holsters, N8² Tactical might be a practical choice for the new Mossberg MC1sc owner. The company’s Original Micro Compact holster is a rig composed of a large soft backer with a multi-fitting sleeve that holds the gun in place. The rig uses a single clip to attach the rig to your belt.

N8² Tactical also offers slightly different models that can accommodate the MC1sc with an attached laser and people who want to tuck a shirt in over the top of the gun.

Phalanx Defense Systems

Phalanx Defense Stealth Holster for Mossberg

Phalanx Defense Systems engineered a way so that many guns, including the Mossberg MC1sc fit into a single, rigid holster called the Stealth Operator. This is not the typical soft nylon rig that your gun flops around in or collapses as soon as you draw it. This is an injection molded design that genuinely works.

For the MC1sc, you want the compact size. There are standard black models, but the company also offers the occasional special edition. Currently, Phalanx Defense Systems is offering a rig with a United States flag pattern.

SCK Holsters

I’m afraid I have no experience with the rigs from SCK Holsters. However, I like the look of them, and I’ll have to buy one for review at some point. If anyone owns their rigs – please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

SCK Holsters rig for 9mm pistol

Right now, the company offers only IWB holsters for the 9mm Mossberg. The first holster is the IWB Hybrid. As with other hybrid designs, it uses a Kydex half shell mounted on a leather backer to blend the security of a rigid holster with a more comfortable surface against the body. Unlike the design popularized by CrossBreed (above), this uses a single belt clip attached to the center of the holster instead of a pair of clips spaced farther out.

The company also offers a standard Kydex IWB holster that can be had with a variety of belt attachments including soft loops, a Uti clip, and a FOMI clip. The FOMI clip variant is shown above.

Theis Holsters

Theis Holsters are popular with many shooters, and I am happy to see it is one of the first companies to jump in and support the Mossberg pistol right after it was announced.

Theis Holster for Mossberg MC1SC

Compact OWB – I like a good minimalist design and the Compact OWB rig meets my expectations. It uses a simple but durable strip of leather with a Kydex mini shell construction. Belt slots are at the far ends allowing the system to spread the weight around. It can be had in right- or left-handed versions. The MSRP is $49.95.

EZ-Clip – The EZ-Clip is designed to allow for both IWB and OWB carry depending on how you position it. It uses a single belt clip that can be adjusted for a low, medium or high ride. Theis lists the starting price of this Mossberg holster at $49.95.

Full Slide OWB – As a basic Mossberg MC1sc OWB holster, this model from Theis works well. Like a typical hybrid holster, this uses a large slab of leather as a backer with a Kydex shell attached to it. Instead of clips to hold the rig to your belt, it uses slots in the leather. Base pricing is $59.95.

IWB Holster – The Theis IWB holster is very similar to other hybrid holsters for the Mossberg MC1sc. It uses a wide leather backer with clips at the far ends to help distribute the gun’s weight over a wide area. It has a molded Kydex shell with an open top. Between the molding and pressure against the pistol when worn, the handgun is held securely in this rig. There are a number of options, and the base price is $49.95.

Paddle Holster – With a paddle holster, you sacrifice some concealability for increased convenience as they tend to protrude from your body more than a belt slide rig. If this is ok for your needs, the Theis Paddle Holster might be of interest. It is a Kydex rig that has a base price of $64.95.

Theis Single Glip Holster

Single Clip Holster – A simple design, the Single Clip Holster incorporates a number of features without complicating things. It has a leather backer with a Kydex shell to offer good comfort and durability. A single spring clip connects the rig to a belt. The clip is adjustable for both ride height and tilt (aka cant). Options include the use of a polymer belt clip and leather upgrades. The base price is $49.95.

Speedy Clip OWB – If you like outside the waistband carry, but dislike standard belt loops and slots, the Speedy Clip holster might be of interest. This rig uses special belt clips that slip over the top of the belt and attach to both sides. This holds it in place while carried and when the gun is drawn. The price for this one is $69.95.

Vedder Holsters

Sunshine State holster maker Vedder Holsters also makes a number of carry rigs for the Mossberg MC1sc 9mm pistol. These include the LightTuck and the ProDraw.

The LightTuck is an inside-the-waistband holster made of Kydex. It has a single belt clip that is cant adjustable and fits belts up to 1.5″ in width. An option for 1.75″ wide belts is available. The rig is open top and uses precise molding to keep the gun secure in the holster. It can be had in any of several dozen colors and camo patterns.

I’ve tested this rig with a Smith & Wesson Shield and found it to be a quality rig. The comfort is about average for a rigid IWB design, but I preferred the Blackhawk ARC holster for comfort. Unfortunately, Blackhawk doesn’t make the ARC for the MC1sc…yet.

If you need a simple strong-side OWB holster, the ProDraw is a paddle holster that might work for you. It is also an open top design made of rigid Kydex.

I have not tested this design, so I am hesitant to recommend it. Even though I have had good experiences with other rigs from Vedder, paddle holsters are rarely made well. In my opinion, the only company that has perfected the paddle design is Safariland. Sadly, Safariland is not yet offering any holsters designed for the 9mm Mossberg pistol. If you have to have a paddle design, this is worth considering. However, I strongly urge you to test the rig once you get it to ensure it will meet your expectations for security. Of course, this same recommendation goes for any holster you buy.


None of the companies listed here have paid to be on this list, nor have they offered anything in return for placement here. This list is compiled by me and all of the opinions stated here are my own. is an independent, for-profit website. I do not charge readers a dime to access the information I provide.

Some of the links on this page and site are affiliate links to companies like Amazon and Palmetto State Armory. These links take you to the products mentioned in the article. Should you decide to purchase something from one of those companies, I make a small commission.

The links do not change your purchase price. I do not get to see what any individual purchases.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below.

12 replies on “Mossberg MC1sc Holster List: Finding the Best Carry Rigs”

Thank you,
I am new to CCW, and just bought the new Mossburg MC1sc .
What are your thought’s on VersaCarry holsters?
Thank You
Malcolm M

Hi Malcolm,

I’ve tried the VersaCarry holsters and choose not to use them for a variety of reasons. To me, they were uncomfortable, did not seem secure and I had some concerns about several safety aspects. You might want to read this article at Concealed Nation on them. If I was buying a rig right now, I would likely go with a Theis, CrossBreed or DeSantis holster. As more companies tool up for the Mossberg, the options will increase.

I hope this helps.


Thank you
I am not that new lol, that type of carry is out of the question!!!
VersaCarry has leather and Kylex Hybrid IWB & OWB. I was more or less asking about, Quality and wearability. Along with the reviews above, I should have been more clear.

Thank You
Malcolm M

Hi Malcolm,

Gotcha! I haven’t tried their newer rigs, though some of the IWBs still use the older rod in the barrel technique. If you decide to give one a try, would you mind checking back with us and leaving your thoughts here? I’d like to get your opinion on them, and I bet others would too.


I am looking for the best holster for the MCS with the laser and have not been able to locate any that are designed for the weapon mounted with the laser. Any recommendations please??

Thanks John S

Hi John,

I am guessing you have the Viridian E-series laser on your pistol. If so, I believe that the only holster option right now is the Mossberg branded Kydex rig that can be used as IWB or OWB. These are made for Mossberg by Crucial Concealment. Mossberg offers them for $60 and Crucial does not offer them at all (at least not the laser equipped model.) It does not look like anyone else is selling these, so you have to pay full retail at Mossberg to get one:

I hope this helps.


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