Palmetto State Armory PS9 Dagger: $300 Glock Killer [UPDATED]

PSA Glock Compatible Pistol

At the 2020 SHOT Show, Palmetto State Armory announced a new 9mm pistol called the PS9 Dagger.

With its combination of features and price, the new gun stands to make quite a splash in the industry.

Let’s dive in with all of the details including pricing, shipping times and holster compatibility.

Now Taking Orders!

As of right now, the PS9 Dagger is now available for sale. It can be purchased by clicking here.

I’d recommend getting an order in early – the first few runs will sell out quickly.

PSA Dagger Pistol Release Date

General Information

The short story is the new PS9 Dagger is a Glock clone. I don’t mean that in a disparaging way, but instead as shorthand for a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol that takes 9mm Glock 19 magazines.

Palmetto State Armory PS9 9mm Pistol

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) will make several variations of the gun, but the basic model is the one that will ship first. It has many parts that are compatible with the Gen3 Glock pistols including the magazine and trigger group. PSA ships the PS9 with Magpul P15 magazines, but you can use your existing G17, G19 and other 9mm magazines with the gun.

Obviously, the gun differs from the Glock pistol in a number of ways. One of the things that Glock is often criticized for is the use of plastic sights. PSA elected to use metal sights on the PS9 Dagger. The metal sights use a 3-dot arrangement and are far more durable than standard polymer sights.

PSA PS9 Barrel and Slide Assembly

Additional features include:

  • forward cocking serrations on the slide
  • slide made of 416 stainless steel with lithium-infused nitride finish
  • an accessory rail for a weapon light or laser
  • stainless steel guide rod
  • a moderately aggressive texture that is not likely to damage clothing but still provides a positive grip
  • frame cut-outs at magazine well to better grab magazines should you need to strip them from the gun because of a malfunction
  • undercut trigger guard to allow a higher grip on the pistol
  • a barrel with traditional rifling (unlike the Glock, lead bullets should be ok)

Palmetto State Armory states the PS9 Dagger will be backed by a full lifetime warranty.

Palmetto State Armory PS9 internals frame lower rails








barrel length



PSA hinged

trigger pull weight

5.5 lbs


nitrided metal three dot

grip frame

glass-filled polymer


matte black




Customer demand will ultimately drive variations of the basic PS9 pistol. However, Palmetto State Armory does have a number of variations already in the works.

Future releases will offer suppressor-ready versions that include threaded barrels and suppressor-height sights. Also, there will be options for optics ready PS9 Dagger pistols.

PS9 Suppressor Height Sights

Another version the company is working on is a G17 sized slide/barrel on the PS9 frame. This would increase the sight radius for improved accuracy and goose the bullet velocities.

PSA also suggested that custom pistols might be available also.

A final variation will be the grip assembly alone. It is completely compatible with Gen3 Glock parts, so you can build a completely custom 9mm or even a .40 S&W or .357 SIG gun.

Holster Compatibility

According to a PSA rep, the guns will be compatible with some Gen3 Glock 19 holsters.

I would urge caution with any hard fit options like Kydex as small dimension differences may impact how well it fits. I would expect that leather rigs would work without much problem.

Trigger on PS9 Pistol

PS9 Dagger Pricing

Even if you aren’t impressed by the features of this gun, the price might get your attention:


Yes, that’s correct. A Glock 19 compatible pistol for less than $300. With shipping and transfer fees, I estimate the average person should be able to get one out the door for about $360-370.

Assuming that these guns run as reliably as a Glock pistol – and only time will tell us that – a $299.99 defensive pistol is a major value. The price alone will sell many of these pistols.

PS9 with threaded barrel and RMR cut price

If you want a model with a slide cut for an RMR sight with suppressor height sights and a threaded barrel, the pricing remains unbelievable:


According to PSA staff, the PS9 grip frame alone should sell for $100.

It also makes you wonder what Glock’s margins look like.

When Is the PS9 Shipping?

The PS9 Dagger is now shipping. Click this link to buy one.

What are your thoughts about the new Palmetto State Armory PS9 Dagger? I’m cautiously optimistic about them. A $300 Glock clone would be huge in the marketplace.

Special thanks to Paul Carlson of the Safety Solutions Academy for helping with the photos and additional details. Paul’s a good friend and one of the best trainers working today. You should check out his availability and try to book time with him.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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Insert the “take my money gif” here. Seriously, the Gen3 design is pretty much a debugged platform and this should be completely reliable. For less than three bills? This is a monster winner!

