The Comprehensive Remington R51 Holster List

The R51 is new pistol, and like all new guns, it can be difficult to find accessories that will work with it. Fortunately, the gun has sparked a lot of interest, and many shooters are placing orders for them at their dealer.

If you are looking for a Remington R51 holster, the following is a list of them that are currently in production or that have been announced. As new scabbards are introduced, we will add to the list. Likewise, if you know of a holster that fits the R51, please leave a comment below so we can add it to the page.

Remington R51

Crimson Trace

Known for making laser sighting systems, Crimson Trace will also include holsters with their products in certain situations.  The R51 handgun is one of those situations.  CT understands that new guns will have few carry options available out of the gate.  Finding a holster for a new gun that has an attached aftermarket accessory, such as the Crimson Trace Laser Guard, is almost impossible.  So, CT included a pocket holster for the Remington R51 with the laser unit.

Crimson Trace Laserguard and holster
Crimson Trace Laserguard and holster

The holster is made of synthetic materials, and is made in the USA.  It is not known if this will be a permanent item in the company’s inventory, but I would suspect that as more holster makers jump into the game, CT will eliminate this option for the laser unit only.  So, if you like the Laserguard, you might want to buy one soon.

Crimson Trace no longer offers the LG-494H on the company website.  However, you can pick one up on Amazon for $40 under MSRP.  That’s less than $200 for a top notch laser and a pocket holster.


Probably the most prolific producers of Remington R51 holsters is DeSantis Gunhide.  At the time of this writing, they have ten different carry options for the pistol including inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), pocket holsters and more.  Here is what they have available:

Mini Scabbard – This is a leather OWB holster that is made for both right and left handed shooters.  It is designed for strong side carry and is open top with no retention straps.  Currently, the holster is available in tan and black finishes.  MSRP is $59.99.

Nemesis – The Nemesis is one of my favorite pocket holsters, and it is now being made for the R-51 pistols.  You can read our prior review on the Nemesis here.  MSRP is $24.99.

Super Fly – Another pocket holster, the Super Fly is a little thicker than the Nemesis and covered with a tacky rubber-like surface.  MSRP is $38.99.

DeSantis Apache Rig
DeSantis Apache Rig

Apache Ankle Rig – If you are looking for an R51 ankle holster, this is one of the only options currently available.  I expect that other companies will introduce an ankle rig, but for now this is it.  MSRP is $54.99.

Pocket-Tuk – The Pocket-Tuk is a convertible holster that swaps from pocket to a tuckable IWB with the addition of a C-clip.  MSRP is $25.99.  We’ve never tested one, but it does seem like a very good price to get essentially two holsters in the deal.

Sof-Tuck – This is a tuckable IWB suede and leather holster that is designed to be carried in a variety of positions.  MSRP is $29.99.

Pro Stealth – Unlike many of the other DeSantis holsters, this one is made of completely synthetic materials.  It uses nylon for construction, and includes a spare magazine pouch.  It is an IWB style scabbard and is held in place by a metal c-clip.  MSRP is $38.99.

Tuck-This II – This rig is very similar to the Pro Stealth, but it uses a special clip that makes the holster tuckable.  Otherwise, it is nearly identical.  MSRP is $39.99.

The Insider – Inexpensive is probably this leather IWB holster’s biggest asset.  It uses soft, thin leather and a metal clip to hold the gun in position.  MSRP is only $27.99.

DeSantis Dual Carry II
The DeSantis Dual Carry II

Dual Carry II – IWB and OWB are both possible with this leather scabbard.  The rig allows the user to a c-clip to carry inside the waistband, and the belt loops to carry outside the waistband.  MSRP is $32.99.


Galco offers several options for the R 51.  For a traditional belt holster, take a look at the Stinger.  This is an open top leather belt holster designed to be carried on the strong side.  It has a forward cant.  Right now, it is only available in a black finish, and only in a right-handed model.

 Galco iDefense

As an alternative to traditional holsters, Galco also offers a variety of purse and day planner style carry options.  One of the newest is the Galco iDefense.  The iDefense is a tablet carrying and protection device made of black leather.  However, it also has a zippered compartment for concealing a handgun and spare magazine.  MSRP is $95, but it is about $20 cheaper with free Prime shipping on Amazon.  The reviews are very good.

