YetiTac Holster Review

Shooters have never had more choices in concealment holsters than they do right now. The internet enables small businesses and solopreneurs to reach a worldwide market, and holster shops have brought their unique ideas to customers who otherwise would never have had the opportunity to benefit from them.

YetiTac is a family owned businesses I would have never found in the pre-internet world. Yet, I discovered the company in mere seconds while searching Google for companies to feature in my Glock 43 holster list.

When Streamlight said they were sending me a TLR-6 for review, I reached out to YetiTac to see if the company would like to submit a holster to review for the Glock 43 with an attached Streamlight. YetiTac agreed, and sent me two holsters: the FireSide and the Quick Claw.


YetiTac FireSide IWB Holster

The FireSide is an inside-the-waistband holster specifically designed for pistols that have a mounted weapon light. Made of 0.080″ Kydex, these durable rigs have adjustable retention and a variety of options to personalize them.

Overall, I found the FireSide was very well built with good attention to detail. Kydex edges were rounded and the form fit the Glock 43 with TLR-6 perfectly as it arrived. I could have adjusted the retention by turning the screws on one side of the holster. However, there was no need.

Retention Screws

The gun held securely in the holster and would not shake out with moderate force. Drawing was easy and I got a satisfying click when reholstering the pistol. Carrying in the appendix position and behind the strong hip was comfortable, and the weapon was easily accessible.

Incognito Clip

What sets the FireSide apart from other rigs – and the thing that helps make it an exceptionally good holster – is the Incognito belt clip. The design of the clip gently, but firmly, pushes the butt of the gun into the body.

Icognito Clip

When carrying IWB, the butt of the pistol is the part of the gun that most often pokes out or prints. By tucking that in tighter to the body, the opportunity to print is greatly reduced.

I found that the Incognito clip worked as advertised, and better than I had hoped. I’ve become a bit jaded to all of the claims made by holster and accessory makers in the gun industries. Having something work this well, exceeding my expectations, was a real treat.

I highly recommend the FireSide holster with the Incognito clip if you need an IWB holster that can accommodate a pistol with a mounted light.

Quick Claw

Quick Claw Holster Review

The Quick Claw is an outside-the-waistband holster designed for putting on and taking off without the need to undo your belt. Consider it an alternative to the paddle holster.

The holster has two (roughly) U-shaped plastic parts, called speed clips, attached to the inside portion of the Kydex shell. These parts slip over the belt and secure with teeth that hook under the belt.

Yeti Tac Speed Clips

The speed clips went on and off the belt with no problems, and secured the holster fairly well. I do strongly caution readers to have the properly sized belt for the size clips you use. The rig will not feel secure with an undersized belt. Also, make sure you are using a good quality, sturdy belt. These two things will help ensure you have a stable pistol.

This video shows the holster and speed clips:

Like the FireSide, this holster was also well built. The edges were all rounded off and nothing poked me while carrying. This rig has a full sweat shield that kept the gun from making direct contact with the body. A low cut sweat shield is available if you prefer that style.

Drawing from the holster was easy. As with the FireSide, a reassuring click is heard and felt when the gun is properly seated.

Even though the Quick Claw worked well, I still feel that for my own purposes, I prefer a good paddle attachment. That isn’t to say the quick Claw isn’t good because it is.

I should note that not all paddle holsters are created equal. In my experience, the Safariland paddle holsters are superior to the other choices I have tried. In addition to my own testing, I have seen Bill Rogers (a firearms instructor and the first to successfully use Kydex as a holster material) demonstrate how durable the Safariland paddles are.

If you are looking for an easy on/easy off OWB carry rig, the Quick Claw deserves your consideration – especially if you dislike paddle holsters.


YetiTac gives its customers a lot of options when selecting the holster. In addition to the right- and left-hand options, the company also allows customers to select:

  • color
  • cant (neutral or forward)
  • speed cut
  • sweat guard height
  • kind of belt attachment
  • standard or with a weaponlight

color – In addition to standard black, you can order your holster in one of 20 other colors. Also, 17 different camo patterns and six different carbon fiber finishes are available.

If that isn’t enough for you, YetiTac offers a completely custom option for you that could include logos, names or virtually anything else.

weapon lights – In addition to the TLR-6 mentioned here, YetiTac will make rigs for your gun equipped with the following lights:

  • Insight M3, M3X, M6, M6X, WX150
  • Inforce APL
  • Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-2, TLR-3, TLR-4
  • SureFire x300, x400

Warranties and Discounts

YetiTac offers a lifetime warranty on their holsters. You can take a look at their warranty here. It looks like they will fix or replace any of their gear that ever fails excepting any benchwork you’ve done to it. Don’t expect them to replace something you took a belt sander to.

The company offers a 10% discount to law enforcement and military members. Contact them prior to ordering to get the discount information.

Final Thoughts

The YetiTac rigs are good quality builds that I believe to be reasonably priced. Between the two I tested, I much preferred the FireSide. You may prefer OWB rigs, and the QuickClaw is certainly well built.

Neither holster was suitable for carrying the Glock 43 without the TLR-6 attached. So, do not buy one of these thinking it would be acceptable to use if you later decide to remove the light. But for carrying with the light attached, they were perfect fits.

Based on my experiences, both with the holsters and the people behind the name, I have no reservations in offering my recommendation of YetiTac Custom Holsters.

Last Update: October 19, 2022


I am completely transparent in all of my reviews. I want you to know what biases and influences may have unwittingly shaped this article. I do this so you can make an informed decision about what products you purchase.

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