Springfield Armory XDS Recall

Springfield XDS 9mm review

Springfield Armory issued a recall on XDS 9mm and XDS .45 ACP pistols.  The recall was issued due to a problem that:

…under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once.

Springfield Armory stressed no one has been injured by this problem and that the recall was voluntarily initiated by the company.

The recall applies to the following handguns:

  • Springfield 3.3 XD-S 9mm pistols – serial numbers between XS900000 and XS938700
  • Springfield 3.3 XD-S .45ACP pistols – serial numbers between XS500000 and XS686300.

The recall does not apply to any other Springfield Armory gun in the XD or XD(M) lines.  Click here to go to the recall website for all of the details.

It should probably be noted that nearly every gun company has issued a recall of some nature.  I have found that Springfield Armory is a good company, and I have heard that their customer service department is very friendly and efficient.  The fact that these guns are being recalled should not, in and of itself, be used as a broad brush to paint the company as a manufacturer of poor quality products.

Glock, for example, issued a recall on the recoil spring assemblies of some Gen 4 pistols.  Recently, Smith & Wesson issued a recall on certain Thompson/Center rifles.  Previously S&W issued a recall on 22A pistols.  Additionally, Ruger issued recalls on early SR9 pistols and LCP handguns.  Remington recalled the Model 597 rifles.  Late last year, Caracal issued a recall on the F and C series pistols.

Recalls are not limited to firearms.  In recent years, I have seen factory recalls on ammunition made by Remington, Winchester and Hornady.

Recalls are going to happen from time to time.  I do not believe that Springfield Armory has a long track record of design flaws, and as long as they treat their customers right, I don’t see any reason for any badmouthing of the company over this.  Of course, it’s a free country and I know some people will be very displeased by this recall.  Feel free to sound off below.

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  • http://gravatar.com/aevans9716 Aaron Evans

    Wonder if this is some kind of failure in the striker reset system.

  • GoGoMcPherson

    First M&P Shields get recalled for a trigger problem and now the Springfield XD-S! And reports that Kimber Solo jams very easily. Boo man! Compact 9s are just hitting the market in record numbers… and going back just as quick!

  • Stan

    Another reason you should buy a Glock. Everything else is just a cheap copy.

    • Stan’s a Tard

      “Everything else is a cheap copy?” WTF – You want to talk about the Gen 4 Glock recalls? Or what about all of the failures of the Gen 3 with .40 S&W ammo? How many cops have had their guns fail in the real world? There is a reason why Milwaukee PD traded their guns for M&P

      Besides, Glock refuses to make a single stack pistol.

      • john

        What do you think a Glock 36 is?

    • Gregory

      That is an it ignorant remark.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve got an XDS 9mm with no problems of any kind. I guess I’ve shot about 500 rounds so far.

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  • Gandalf

    Anyone contact Springfield Armory yet? Any word on how quickly they are able to turn these around? I’ve got an XDS 45 that I carry. I’d hate to be without it for any length of time.

    • lARRY

      I have contacted Springfield and the turnaround is 30 days. I am sending mine off today. I also have put 500 to 600 rounds through my XDS 45 with not a problems. But SAFTY comes first!!

  • Glenn

    Wow. There are a lot of recalls happening. I guess you never notice them unless it is one of your guns.

  • Ken

    I have been trying for five days to get shipping label to send my XDS’
    45 and 9mm back to Springfield. No luck. Info. from Springfield to get label from Fedex was not correct so Fedex blames Springfield for putting out bad info. Fedex in my area relly sucks while UPS is great. I will have to drive 20 plus miles one way when and IF I get labels since Springfield informs that I must use a Fedex office to send back. All in all a real cluster. Not happy. No more Springfields.

  • Ken

    Received e-mail from Springfield today (9/8/13) saying they were sorry but offered no solutions to the problem of their web site not working. They did say the repair would take 30 days to complete but no guarantees since they were very busy taking care of customers. REALLY?