Yep, I’ll take one…
1)Glock-style upper/slide
2)M&P looking trigger
3)Sig-style grip frame with sandpaper texturing.
I like all of these things (lol) AND w/ a steel guide rod assembly and a great price!

Get ready folks…

Looks like an excellent weapon at an unbelievable price! One step closer to all people being armed! Huge win for middle class america.

I’ve owned 3 taurus revolvers. 2 of them suffered catastrophic failures in under 1,000 rounds

Two story sights really turn me off.. Everything else looks great..I will wait for more reviews before a thumbs up or down. A new product has to earn my trust.

I think that the high sights are only on the suppressor version. If you look at the exit point of the barrel, the one is the pic is definitely set up for a suppressor.l

That’s the only way you can use a rmr and still have co wittness aka use of both red dot and iron sights and the only way to have any sights for some one using a suppressor

The hope is that it will be Glock reliable with some upgrades to boot. I am always wary of a brand new product (think P365) when it first hits the streets. I am certainly interested, but won’t be in the forefront of buyers. The notion that police departments would switch to this is way too premature for something without a track record. Reliability has to be earned and proven over time, not coming from advertising literature.

Agreed on the waiting until all the bugs are worked out. For instance the new G44 in .22LR. Lemons and Peaches come out one after the other and it’s a Crap Shoot WHICH you’ll get.
But, Boy HOWDY if this turns out to be a better mousetrap, count me in.

I know some give PSA a bad rap because of problems from years back, but I’ve had nothing but great service from them. They always ship fast and offer the best prices in the industry. Maybe I’ll have a problem one day, but today is not that day.

I have been absolutely satisfied with my PSA rifle uppers and accessories. They are quick, reliable, and their firearms function very well. I have obtained MOA accuracy from their AR’s. This pistol is very tempting for me.

Does the PS9 Dagger come standard with the red dot optic cut slide? If that is the case, I’m definitely getting one of these new pistols!

My understanding is not the base model ( glock 19 clone ) but for $49.00- $50.00 more you get the upgrade slide cut , suppressor Height sights and Threaded barrel !!! Hope that helps??

Can’t wait for this to come out. I wonder if it takes glock mags? I looked to see but couldn’t find anything saying if it did or not. So if you know ,let me know. THX

If I’m not mistaken, I think I heard somewhere that not only Glock magazines will work but a lot of Glock gen 3 parts are compatible.
Heck PSA is even putting steel 3 dot sights on the standard model!
I can’t wait to shoot one and I wish PSA nothing but the best reviews later on once the Daggers start getting a lot of rounds ranthrough them!

I’ve always been a 1911 fan, so I never got into Glocks (though I tried). When M&P came out with thumb safety I bought into that. When Sig put one on P365 I bought into that, too.
Glock puts them on for EU customers but never here. Will this have an option for it?

Not initially. I’d be a bit surprised if they later come out with one, but I imagine PSA will if there is enough customer interest. I’d suggest shooting them an e-mail once they are released and making the request.


I bought a PSA AR and was happy to buy an AK from them. I like what they make, but I’m not happy with their QC.
That being said, I’m buying one.

Yes, I’ve been online searching for G19, gen 3. My search has just ended. I’ll be purchasing me one of these as well!

This sounds great. I always said glock should’ve made the 19x with the G17 slide and 19 frame. Interested for sure.

The 19x was made to the specs for the army’s hand gun trail. They just decided to release it to the public.

The article says it’s Gen 3 compatible, which probably means the mag release (as well as the slide lock) is right hand operation only.

Last year i bought a brownell’s slide( g19 ) with rmr cut out it is sitting in the safe, just might build something using the grip mod from psa. If not $300 is a great price for a base gun. “Hey hun i found my anniversary present.” ( 3-27 )

Everything I have heard would indicate that the upgrade parts that people like to change, i.e. all of them, are interchangeable with G19 gen 3 parts. It’s already got a stainless guide rod so most will probably leave that alone.

I got the conversion kit for the glock gen 4 TCM barrel & guide rode it is good for glock 19 1, 2 3, models also well it fit this gun? If the barrels are interchangeable then this should work. Right? Thanks Ham&egger

I’m a huge GLOCK guy and I’m very very excited to pick up this new pistol. I have a strong feeling this pistol is going to catapult this company to a whole new level. I can even see police departments going to this pistol.

