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Crimson Trace LG-441 Lasergrips for NAA Guardian Pistols

Crimson Trace LG-441

Crimson Trace released a new model of Lasergrips, the LG-441, that fits the compact semi-auto Guardian from North American Arms. The new Lasergrips fit the .380 and .32NAA Guardian models.

The LG-441 has a front activation button that is located near the top of the front of the grip itself and is instinctively activated with the middle finger of the shooter.  When you grip the gun as if to fire, the laser aiming device automatically activates.  When you loosen your grip, the laser shuts off.  It is arguably the easiest activation method yet devised.

They have been ergonomically designed to increase comfort and control of these small firearms while shooting. There is a slight palm swell on the right side of the grip that gives you the feel that the small gun is actually bigger than it is. This feature helps to hold the gun more securely while pointing and firing.

“The 441 has the smallest profile of any Lasergrip to date,” said Adam Wollander, VP of Sales and Marketing. “The engineering department has truly opened up the future to miniaturization of our products to make them even more compact.”

The entire grip except for the activation area is molded from a hard polymer to decrease drag while drawing the small semi-auto from a pocket or holster. As with all other Lasergrips, the LG-441 has both windage and elevation adjustments for shooters to make sighting adjustments on their own. All Lasergrips come with an accessory pack that contains batteries, hex wrenches for user adjustability, a cleaning cloth and several cleaning swabs. A three-year warranty is standard.

MSRP on this model is $279.00.

By Richard Johnson

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