    • Carl

      That doesn’t make any sense. I hope it was just a poorly written e-mail and not indicative of poor customer service by Springfield Armory. I really wanted to get one of these pistols.

  • http://gravatar.com/aevans9716 Aaron Evans

    Very disappointing! The XDs we shot at SHOT Show worked very well, and we were not even close to the first shooters. It seemed that Springfield had a winner, in both .45 and 9mm, but it seems that mass production has bitten them hard in the QC area.

  • Trace

    It could be worse – its not a Caracal…

  • Ken

    Three days ago I received this e-mail from Springfield.——

    “Thank you for your e-mails. Please reply to this e-mail with your phone number and I will be happy to help you get this taken care of” (exact words)

    Jon Yacapraro
    Dealer Assistance and Response Team
    Springfield Inc.
    Geneseo, Il. 61254

    Within min. I returned, via e-mail, my phone number and as you can probably guess by now NO PHONE CALLS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having been in industry for 43 years and envolved in a few product recalls I know what the regulations for manuf’s. are. Springfield is not living up to any of them. Their performance with this recall could end up getting the attention of the Feds.

    I have discussed this with my FFL dealer and he is willing to send guns in for me but will cost me. May be the only way.

  • Garrin

    First gun ever is a Springfield XDS 45, nice gun, lots of kick, but really sad that my first gun is a lemon, hope they fix this and fast. I will see have fast and well they fix this and then decide if Springfield will get more business from me.

  • Ken

    Well it just keeps getting worse. I finally received a phone message from Jon at 9:30 A.M. even though I asked that they call after 5P.M. He wanted more information which I e-mailed him. I then got a e-mail from a Dawn Wehunt (Recall Center Supervisor) who gave me a new password. Guess what? It didn’t work again. Called Fedex as directed on web page and a lady informed me that Fedex had a Saturday block on label printing and I should try tomorrow or Monday. SATURDAY BLOCK!!!!!!! What the hell is this????? Anyone want to buy a Springfield XLS 9mm and a 45???????? I will be glad to send them to you via Fedex!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Ken, I’m sorry to see you’re having such a hard time with your situation? For me I just so happened to go on Springfield’s website to check out the 9mm XDS and saw the recall notice. I clicked on the link, entered my info, found that my gun was recalled, they sent me an e-mail with the FedEx label, I printed it, boxed up the gun, and went to FedEx to mail it off. Total time from learning about the recall to sending it out was about 2 hours. While I’m disappointed that my only carry gun is off being updated I also appreciate the fact that they are correcting a manufacturing error. I also plan to pick up the XDS 9mm for my wife when one becomes available.

      • Ted R

        I also had my recall/ship procedure go very well. I love the XDS 45, which I carry. It is although not my only carry. I believe SA is doing a good job given the scope of the challenge.

  • Ken

    Well there may be hope yet. Dawn called again (wonder if her sisters name is Dusk) and said she was sending labels via mail. They arrived today so both pistols will be headed to Springfield as soon as I can get them to a manned office. If anyone else has trouble I would suggest e-mailing Dawn at DawnW@springfield-armory.com. Also received notice today from S&W concerning my Shield. Mine is ok so it will not go back. S&W knows how to do a recall. First they sent notices to those who registered their guns with S&W, second they send the labels and third they indicate repair will take only 5-7 business days not 30 plus as indicated by Springfield. Will let everyone know when my Springfield’s come back.

  • Tom W.

    The true test of Springfield will come in how long it takes to repair the XDs — shipped mine on September 25, 2013 — and how well the gun performs on return. There is not a single large gunmaker, including Glock, that does not need to do a better job in manufacturing.

  • Trike Rider

    Anyone get a pistol back from SA yet? I’d like to hear how long it took and if there were any problems. I haven’t sent mine back yet.

    • http://brentkauser@yahoo.com Brent

      nobody has got their guns back yet.
      SA has not completed testing the components let alone began manufacturing the components yet.

    • frank

      They have had my XDS 45 since 9/4 no word from them .