I have a pretty good feeling police departments are not going to switch to this from Glock or Sig. I’m sure a lot of thought goes into picking a new weapon for a department. All this has going for it is price which is also a big factory, but it’s not going to have the track record Glock or sig has.

If it turns out to be reliable as a Glock, I could see smaller departments needing to switch or upgrade, giving it a shot. Or individual officers giving them a go when they have to provide their own. Not anytime soon, but in a few years when warranties have been tested and reliability proven. PSA has made big strides in improving QC in the last few years. If I was in charge of procurement, I would at least give them a chance.

I want one of these in either .40 S&W or .45 ACP in the worst way. I have had excellent results with everything I have purchased from Palmetto State Armory. In fact, my Colt LE6920 has been collecting dust in the safe since I finished my first PSA build.

Even if they stick to 9mm for a while, I will be a buyer. Still… I am so bored of 9mm pistols. Please, please, please make one for us old farts who still want a caliber that starts with a .4 so that I can be completely happy with the purchase.

Does that mean that Glock sights will fit on it? Say, for instance, I want to install Trijicon night sights on it?

I’ve always been a 1911 fan, so I never got into Glocks (though I tried). When M&P came out with thumb safety I bought into that. When Sig put one on P365 I bought into that, too.
Glock puts them on for EU customers but never here. Will this have an option for it?

Will it be possible to buy the RMR version without a threaded barrel?
Does the barrel completely enclose the cartridge or is it like a Glock that can go kaboom?
Reloaders want to know. 🙂


This is seriously the oldest lore on the internet. Barrels from glock are as well supported as any other pistol out there. People tinkering with striker/recoil Springs without the basic knowledge to test them appropriately before loading up and firing caused half the kabooms (firing out of battery) and the remainder were caused by double charges. I’ve shot tens of thousands of rounds of hand loaded ammo in USPSA/IDPA both major and minor power factor through gen 2, 3, and 4 glocks without a single failure and I’m in the vast majority. There is no Glock kaboom, only 11lb recoil springs on heavy slides that won’t close fully into battery when the trigger is depressed and guys who accidentally double stroke their “just as good as” lee press after watching a YouTube video of how to reload.

Very excited for this. PSA is my favorite gun manufacturer, due in large part to their mission statement; to get MSRs into widespread, common use, which is the standard set by the supreme court for the government to restrict ownership. They also stand behind their products 100%, I’ve had warranty service done on a PSA upper, and it was a simple process and I got the repaired product back within 10 days of originally contacting them.
A value priced, modestly upgraded gen3 G19 is a proven platform and is going to dominate the $250-500 MSRP defensive handgun market. The features on this make it comparable to an M&P 2.0, but for $100+ less. I, for one, will be buying one as soon as theyre in stock.

Great. Now make it in a 45 edition that fits 12 rounds in a flush mag or near flush mag. Also, is the grip 2×4 like the glock or more ergonimic like the XD(m)?

The bottom of the grip looks exactly like the IWI Masada. If this is reliable enough down the road after field testing & being on the market for a while, I’ll be picking one up for sure.

Looks like it could be a great addition to the handgun market. I will be looking for one when they come out.
Hope it goes good for PSA, I like their products.

Yes, and where the hell is it!?… why doesn’t PSA have anything on their site about it. I want details while I wait

I’m in got a Glock 19 gen 3 I will have the PS9 my dealer will Order it as soon as possible, I talked to him the other day he can’t wait either.

Looking forward to seeing your review of one. You’ve always got thorough reviews. I appreciate them!

So, the base version is available sometime in March what about the slide cut, threaded barrel version? Will it be available upon release as well or will their be a short wait period?

I’m totally in on one as soon as the threaded barrel, with suppressor height sights and an rmr cutout are available. I’d pay an extra $100 for those features stock from a manufacturer.

Suppressor height sights – the tall ones you reference – are intentionally designed so you can use them while having a sound suppressor attached. Additionally, they can be used to co-witness through a red dot optic. I hope that helps.


Does anyone have the link to where I can actually buy this. I went to their site and cant find it anywhere. Thanks.

Hi Russell,

PSA is not yet taking orders on these. According to the company, the guns are good to go. However, due to the pandemic, parts for the pistols have been slow in coming. So, the company pushed the release back to May.

