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Looking for a holster for your Glock 42 pistol?  We’re putting together an in-depth resource for finding the perfect match for your needs.  Below are a variety of Glock 42 holsters that are available or that have been announced.  As more scabbards become available, we will add them here.  Since the pistol is still relatively new to the market, there are not a lot of them out there.  This will change, and we will list them as the new holsters are announced.


Bianchi is now making a variety of concealment holsters for the Glock 42 pistol.  The models include:

  • 6D ATB Waistband Holster (leather)
  • 100 Professional Waistband Holster (leather)
  • 100T Professional Tuckable Holster (leather)
  • 105 Minimalist Belt Slide Holster (leather)
  • 4750 Ranger Triad Ankle Holster (synthetic)
  • 7000 Sporting Holster (synthetic)

The holsters range in price from $29.75 – $64.00 depending on the model.  The leather models are available in black or tan, while the nylon models are black only.

Blade Tech Holsters Glock 42


Blade-Tech has several new synthetic holsters for the Glock 42 in the design phase.  The Ambi-Eclipse is the first to make it into production.  The Ambi-Eclipse uses plastic and injection molding to create a convertible holster.  This Glock 42 holster can be carried like a belt slide holster in an outside-the-waistband (OWB) style.  The holster can also be converted to an inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry by swapping out the hardware to a single clip.


Glock 42 HolsterFor the Glock 42, Comp-Tac has introduced three holsters that will fit the new gun:  the International, the Infidel and the CTAC (Concealable Tuckable Adjustable Cant).  All three guns are Kydex or hybrid leather/Kydex holsters.

Cook’s Holsters

Cook’s Holsters is now shipping a an IWB Kydex holster for the .308 Glock pistols.  The holsters are available in left- and right-handed models.  Additionally, the holsters have an adjustable cant feature that allows the owner to better fit the scabbard to his preferences.  Cook’s Holsters carry a lifetime warranty against defects and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

CrossBreed Holsters

The entire line of CrossBreed Holsters are now available for the Glock 42.  This includes the company’s top MiniTuck and SuperTuck holsters which have made them famous.

DeSantis Gunhide

One of the largest selections of holsters for the G42 comes from DeSantis Gunhide.  DeSantis is offering a variety of ankle, belt, IWB and pocket holsters for the .380 Glock.

The Apache Ankle Rig is the company’s ankle holster.  It uses a wide elastic band to fit the gun to the leg and a nylon strap to retain the gun in place.  I prefer the Galco Ankle Glove to this holster, but at $55, it is not a bad deal.

The DeSantis Mini Scabbard is an open top, OWB leather holster for the Glock 42.  It is available in both black and tan.  It retails for $60.

There are five different IWB holsters from DeSantis that will fit the 42.  They are the ProStealth, Sof-Tuck, Tuck-This II, Pocket-Tuk and The Insider.  Each offers a variety of price points and features.

The only DeSantis holster that I recommend without reservation is The Nemesis pocket holster.  It is a synthetic holster that keeps the gun securely in a pocket.  The company is offering three pocket holsters for the Glock 42 including The Nemesis.  I think the G42 will be too large to carry in the pocket for most people, but if you want to try, I’d suggest giving The Nemesis a shot.  (Note:  I reviewed The Nemesis here: )

Galco Gunleather

One of the larger names in mass produced holsters is Galco Gunleather.  As one might expect, there are a variety of scabbard options from Galco for the Glock 42.  They include:

  • Pocket Protector – a leather pocket holster
  • Stown-N-Go – an inside-the-waistband holster
  • Walkabout – another IWB holster for the G42; has an integrated mag carrier
  • Classic Lite Shoulder System – a shoulder rig
  • Ankle Safe – all synthetic ankle holster
  • purses – Galco offers a number of stylish purses that are designed to carry a pistol
  • Defense Planner, Hidden Agenda, iDefense – three variations on the Day Planner-style concealment clutch
  • Escort – a waist pack (aka fanny pack)
  • Underwraps – a belly band

Jackson Leatherwork

The folks at Jackson Leatherwork are offering a traditional open top holster for the G42.  The leather holsters can be customized with a retention snap and/or a slot for an extra magazine.  The holsters can be had in right or left hand models and in black or tan.


