New Beretta APX Pistols for 2018

Beretta USA is expected to announce three new APX pistols at the 2018 SHOT Show in January. The new pistols are the APX RDO, APX Combat and APX Flat Dark Earth. These guns are an expansion of the line that was only recently introduced to the US commercial market. (Update: Shooters that like the APX line might want to read the 2019 SHOT Show rumors…)

Beretta APX RDO

RDO stands for “red dot optics” and likely tells you what makes this gun different from the standard APX. The slide of the APX RDO is cut to allow for the quick installation of four different optics including the Trijicon RMR.

Beretta APX FDE

Many people are moving toward adding a red dot sight on their self-defense pistols. As the APX is designed to be a combat handgun, it makes sense that the company would want to accommodate shooters adopting this trend.

It is not likely that these new models will fit most, if any, of the existing Beretta APX holsters.

Beretta APX Combat

Beretta APX Combat

One step farther than the RDO model would be the Combat model. The APX Combat is said to be a pistol with a red dot optic cut and a threaded barrel. The threaded barrel would allow for the addition of a sound suppressor.

For a home defense gun, this is ideal. The reduced muzzle blast would potentially allow you to still hear other threats, the shouts of family members and responding law enforcement officers.

Of course, a sound suppressor is also desirable for military units and law enforcement officers for many of the same reasons. I feel this is a “no-brainer” for Beretta to offer.

Beretta APX Flat Dark Earth

Beretta APX FDE New Gun 2018

Unlike a previously seen APX with a FDE colored frame, this gun is all flat dark earth. It has both a frame and slide with an FDE finish. Other bits, like the trigger and magazine release, remain black.

Additional Information

These guns will be shown at the SHOT Show, but some have already started to appear on sales sites around the country. When they begin to ship is anyone’s guess. However, I would expect that Beretta is very close to getting these out to the public now.

Also, I’m working on getting photos of the guns mentioned above. While I’ve seen what these new guns look like, I have not yet secured permission to use the photos I have seen. Once I do, I will post them for you as well.

Last Update: October 23, 2022

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