Girsan MC1911 CT Review

In today’s review of the Girsan MC1911 CT, I take a look at a classically designed .45 ACP pistol with modern updates including a red dot sight.

What might draw a lot of people in is the low price tag: only $661 at full retail.


Springfield Armory XD 9mm Subcompact Pistol Review

While single-stack 9mm pistols seem to be all the rage in modern concealed carry, subcompact pistols that hold a bit more ammunition shouldn’t be dismissed by anyone interested in personal protection.

In this Springfield Armory XD Subcompact pistol review, I take a look at the smallest gun in the company’s Defend Your Legacy Series of handguns. While thicker than the XD-S Mod.2 pistol, it is still small enough for most people to easily conceal but offers significantly more ammunition.

Self-Defense Issues

Cheap Riot Guns

Riots are raging across the United States – and have been for days. Consequently, I’ve had a number of emails come in from readers who are looking for the best self-defense pistol on a budget. Let’s not forget that the government lockdowns from the health crisis have left many people in a tough financial situation.


Wowtac A1S Flashlight Review – The Budget Torch that Couldn’t

The wait is over: I present my Wowtac A1S review for your consideration.

That may seem a little dramatic, but I get questions about the Wowtac flashlights on a fairly regular basis. The A1S was the first of the company’s flashlights I’ve purchased. Since then, I have also picked up a Wowtac A4 V2 and Wowtac A7 for review.


Fenix LD15R Review – Handy Flashlight for Utility Use

Fenix LD15R Review

Tactical flashlights may be the sexy torches on the market, but most shooters need good non-tactical flashlights for work, camping, hunting and every day life. For this reason, I’ve expanded my flashlight testing to include more “workhorse” style flashlights.

In this Fenix LD15R review, I evaluate a tiny flashlight that I found to be incredibly useful in daily life.  It is reasonably priced and performed admirably through more than 16 months of use.

I put the light through all of the same tests that I do for a tactical light. However, I view it as a general purpose flashlight – not as a tool on which your life might depend. Even so, the LD15R made a solid backup to my tactical lights.

So, let’s get right into my LD15R review.

Quick Overview

For an EDC work light, the LD15R is an amazing flashlight. It proved itself time after time in more than 16 months of use. I highly recommend them.

The flashlight can be purchased through my affiliate link to Amazon here.