Smith & Wesson Carbon Fiber M&P Pistols

Smith & Wesson appears to now be making M&P pistols with a carbon fiber finish.

Although the company has not made an official statement yet, it appears that four M&P pistols will feature the carbon fiber treatment: the full size 9mm and .40 S&W plus the compact 9mm and .40 S&W.

Here’s what we know so far…

m&p40 carbon fiber pistol

The pistols will be essentially the same as the existing M&P handguns. They will have interchangeable backstraps, use the same magazines and keep the same dimensions. The only obvious change is the replacement of the plain black polymer finish with the carbon fiber finish.

None of the guns will have the optional thumb safety that is on some M&P handguns.

compact carbon fiber pistol

Right now, the full-size 9mm pistol has been shipping, but it appears, not in large numbers. Compact versions and a full size .40 S&W pistol should be shipping soon.

All versions of the guns should carry a MSRP of $599. Street prices are likely to be much lower.

Smith & Wesson Carbon Fiber Pistol Frame

YouTube user “Rusty Shackleford” posted a short video on the new carbon fiber pistol:

The carbon fiber look isn’t for me, but the new finish tells me two things:

  1. The industry has returned to a more normal market. Manufacturers can no longer just produce one thing and have it sell. So, companies are introducing more variants of existing products to try to appeal to the buying public who is not so quick to pull out the wallet.
  2. The SHOT Show is going to have all sorts of new things to talk about. Some may be minor changes – such as a new gun finish. However, I suspect we will see a lot of new gear that really is a brand new design. Make sure you follow the SHOT Show page for all of the rumors and new gun announcements. I think it is going to be a fun ride.
Smith and Wesson M&P Carbon Fiber

M&P 9 Carbon Fiber Finish Specs

Magazine Capacity17 rounds
Barrel Length4.25″
Overall Length7.63″
Weight (unloaded)24.0 oz
Slide Materialblack finished stainless steel
Barrel Materialblack finished stainless steel

Last Update: July 1, 2022

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These are just going to end up clashing with my houndstooth jacket and gingham shirt, no thanks.

What’s next, Tiger Stripe Gold, a la a pimped-out Deagle? Sig does the same thing, but they have the decency to limit it just to the cheap-o Mosquito .22 pistol.


If these were made from carbon fiber I might be interested. Assuming it could hold up to the forces of firing.

I can see these going dirt cheap at a place like Bud’s guns or Cheaper than dirt. A good start for a Cerkoting business to get new cheap higher quality guns to do. I’ll take one redone in OD Green or better yet duo tone OD & FDE.

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