  • DirtyOldMadman

    I finally was notified yesterday about the recall of my XDS 45. From seeing the other posts it is amazing they finally got around to letting me know. They have known about this problem since Sept 1 and it only took until October 6th to inform me not to use it seems like a complete lapse of responsibility. And now I find I might be without my carry pistol for a month or more? I wonder why Shoot Straight recommended I purchase it? Do you think they are paying off the dealers to steer us unfortunates to purchase a defective product? My wife didn’t require me to go without for a month after the births of our children. Maybe if they hired her they would speed up the process. LOL but crying inside…

    • Aaron


      I’ve talked to some owners, and a few posters here have had no problems and really enjoy the pistol. When we fired it at SHOT Show it was a really nice gun to shoot. I thought it was very accurate and the recoil was much less than I imagined.

      I must agree though – Springfield has really dropped the ball on customer service. Whether it is notifying owners in the first place, or the time it is taking to return firearms or communicate at all – it is way TOO LONG!

      Don’t give up though – I really think that after the fix this will be a pistol you won’t want to leave home without.

      • DirtyOldMadman

        Thanks but that won’t be until after the new year : (

  • frank

    Just got a email from SA stating their testing is complete and will repair firearms on a first received basis starting the week of Oct 21

  • Ken

    Glad to see that SA has a plan to repair defective firearms buuuuuuuuuut today I received a letter from SA saying that in checking their warranty registration records they see that I own a XD-S in 45. Now they have had this information for more than six months and I get this notice now after gun has been returned to them. Seems like the first thing SA should have done was review their registration records and notify owners first. Now the real salt in the wound is their instructions. Call them, they will send return label!! No mention of using web site! Why this simple now??

  • Kevin Watson

    I have the XDS 45 and looked up the recall online. Was able to print out my labels and off to FedEx no problem. Great gun hope to get it back soon. I will buy another.

  • DirtyOldMadman

    Today is November 8, 2013 and I just found out from Springfield my 45 XDS won’t be worked on until after the 1st of the year. Sure wish I didn’t send it back. At least I’d still have it here instead of at their facility. Oh and they have had it a month and it took me calling them voice to find out this bit of information. They didn’t say it would be worked on on the first of the year, only that it won’t be worked on until at least then. I sure would like to know how many more repair people they put on since finding out about this problem. In my opinion you could probably count them on one hand.

  • Ken

    Greatest lies of 2013:
    * “If you like your insurance company you can keep them”
    * “If you like your doctor you can keep him”
    * “It should take approx. thirty days to repair your pistols”
    Looks like my guns wont be back until Xmas. If they make it that will be 120 days.
    Talked to a dealer at gun show this week and he sent 12 XDS pistols in and four months later he has seen one returned. He stated that he had called SA and they could not give him any additional information.

  • Ken

    Any news from you all that sent your gun (s) in B/4 Sept. 10th? I think that Frank indicated he sent his in on 9/4. Did SA live up to their statement to have guns returned by Thanksgiving or before for those who sent their gun in before Sept. 10th? If you have had yours returned it would be interesting to know how long it took and how does the reworked gun fire.

    • frank

      I sent it 9/4 and got it back about 60 days later. I don’t know if they fix it I had the gun sold before they returned it. I carry a gun for a living and could not wait that long for a repair, plus lost faith in it.

  • Ken

    Have you all seen todays update? SA now says that due to the Gov. shut down there was a delay in parts so repairs will be moved out another two weeks. SA is really a lame company. I guess thats what we get when we buy guns from a company that doesnt make anything. This latest is a bunch of BS. I know from a previous life that what SA should have done is put parts on a airplane and pay a freight forwarder to get them through customs. Maybe they did do this and this is just another excuse for their poor service.

  • Ken

    Exactly 100 days have gone by and guess what? Today at 12.45 P.M. both of my guns arrived back home!!! Have not noticed any increase in trigger pull as some have said. The 45 is for sale and the 9MM is going to the range next week. Im gone.