Offering two different styles, KirchComp has jumped into the Glock 42 holster game with the KC Mod 1 and KC Mod 2.  The Mod 1 is an outside-the-waistband holster, while the Mod 2 is an inside-the-waistband holster.  Both models are made with 0.8″ Kydex.  KirchComp is also offering a Glock 42 magazine carrier.  A variety of colors an other options are available.


Take a look at the Remora 4ART for a “no clip” scabbard that can be used as an inside-the-waistband and pocket holster.  One of our readers advised that he uses this specific model and that it is a great product.  The 4ART is very affordable at only $24.95.


SHTF Gear announced the company is now making a new holster for the Glock 42.  The holster is a hybrid design that uses a leather sweat shield and Kydex molded for the model 42.  The holsters use Kevlar for stitching, which is probably one of the most durable threads that could be used in this way.

Statureman Custom Holsters

At the time of this writing, Statureman Custom Holsters is offering Glock 42 holsters as a pre-order item now shipping Glock 42 holsters.  The holsters are made of Kydex, and they are strong side, belt holsters.  It appears the holsters will be available in a wide range of colors from black to FDE to purple to various camo options.

Vedder Holsters

The crew at Vedder Holsters have a variety of models that will fit the Glock 42.  Among them are the:

  • RapidTuck
  • ComfortTuck (standard, combat cut and mini)
  • Four Way Belly Band
  • Pocket Locker
  • Quick Draw

Prices range from $24.99 to $54.99 depending on model.  The holsters are all Kydex or hybrid Kydex and leather creations, with the exception of the Four Way Belly Band.  The Belly Band appears to be made of an elastic material.

I am not familiar with the Vedder Holsters.  If any of you are, perhaps you could take the time and send me a little feedback on them.  They look well built, and I would appreciate your thoughts.

If you are aware of other holsters coming into production, please let us know.  We would like to add them so people can use this as a reference to find what works best for their needs.  You can contact here.

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  1. Rick Shorr says:

    I just received the Desantis, Nemisis for my G42. I am a big fan of this holster. Bad news. The fit was not good. Part of trigger guard stuck out and it did not fit well. It appears the holster is made for several guns. It is designed for a longer barrel & is about an inch too long. I contacted Desantis customer service to discuss poor fit. The representative reluctantly took my info. Hopefully in the future they will make this holster fit the gun better. I sent back & am on the hunt for a better fitted holster

  2. Hamp Smith says:

    Currently using an Uncle Mike’s Sidekick, size 1 and fit is perfect – still looking for a leather the truly fits the 42

  3. Rick Shorr says:

    On my quest for the perfect holster I recently purchased a Recluse TS Solo pocket holster for G42. The holster was too large, had excess leather beyond the grip and printed a big square shape taking up my whole cargo front pant pocket. Mitigating these factors the materials & workmanship were suburb. I contacted the owner who was extremely professional agreed with my concerns & stated he was going to redesign the holster & send me a replacement. I am anxiously awaiting the updated version & will report my findings.

  4. Just received my bianchi 105 minimalist holster for the g42 part number 19246. This holster was just what I was looking for but does not fit the g42 like the website reads!!! Very disappointed!!! It will be getting mail back!!!

    • That’s unfortunate. Assuming they sent the correct part number (double check that they did/did not), was it completely a bad fit, or is there something that is a little off that they can correct? I’d bet their customer service department would like the feedback so they can correct the production. (800) 366-1669

      • I called Bianchi and told them my problem about the 105 minimalist holster, they claimed they sent me the wrong one. So they did me right by shipping out the right one with a one day express, free of charge. Well, I just received the so called “right one” and the glock 42 doesn’t fit into this one either! Its the square shaped trigger guard on the glock that doesn’t fit into these round shaped trigger guard holsters they are sending me. I was pleased at how quickly Bianchi sent me a new holster but am again disappointed that it doesn’t fit!

  5. Rick Shorr says:

    I got back revised Recluse holster for G42. Note 1st generation not good fit sent back. The owner with my comments revised holster. People it rocks. Excellent quality, perfect fit, top of the line horsehide (my choice also leather available).
    The owner of this company cares about customer is proactive and the product shows. I’m 100 percent satisfied and strongly recommend this company and quality products.

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