Uncle Mike’s Kydex Holster Review

Uncle Mike's kydex paddle holster for Sig P226Several months ago, I purchased a kydex paddle holster from Uncle Mike’s for my Sig Sauer P226.

The Uncle Mike’s holster is an open top, but models with a thumb break strap can be purchased as well.  I found that the holster held the Sig very securely, but was not so tight as to prevent a smooth draw.  There are two screws on the front of the holster that you can use to adjust the tension of the holster, but I found the tension to be “just right” as it was, so I did not adjust them at all.

Uncle Mike's kydex paddle holster for Sig P226The Uncle Mike’s holster rides fairly high as it ships, but it is adjustable.  By adjusting the screws on the back of the holster, you can drop holster down and cant it forward or backward depending on your preferences.  With the P226, the high ride did not feel right.  Once I dropped the holster down about an inch, I found I liked it much better.

These kydex holsters can be had as a paddle holster or with belt loops.  The review model was a paddle holster.  The paddle part of the holster had generous vent holes, to allow airflow under the paddle section while you are wearing it.  I found the paddle comfortable to wear, but I don’t know if the air holes had a significant impact on the comfort level.

The finish on the Uncle Mike’s holster was a low gloss, textured black finish, typical of kydex holsters.  It was very durable and the exterior did not show any wear after several weeks of use.

Overall, I liked the holster.  I prefer leather holsters, but recognize the many benefits of kydex.  Frankly, you would be hard pressed to find a similar quality holster for anywhere near the price of these Uncle Mike’s.

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