If you go to the top of this page, you should see a green box. As soon as the company lets me know they are available, I will post a direct link there for you.

I hope this helps.


I have a Glock 19 gen4 and a Glock 23 gen3 and I love em both. I’m hoping things go so well with production and sales for PSA that they come out with something similar to Glock 43X, or how would I be able to build one without over spending to a point that I should have just gone ahead and bought the 43X that I’m wanting for CC ?
Any thoughts or ideas?
No matter what I’d like to buy one of these and test it out for myself.

I will definitely be picking one of these up as soon as they start shipping! And please, PLEASE make one of these in 10mm!!!!

unlikely for any new guns, since they need to posses technology that doesn’t exist yet nor works for its intended purpose like microstamping. paying millions for experimental technology that can easily be bypassed makes exactly zero sense from the business standpoint

What is the grip angle like? Same as glock or more steep like a 1911? I do not like the regular glock grip angle as the front sight post is so high when I have my natural hold. I have to Force my wrist over to get the sights to line up.

As of 4-16-2020, I don’t see it on the site even though my local store says they ordered 500 units.

I have a few people that are interested in buying a PS9 Dagger. I would like to find out when I may place an order for 3 pistols. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Chris,

It’s my understanding that they would like to. The first step is to get these into the market, which the pandemic slowed down. Once they are up and running then new models will become a priority.


Gd, those sights are ugly AF. No wonder glock makes them out of plastic, they belong right in the trash.

The ugly sights are the ones to be used on a suppressed model so are a necessary ugliness. If someone wants to shoot suppressed I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Could we PLEASE get some kind of update on where these pistols are at with release date??! I now have 5 people that want one and they ask me everyday when they are coming out, so a little info would be great, thanks.

Hi Jared,

I’m guessing PSA wants to ship them as much as you do. The biggest hurdle right now is the catastrophic hit on the supply chains and other areas of the economy that we are starting to see. My guess would be a few weeks after things loosen up around the country so they can get raw materials and parts coming in.

It is my understanding that the testing and engineering work is complete. It’s just the shutdown of the economy that gummed up the works.


Wow! Amazing enthusiasm for a gun that not a single round has been fired from. If this gun is as good as all the jib jab, it might take a while to get one.

PSA should continue to one up Glock and offer a striker control device for safer re-holstering. Easier take down would be nice too.

I suspect this will become the gun that never will be. IF we see it by the end of the year I will be surprised…

If only I could get a non-railed frame. Almost every pistol out now has a rail, and it makes me livid.

Will PSA be releasing this before or after the MP5 and AK 74 they claim came before it? More vaporware from PSA unfortunately. Had high hopes with the 1911 but that dissapeared, even if they bring it to market 5 years from now will they do the same as the 1911?

I’m not ready to call the PS9 vaporware. The near-complete economic shutdown due to the pandemic response impacted the company’s ability to deliver these in April. That’s not a unique problem currently.


My main issue is that horrid M&P shield style trigger. I’ve fired a ton of striker fired pistols and that ranks up with the SCCY as the worst trigger of the group. So basically I’m going to have to drop a completely new trigger in it for it to be usable for me as a carry pistol. Before you start talking Price you can get a Canik TP9SF for about the same price that has the best out of the box trigger on the market for under 800 dollars. You have to start shooting shadows (hammer fired) and other high end pistols to get that good of a trigger. So it can be done. Why did they decide to use that design will confound me for some time. Was it because of IP lawsuits?

HELP! I’m Trying to buy myself a 9mm handgun. My girlfriend just bought a Kimber micro 9mm and can barely pull the slide!!! I’m overwhelmed by the lack choices and can’t seem to find a place to buy “Sold Out” on everything! I don’t want to buy something just because it’s the only thing left in the case!

Hi Jennifer,

Sadly, there are problems with keeping guns in stock right now due to the disruptions to the supply chain from the pandemic and the organized violence in many cities around the world. So, yes – your choices are limited.

In general, smaller guns are more difficult to operate. The Kimber Micro is one example. Small guns also produce more recoil.

In general, I recommend medium to larger handguns for people – especially if they are relatively new to shooting. Some good examples include the Glock 19, SIG SAUER P320, Walther PPQ, and Smith & Wesson M&P. There are other quality choices as well.

