Gun Holsters For Cars

In recent years, the topic of gun control and personal safety has taken center stage in public discourse, as individuals increasingly recognize the importance of exercising their Second Amendment rights.

This shift in societal attitudes is reflected in a surge of interest in responsible firearm ownership and related accessories – among them being gun holsters for cars and trucks to provide convenient, secure transportation.

Vehicle holsters embody both ingenuity and pragmatism, allowing owners to store firearms safely within reach during travel without compromising accessibility or ease of use.

A wide array of options catering to different makes and models ensures compatibility with most vehicles on the market today. I’ll review some of my thoughts for fellow drivers with similar concerns about personal security behind the wheel.

What Is A Car Holster?

First off: what is a car holster, and why might one need such an accessory?

A car holster is a device specifically designed for the secure storage of firearms within vehicles. It provides easy access to the gun while maintaining safety protocols and adhering to legal requirements. Note that a holster alone does not mean you will be in compliance with all laws of your jurisdiction. Scroll down for additional details on legal issues.

woman driving mustang with mounted holster

This innovative contraption has garnered increasing attention among firearm owners who seek both security and convenience.

The primary purpose of a automobile holster is to provide a quick draw of a firearm in an emergency situation while ensuring that the gun is secured when not in use. These rigs come in various designs, materials, sizes, and mounting options – catering to different models of guns as well as vehicle interiors.

Some common styles include magnetic mounts, adjustable straps, under-the-seat or dashboard-mounted holsters, and even steering wheel column attachments. With this diverse range available on the market today, individuals can find a suitable option tailored to their specific needs.

Can I Legally Carry A Gun In My Car?

Let me state this up front: I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. Please contract the services of an attorney who can advise you on self-defense law and concealed carry issues. Residents of Florida may also want to take a look at Jon H. Gutmacher’s book “Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership.” It is an authoritative source of law regarding CCW and personal protection in the Sunshine State. Other states may have similar books.

holsters for carrying a gun in a car

Laws governing firearm transportation and storage vary significantly across jurisdictions, making it vital for individuals to familiarize themselves with local regulations before deciding whether to use a car holster. Also, keep in mind that while driving you may traverse through multiple jurisdictions – each with a different set of laws.

Some states necessitate permits or licenses for concealed carry, whereas others permit open or unloaded transport without such documentation. Other jurisdictions may require guns to be secured in locked containers or trunks during transit.

Navigating this complex web of legislation can prove daunting even for seasoned gun owners; however, by taking the time to research and comprehend relevant provisions, individuals can confidently exercise their Second Amendment rights while staying out of jail.

One additional note: I’m not suggesting that I like or support any of these laws. Rather, I am urging you to know the laws so you do not inadvertently break one.

Where To Mount A Car Holster

Selecting the ideal location for an auto holster mount is your first consideration. Your vehicle’s make and model will significantly influence the possible mounting locations, while individual preferences and legal guidelines will shape your final decision. The primary goal is to ensure that the firearm remains secure while also allowing quick access when necessary.

Several popular locations for mounting a holster include:

  • under the steering column,
  • between the driver’s seat and center console, 
  • door panel installations,
  • inside the center console, and 
  • custom-built compartments.

Some holsters use ratchet straps, while others use screws or permanent adhesive. One of the more interesting mounts use neodymium magnets – though these can be difficult to use since plastic is used far more than metal in modern car interiors. 

Assessing personal comfort levels and situational requirements will ultimately determine the most suitable placement for each unique circumstance. Ultimately, there are a variety of surfaces that may provide excellent locations for mounting.

Car Gun Holster Models For Purchase

I get it. You just want to know what the best car holster is. While I can suggest a variety of rigs to check out, it is impossible for me to identify the top model for your needs. You have to consider what your security and tactical needs are, and then do some shopping to find the best one for you. Fair warning, some of the links below are affiliate links that take you to companies I do business with. As a result, I may earn a small amount of money from any gear you buy.

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

The Vehicle Handgun Mount by Gum Creek Customs offers a versatile and convenient solution for responsible gun owners, designed to work with most vehicles such as cars, trucks, and SUVs. Its easy installation process requires no drilling, special tools, or permanent modifications to your vehicle, making it a non-invasive choice. The mount’s adjustable design accommodates nearly any size handgun and holster combination, ensuring a customized fit for your particular weapon.

gum creek vehicle handgun mount review

This USA-made mount is not only built from high-quality materials for long-lasting reliability, but it also provides a concealed carry option to keep your firearm hidden from view while remaining easily accessible. The durable construction ensures the mount can withstand the rigors of daily use, making it an essential accessory for those who value both safety and convenience.

