New Hornady .357 SIG Critical Duty Ammo

Hornady Critical Defense 357 SIG

Hornady announced the addition of the .357 SIG caliber to the company’s Critical Duty line of ammunition. The Critical Duty line of ammo is designed for law enforcement and other personal defense needs where the penetration of intermediate barriers is a requirement.  Prior to this announcement, only the 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP calibers could be found in this ammo line.

The .357 SIG load uses a 135 grain FlexLock bullet.  This is heavier than many of the .357 SIG rounds, which are typically 125 grains in weight.  The bullet weight may, in part, contribute to a relatively low muzzle velocity (for a .357 SIG) of 1225 fps.  The round produces 450 ft-lbs of energy.

The FlexLock bullet design uses a polymer filled hollowpoint, similar to the bullets used in the company’s Critical Defense and LEVERevolution lines.  The polymer helps prevent things from clogging the hollowpoint, while also producing hydrolic pressure to open the hollowpoint on impact with flesh.

A high antimony lead core provides controlled expansion and deeper penetration that softer leads.  An Interlock band is also used in the bullet’s construction to help prevent fragmentation of the bullet and to provide good barrier penetration.

Like all of the other rounds in the Critical Duty line, the .357 SIG load uses a nickel-plated case to help prevent corrosion.  As a guy who has carried guns in all kinds of weather conditions, I definitely like this feature, though I’m not sure it makes a huge difference in firearm reliability.

MSRP on a box of 20 rounds is $30.32.  Street prices will vary, but will likely be cheaper than that.  I would expect to pay about $26-28/box, but that is pure speculation.

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  1. I like the .357 sig a lot – am happy to see Hornady loading a serious load for this caliber.

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