One of the easiest 9mm guns to manipulate is the Smith & Wesson M&P9 EZ. It was specifically designed to be an easy shooting gun. It is large enough to get a full grip, mitigate recoil and use sights large enough to see well. Yet, it is still compact enough for concealed carry if that is important to you.

The slide on the EZ line of pistols is designed to work with a reduced amount of force. In other words, it is easy to pull back. Also, the magazines are much easier to load than many alternatives.

I reviewed a .380 ACP version of this gun here. That version has a few nice upgrades that aren’t on the standard pistols, but it should give you an idea of what the gun is like.

As far as buying one, you might have to be patient due to the surge in demand for all firearms. The local gun shops I’ve spoke to say that they are unable to use normal ordering processes. In other words – they get whatever they can find with no real ability to order specifics right now.

I’d suggest checking with Palmetto State Armory. Even if it is not in stock right now, you can click the “notify me” button and they will email you once the gun you want comes in stock.

If you like the 9mm EZ, they do carry it here. It is out of stock at this precise moment but might be in stock shortly. You can upgrade to the same gun with a removable laser sight that is in stock right now. It costs a little more, and you may not like the laser. But it is available.

If you don’t have a lot of formal training with firearms, I encourage you to also seek that out. The state required concealed carry classes are not enough. There are a lot of good instructors out there. Depending on where you live, I may be able to recommend one if you like.

I hope this helps!


When I acquire one I’ll change out the split hinged trigger for an oem Glock or perhaps an Apex. Nothing more to do, though others might have their own recommendations and ‘remedies’ to “objections”. And remember to vote against infringement of 2nd Amendment gun rights if we want these and everything else since 1899, the ruling class mean what they say and will do it all if we let them.

How about a Pre-Pay?
I’d gladly pay Retail for a few now even if I have to wait a few months to take possession.(Christmas presents for the whole family – and I as well).
Your first run is going to sell out in less than 10 minutes as it stands if not faster.

I wish they would accept a pre-order, but I can appreciate them holding off until they get final ATF approval. They have no control over when the agency will respond and probably don’t want to hold people’s money in the meantime.

But yeah – the first run will sell out very quickly.


When can we can these come to market? I myself am waiting for this new pistol the PS9 is what I want but I don’t know how much longer I can wait.. Any idea when we will be able to buy one?

Getting a little crazy…. honestly starting to think the hype will be gone .. if they keep this up and people will be on to the next gen 6 Glock 10mm

I’m with you. I’ve wanted to buy one since if first saw them at Shot Show. I love to support good American Companies.
I hope the PS9 is released soon.

Seriously been waiting for this to come out but may be getting a Canik tp9sf elite instead. But would like to support U.S. companies so hurry up guys…..

how in the hell is shipping an issue when were inside the U.S. shipping U.S. products? How come I can achieve to purchase something on Wish and receive it but have to wait and wait and wait because of delays from this pistol. I was honestly sold on this and all of my friends and I were driving up to the store here near Parris Island but its such a pain now that we all bought glocks and S&W. You would think in the most important time to own a gun you guys would have rushed this like crazy but it honestly seems like the build was rushed and annouced way to early getting hopes up probably for a quarter stock price. I’m honestly disappointed and can say I’ve witnessed so many buyers you guys could of had go to something else its really unfortunate but all I can say is do better next time and hold your tongues If your not ready.

Not a Glock fan boy, but I will definitely get this one. For the price c’mon what a deal!!! Don’t get me wrong love my Canik TP9 SC Elite. But I think they will give Glock sum competition, especially at that price point!!!

Lots of good comments in here. I’m very worried that these may never come out. Between supply chain issues due to the pandemic,and the current political climate, things are feeling shakey on the Dagger. I’m also fairly disappointed at the price increases I’ve seen at PSA. I know things are in huge demand and supply is way short, so they gotta do what they gotta do.

So am I to assume we can look at this as a 2021 update, and my following edit would be more prevalent?

February 25 2021 Update: PSA has completed much of the new NEW torture testing of the new NEWER & NEWEST UPDATED, BATF DOUBLE APPROVED pistol. The company states the gun will enter production in the next few weeks MAYBE EARLY/LATE 2021 and will be available for sale shortly after that ‘ISH.
So, we may see these by the end of March 2021 after all, MAYBE.


Hi Robert,

PSA may introduce a .40 version later, but initially, it will be in 9mm. It will run +P ammo. I doubt the company will state +P+ is ok because there is no industry spec for +P+ pressures.


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