Jackson Leatherwork

This holster company is offering OWB and IWB holsters for the Remington pistol.  They are made of leather and come in brown or black.  However, there is no pricing information on the company website, and you have to submit a form to get a price quote.  We’ve never had dealings with this company, so if anyone can provide some feedback, it would be appreciated.

Multi Holsters

Multi Holsters is making the 2in1 Multi Holster for the R51 handgun.  The holster is designed so it can be work either IWB or OWB depending on your preference.  MSRP runs from $74.95 to $84.95.

Northern Gunleather

Editor’s Note: The Northern Gunleather site appears to be corrupted and the company does not appear to be accepting new orders. If I discover the company is once again building carry rigs, I will update this page.

Northern Gunleather offers an outside-the-waistband holster for the R51 called the Borealis. The leather holsters are available with a variety of options including five different colors and three different belt widths. The holsters are available for both right- and left-handed shooters. There are no retention snaps – this is an open top style rig. A forward cant of 25º is standard, but a custom cant can be ordered as well.

This holster has a closed muzzle, and completely covers the trigger guard. According to the manufacturer, it is virtually impossible to accidentally hit the magazine release with the Borealis. A full grip is obtainable when drawing from this rig. MSRP is $69.

Northern Gunleather also offers an inside-the-waistband rig called the North Star.  The North Star has the same color and belt size options that the Borealis does. Although the North Star has a passing resemblance to some hybrid holsters, this is an all leather design. No kydex components are used in this rig. MSRP is $109.

The company also offers other leather rigs for the Remington pistol. Among them are a traditional, less-expensive IWB, a paddle holster and a shoulder rig.

Tucker & Byrd

Based in Texas, Tucker & Byrd makes handmade leather pancake-style holsters for the R 51 pistol.  The holsters can be had in a variety of colors from tan to dark brown to black.  Holsters are open top style and seem to pull the gun in close to the body.  The company sells on their own site and on Amazon and the pricing is the same ($65-85) either way.  If you purchase on Amazon through this link, we get a small portion of the sale to help pay our bills.

Tucker & Byrd Remington pistol holster
Tucker & Byrd pancake-style holster


VersaCarry offers a line of unique holster-like options for carrying a pistol.  The VersaCarry device is roughly a large plastic S-hook with a rubber-coated prong on one end.  The barrel of the gun fits over the prong, and the other end of the VersaCarry attaches to the belt or pants.  It is a minimalist approach, which means it does not add much bulk to the over all carry set up.

MSRP on the VersaCarry is $25, but Amazon sells them for about $5 less and there is free Prime shipping.

Winthrop Holsters

Winthrop Holsters is an Ohio-based leather scabbard maker.  They are currently making two designs for the Remington R-51 pistols.  The first is an outside-the-waistband (OWB) belt slide, and the second is an inside-the waistband (IWB) holster.

Winthrop IWB for the R51
This is the Winthrop IWB holster for the Remington R51.

Both models can be purchased on the company’s site.  However, the company also sells the holsters through the Amazon site.  The pricing is the same, but if you buy through this link on Amazon, the site gets a small portion of the sales price to pay our bills.  The OWB is $50, while the IWB is $55.

Winthrop OWB
Winthrop Holsters also makes an OWB scabbard for the Remington handgun.

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Hi Bryan,

Thanks for dropping a note. It looks like you make some very nice holsters. As soon as a I have a few minutes, I will go through an add you to this page and the other holster pages I have set up.



Is that so Bryan? Please let your customers know that a shoulder rig will require over a 6 month wait and if they don’t like that, they don’t get their money back either. You never answer emails which further makes your business prowess exciting………….from one customer you still owe,

Brian Holland

Please be aware Richard Johnson who you speak highly about. Northern Gunleather has a lot of angry customers. Northern Gunleather has no contact phone number. Just email. How nice for the owner to not have to speak with disgruntled customers and just ignore their emails.

Thanks for the feedback Brian. I neither recommend Northern Gunleather, nor warn people away. I’ve not done business with them and merely list them here as an option for anyone who still has an R51. Best of luck on working out your problems with the company.

Hi I’m looking for a leather holster outside the waste band for a Remington R51 with a crimson laser sight, thank you.

I’m looking for an outside the waste band leather holster for a Remington R51 with a crimson laser sight on it

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