Remington RM380 Holster List

If you own the Remington RM380 and find yourself needing a holster to carry it in, you’ve landed at the right spot. I’ve put together a list of holsters for the little pistol, and I’m adding to it all the time.

Currently, there are relatively few rigs being made for it. But few does not mean none. So, peruse the list and let me know what I’m missing. I will happily add other companies and rigs to this RM380 holster list.

At this time, many of the holsters are those that are made in such a way as to not need specific molding to retain the gun. As time goes on, more specific holsters will be introduced and added to this list.

Alpha Medical

Belly Band Handgun Holster

Unlike the other companies on this list, the Alpha Medial Belly Band holster is made by a medical supply company. Approaching the problem of discreetly carrying a concealed pistol with a background in materials and methods of providing comfortable body support might give the company a distinct advantage in producing a superior product.

The Belly Band Handgun Holster is set up in a cross draw configuration and includes loops for additional magazines. Reviews on the company’s website and on Amazon seem good.


At this time, Blackhawk offers a number of synthetic holster options for the Remington pistol. One of these is the Inside-the-Pants holster. This rig is made of a soft and flexible nylon and uses a plastic clip to attach the rig to a belt. It is a simple system and should work fine for many people. My only concern would be retention of the firearm during strenuous activity.

Blackhawk also offers a very popular Inside-the-Pocket holster. These pouches allow you to carry a RM380 in a front pants pocket while preventing debris from getting into the trigger guard. It also helps keep the pistol aligned in the correct direction so that it is always ready for a draw.

Can Can Concealment

Can Can Sport Belt

Can Can Concealment has a number of carry options for women carrying a RM380 pistol. Among them are the Hip Hugger Classic and the Thigh Holster. See more of their options here.

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed announced the company will offer a full line of rigs for the RM380 including the MiniTuck, Appendix Carry, MicroClip, SnapSlide and more. Check out their products here.


DeSantis is now offering seven different holsters for the Remington pistol. These are the:

  • Apache Ankle Rig – the “medium frame, semi-suto” one is the size you want
  • Sof-Tuck – a tuckable, leather rig
  • Pro-Stealth – this is an IWB made of nylon and has a spare mag pouch
  • Tuck-This II – similar to the Pro-Stealth, but tuckable
  • Insider – inexpensive leather IWB rig
  • Nemesis – the fit for the RM380 is the same holster model as the Diamondback DB9 pistol
  • Super Fly – this is similar to the Nemesis, but with additional material to cover the gun’s outline

Executive Duty

Deep Cover Holster

The Deep Cover Holster is an advanced belly band that has a support strap to help bear the weight of the gun. This will help prevent it from sliding down and causing an embarrassing situation. The gun is kept under the arm and is set up for cross draw. The reviews of it on Amazon look pretty good.


Recluse RM380 Holster

Recluse is now building five different pocket holsters for the RM380. Pocket holsters range from the simple to versions specially designed for a cargo pocket. Additionally, the company is making a single magazine pouch for the little handgun.



Remora builds a variety of inexpensive holster options that should fit the RM380 pistol. One of the most popular Remora rigs is the company’s “no clip” inside-the-waistband pouches. These holsters have a rubberized exterior that grabs the clothing to hold the gun in place.

Although I am a little leery about such a set-up, I know a number of readers have said good things about these holsters. If you like this style, you may also want to take a look at the Sticky Holsters options below.



SmartCarry holsters are concealment pouches that strap around the waist and hang the RM380 pistol below the belt in the area above the genitalia. For some people, this location is an excellent place to conceal even large handguns. The SmartCarry company offers a number of options on these holsters including a range of colors.

The company owner and holster designer talks about the SmartCarry rigs:

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete offers a variety of belt pouches that cleverly conceal a pistol inside. The pouches resemble a very nice, oversized cell phone or PDA case and are finished in a soft leather. In my experience, they work extremely well.

Sticky Holsters

Sticky Holsters

The rigs from Sticky Holsters are very flexible and allow for carry in a pocket or IWB style. A tacky material is used on the outside of these pouches that allows it to ride inside a waistband without the need for straps or clips. I’ve not used one before, but I have been told they work quite well.

There are several different sizes, but the MD-1 appears to be the right fit for the RM380. According to Sticky Holsters, these will work for small semi-auto pistols with barrel lengths up to 3.3″.