To further enhance the functionality and versatility of the Vehicle Handgun Mount, Gum Creek Customs offers various optional accessories such as a steering column loop. Overall, the Vehicle Handgun Mount is a testament to Gum Creek Customs’ commitment to craftsmanship and quality, providing an easy-to-install, adaptable, and durable solution for keeping your handgun within reach while on the road.

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Highway Holster Vehicle Seat Mount

The Highway Holster Multi-Mount is an innovative and adaptable solution for firearm owners who want to ensure their handgun is always within reach while traveling. This unique mount is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, making it a versatile choice for various transportation needs. The easy-to-install design requires no permanent modifications to your vehicle, allowing for a hassle-free and non-invasive setup.

highway holster vehicle seat mount

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Highway Holster Multi-Mount is built to endure daily use and provide long-lasting reliability. Its adjustable design accommodates different handgun sizes and holster combinations, ensuring a secure and customized fit for your specific weapon. Additionally, the mount offers a concealed carry option to keep your firearm discreetly hidden from view while remaining easily accessible in case of emergencies.

highway holster close up installation

In summary, the Highway Holster Multi-Mount is a practical and versatile accessory for responsible gun owners who prioritize both safety and convenience. Its easy installation process, durable construction, and adaptable design make it an essential addition to any vehicle. With the Highway Holster Multi-Mount, you can have peace of mind knowing your firearm is secure and within reach during your journeys on the road.

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Lock’er Down Console Safe Holster

Locker Down Console Safes provide a secure and convenient solution for vehicle owners looking to protect their valuables while on the go. Designed to fit seamlessly within a wide range of vehicle models, these console safes offer an unobtrusive and space-saving storage option. The custom-fit design ensures perfect integration with your vehicle’s existing console, allowing for easy access while maintaining a discreet appearance.

lock'er down console safe

Constructed from high-quality, 12-gauge steel, Locker Down Console Safes are designed to provide exceptional security and durability. These safes feature drill-resistant locks, ensuring your belongings are well-protected against theft and unauthorized access. In addition to safeguarding your firearms, the console safes can also securely store personal items such as wallets, phones, and important documents, making them a versatile storage solution for any vehicle owner.

In summary, Locker Down Console Safes offer a reliable and inconspicuous method for protecting your valuables while traveling. The custom-fit design, robust construction, and drill-resistant locks ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure at all times. With a Locker Down Console Safe installed in your vehicle, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your possessions are well-protected, no matter where your journey takes you.

Universal Mount Vehicle Holster

The Universal Vehicle Conceal Ambidextrous Holster offers a practical and versatile solution for gun owners seeking a reliable and easily accessible firearm storage option while on the road. This holster is designed to work with a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, making it a highly adaptable choice for various transportation needs. Its universal fit ensures compatibility with most handguns, offering a secure and customized fit for your particular firearm.

universal car holster mounted

Easy to install, the Universal Vehicle Conceal Ambidextrous Holster requires no permanent modifications to your vehicle, allowing for a hassle-free and non-invasive setup. The ambidextrous design accommodates both right- and left-handed users, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all. Additionally, the holster provides a concealed carry option, keeping your firearm discreetly hidden from view while remaining readily available in case of emergencies.

universal holster with glock

In summary, the Universal Vehicle Conceal Ambidextrous Holster is a valuable accessory for responsible gun owners who prioritize safety and convenience. Its easy installation process, adaptable design, and compatibility with a wide range of vehicles make it an essential addition to any vehicle. With this holster, you can have peace of mind knowing your firearm is secure, concealed, and within reach during your journeys on the road.

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In conclusion, a car holster is a perfect accessory for anyone hunting for a reliable way to keep a defensive weapon handy during vehicle travel. A good rig will offer security when used while still easily allowing for a smooth, confident draw when needed.

Understanding local laws and regulations regarding gun transportation is crucial in order to avoid any legal issues when carrying firearms within one’s vehicle.

For instance, consider a responsible gun owner who commutes through multiple states with varying firearm regulations. This individual would benefit from researching each state’s specific laws pertaining to firearm transportation and investing in a suitable car holster that adheres to these policies.

By doing so, they can ensure both safe and lawful transport of their weapon throughout their journey.

Last Update: April 29, 2023

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