Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm

The Sphinx SDP Compact pistol was on display at the KRISS/Sphinx booth at the 2012 SHOT Show.  The SDP is a 9mm pistol that is made in Switzerland.

The SDP Compact uses a traditional double-action/single-action system.  The DA trigger pull is rated at 8.16 pounds, while the SA pull is around 3.3 pounds.

Sphinx SDP

The frame is a little more non-traditional, as it has two halves:  an upper aluminum and a lower polymer.  The upper portion of the frame is hard-anodized aluminum, with full-length guides rails machined into the metal.  The rails use Teflon inserts to help reduce wear.

The lower portion of the SDP Compact is made from a special formula of plastic.  It has three interchangeable grip sizes to custom fit each shooter.

The slide is machined from solid steel.  It has a low profile appearance, similar to the CZ P-07 Duty.

Sights on the SDP are from Defince, a sister company of Sphinx.  The front sight is a tritium/fiber optic combination sight, and the rear is a two-dot, red tritium.

Sphinx SDP

Magazine capacity is 15 rounds.

An MSRP is not yet determined.  Shipping is expected in late-March or early-April.

Sphinx SDP

Sphinx SDP

By Richard Johnson

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Sphinx makes the best pistols money can buy, but the high price associated with top quality always kept them from going mainstream. I wonder how low they could get the price with this more basic model.

Toss in a threaded barrel and make it reasonably priced and I MIGHT consider it over the new threaded CZ… Fail to do either of those and I’m certain to not look twice.

I like 9 mm guns period, but the fact that this is Swiss made, makes it a whole lot better. I came across it and I cannot find the price of how much it costs or if I can get one here. Here is California. Anyone know anything about these? Feel free to send me a note, I would greatly appreciate it. Or please feel free to call: 805-443-2500 Thanks. Eric

I have owned The Kriss Sphinx SDP Compact for about 3 and a half months. Pretty much since i saw one for sale i knew i would carrying it shortly with everything i had read about the firearm. They are an amazing gun, I live in Virginia beach which is where Kriss is located so i got a rather early model of the gun. Its trigger leaves nothing to the imagination. Its crisp and with a little tweaking i was able to get the SA & DA exactly where I wanted it and man it shoots like a dream. I’ve owned The Sig Sauer P226 .9mm X5 Mastershop Series Handgun & i would say with a little bit of reluctance that it stands its own against it. Also love the hammer that is a half trigger with gripping so that you can still cock it. The Grip itself also has 3 different options depending on your hand and how you like to shoot. The only thing i can say I wasn’t as big about was it’s weight & that they have still failed to bring out Night Sights stating that the govt. has not ok’d the Halo sights they showed off at the Shot Show this year but that is the nature of the beast when it comes to bringing a Swiss gun into the US. When it comes to guns like this you will love it as soon as the first round is downrange. Hope this helped those of you that might of been or are on the fence about this handgun because it’s well worth the money!! They just need to get those damn amazing Defiance Halo night sights out already lol.

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