This company has been around for decades, and I still laugh like a 7th grader every time I hear the name. Thunderwear is a pouch that hides a gun in the crotch area similar to the SmartCarry product above.

One of its major advantages is not being dependent on having a sturdy belt or clothes. This will securely hold the RM380 under gym shorts, a kilt or anything else.

Uncle Mike’s

Possibly one of the largest selections of holsters for the Remington RM380 comes to us from Uncle Mike’s. Uncle Mike’s has a long history of making synthetic carry rigs at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at some of the models available for this gun currently.

Uncle Mikes IWB

First up is an inside-the-waistband rig that is soft an flexible. It is does not have a reinforced opening to allow for easy, one-handed holstering of a pistol. It is, however, inexpensive. Uncle Mike’s makes these in both right- and left-handed versions. A plastic clip holds it to the belt.

The next option is a pocket holster. This holster is nearly identical to the Blackhawk model above. Long story short: Blackhawk bought the factory after Uncle Mike’s moved manufacturing overseas. So, Blackhawk inherited all of the old molds and even the labor force. This rig should work as good as the Blackhawk version.

A lot of people like to carry a gun in an ankle rig. I carried a S&W 642 (and later a Glock 27) in an Uncle Mike’s ankle rig for many years as a street cop. It wasn’t fancy, but it got the job done. I liked it on top of my duty book. On top of a sock only, however, I didn’t think it was as comfortable as other options.

Speaking of police work, if you plan on carrying the RM380 as a back up gun, another option is to carry the gun on your body armor. Uncle Mike’s makes a very inexpensive nylon rig that attaches to your vest and securely holds your BUG. I used one of these for years to carry a back up to my other back up.

fanny pack for RM380

If you like the idea of rocking it 80’s style, you can grab a fanny pack from Uncle Mike’s. A lot of people make fun of this option, but I think it is a valid way of carrying when you don’t have pockets or a strong waistband.


Another option for ankle carry is the rig from UTG. These rigs are designed to fit all compact and subcompact pistols. I’ve not used on before, but they appear to be similar in design to the Uncle Mike’s rig above. At the time of this writing they are less than $15.

Versa Carry

Versa Carry offers an interesting product that breaks the conventional ideas of what a holster is. Although more refined, these rigs are essentially large S-hooks. One end loops over the belt while the other is inserted into the barrel. The gun is held in place solely by the portion of the rig that slides into the barrel and is carried IWB.

As I mentioned, these are more refined than a plain S-hook. For example, the portion that slides into the gun barrel is polymer and is designed to not damage the barrel or muzzle.

About the RM380

Remington RM380 pistol

The RM380 is Remington’s venture into the world of subcompact pistols. This market has been exploited by virtually every other firearms manufacturer, so when the pistols were announced, Remington was stepping into waters already teeming with competition.

With a metal frame and a hammer-fired mechanism, Remington continues the trend away from the popular polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns that have dominated the shooting market in recent decades. Even with a metal frame, the company managed to keep the weight and price low (12.2 ounces and $417 respectively.)

However, the shooting public met the introduction with skepticism. At the time of the introduction, Remington still had not repaired the R51 pistols it had recalled after its introduction the previous year. With other recalls also underway, many shooters were simply not willing to take a chance on another Remington firearm with no proved track record.

RM380 Specifications

Caliber380 ACP
Magazine Capacity6
Weight12.2 oz
Barrel Length2.9″
Overall Length5.27″
Actiondouble-action, hammer fired

If you know of any holsters being made for the RM380, please leave a note below in the comments section.

Additionally, if you own one of these Remington pistols and have some experience with any of these holsters, please share that with the readers in the comments section. It is my hope that people can share their information with other shooters so that we can all benefit from what you’ve found works or doesn’t.

Last Update: October 9, 2022

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What Fobus holster do you use for the RM380. I’d like to use a fobus ankle holster but I’m not sure which model to get.

I have carried my RM380 in a Sneaky Pete ballistic nylon holster, every day for almost 2 years. I am a salesman on the road making sales calls. Only once has anyone recognized it as a holster and he knew what a Sneaky Pete was and was a handgun enthusiast himself. I feel naked when I don’t have it on. Works great. If you go on Sneaky Pete’s site, look at Rohrbaugh. The RM380 is listed there.

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