Springfield SA-35 Review: Not Your Daddy’s Hi-Power

Last week, Springfield Armory announced its new SA-35 pistol. Like the company’s 1911 handguns, this iconic design is a modern riff on a highly-regarded John M. Browning design.


Taurus G3c Review: Optics Ready TORO

In an era of civil unrest, pandemics and rising crime, it is only natural that Americans look to improve their personal security. Food, water, silver and yes, even firearms, play important roles in self-sufficiency. One of the problems that many Americans face is deciding how to allocate their money for these items.


Palmetto State Armory FDE AR-15 Review

Too many Social Media Warriors like to trash brands and gun models that don’t meet a minimum price or arbitrary style.

When I started checking into the AR-15 rifles made by Palmetto State Armory (PSA), I ran into a few people who badmouthed the brand without any firsthand experience.

I decided to find the truth for myself.

In today’s article, I review the Palmetto State Armory FDE AR-15 with Magpul MOE furniture.


Gun Holsters For Cars

In recent years, the topic of gun control and personal safety has taken center stage in public discourse, as individuals increasingly recognize the importance of exercising their Second Amendment rights.

This shift in societal attitudes is reflected in a surge of interest in responsible firearm ownership and related accessories – among them being gun holsters for cars and trucks to provide convenient, secure transportation.

Optics and Sighting Systems

What is the best optic for my Glock 43x MOS

If you need an optic for your Glock 43X, I’m here to help. The Modular Optic System, or MOS, version of the G43X has a factory cut slide that accepts only micro-footprint sized optics using the RMSc-type base. Not every red dot sight (RDS) will fit.