High Noon Holsters for Taurus 709 Slim and Sig Sauer P238

High Noon Holsters Tailgunner
High Noon Holsters Tailgunner

I’ve recently had multiple e-mails asking who is making holsters for the Taurus 709 (aka the Slim) and the Sig Sauer P238.  Based on how well both of these guns have been selling, I imagine their is a great deal of demand for quality holsters for these firearms.

If you are in the market for a holster for the 709 or P238, you should check out High Noon Holsters.  Based in Tarpon Springs, FL, High Noon Holsters makes a variety of high-quality holsters in many different styles, including models for the Taurus Slim and Sig P238.

Holsters for the Taurus 709 can be had in belt holsters, paddle holsters, and IWBs.  For a good inside-the-waistband holster, check out the Tailgunner model.  The Tailgunner is a leather IWB holster that is stitched and uses natural materials.  It also has snaps for attaching to the belt you use to hold up your pants.

High Noon Holsters Slide Guard
High Noon Holsters Slide Guard

Holsters for the Sig P238 are available in belt and pocket styles.  For the belt slide type holster, I like their Slide Guard, as it is an open top holster with a protective strip of leather to protect the wearer from uncomfortable slide chaffing.  However, the P238 is small enough to ride in a pocket, meaning the Pocket Grabber might be of more interest to you.

High Noon Holsters is not the only company making holsters for the 709 and 238, but they are a quality company and deserve a look if you are in need of a good quality holster.  Make sure you give them a good look and call them if you have any questions.

Click here for the SIG P238 information page.  This page will give you an in-depth understanding and history of the SIG Sauer P238 handgun.  You will be hard-pressed to find more information than what we have put together there for you.

By Richard Johnson

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Be careful looking at small, used holsters for your P-238, I found a nice one but it allows the mag release button to be pushed, thus loosing a loaded magazine. Get one made for your P-238!

I have the High Noon Split Decision holster for the Taurus Slim and I love it! It allows me to conceal the gun very well. It is a tuckable model too so I can tuck my shirt in when I need to. I would recommend it to anyone with the Slim.

I’ve ordered two holsters in the past from High Noon (G-19 and Sig 229) and am extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship. Based on that experience I’m ordering one for my Sig 238.

I’ve owned several holsters. High noon is by far the best! You can feel and see the high quality material and excellent workmanship..In the process now of ordering another high noon for my 709 slim 9mm Taurus..

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