Smith & Wesson Model 57 Classic in .41 Magnum

Smith and Wesson model 57 classic

The Smith & Wesson Model 57 Classic is a modern version of the original 57 that was introduced in 1964.  The Classic Model 57 was introduced by S&W at the 2009 SHOT Show.  Since that 2009 re-introduction, the available variations have narrowed on this classic wheelgun to one.

Introduction of  a Classic

The original Model 57 was discontinued in 1993.  There was a limited run of Model 57 revolvers in 2005 called Mountain Gun with a 4″ barrel, but they did not return in 2006.

At the 2009 SHOT Show, Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 57 Classic.  The Classic 57 was offered in four variations: 4″ and 6″ in bright blue and 4″ and 6″ in bright nickel.  All four variations featured color case hardened triggers and hammer spurs.  All of the variations were made of fine carbon steel and held six rounds.

In addition to the beautiful metal colors, the revolvers featured the classic Smith & Wesson styling of the checkered square-butt walnut grips.

Sights were handled in the classic style as well: a pinned red ramp front sight and a micro-adjustable, white outline rear sight.

When I saw them at the SHOT Show, I said this:

I really love the styling of the classic S&W revolvers and these look great.  The only thing I absolutely dislike about them: the internal safety lock.   If Smith and Wesson would make these WITHOUT the lock, I would order a 4″ blue model 57 as soon as my dealer opened shop tomorrow!

Many S&W fans had similar sentiments about the internal locks on the Model 57 Classic and other revolvers that the company was making.

At the time of introduction, the MSRP ranged from $1067 to 1130 depending on finish and barrel length.

Smith & Wesson model 57

Last Revolver Standing

At the time of this update, there is only one variation of the Model 57 Classic left in the company’s catalog.  It has a 6″ barrel and a bright blue finish.  The nickel finished revolvers are no longer available, nor is the 4″ blued.  MSRP is $979, which is actually less than when the guns were introduced in 2009.

Smith & Wesson Model 57 Classic

caliber.41 Magnum
capacitysix rounds
barrel length6"
overall length11.5"
front sightpinned, red ramp
rear sightmicro adjustable, white outline
stockscheckered walnut, square butt
finishbright blue

Original Sales Sheets

Smith & Wesson Model 57 Classic – 4"

Smith & Wesson Model 57 Classic – 6"

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