Proper Handgun Fit

handgun fit

When selecting a pistol for self-defense, there is a lot of talk about the caliber and how many rounds it holds. One of the most important things about a gun is rarely discussed: how it fits in your hand.

Handgun fit plays a huge role in how well you will be able to shoot the gun. The better the fit, the better your starting point when training.


LaserLyte Training Pistol

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme

LaserLyte has a new training pistol:  the Trigger Tyme.  If you read the marketing materials on the training gun, it would seem to be an ideal tool, especially for Glock shooters.  But does it live up to that description?

Trigger Tyme

The LaserLyte training pistol is a blue plastic training gun that approximates the size and trigger pull of a Glock 19/23 pistol.  Unlike a Glock, the Trigger Tyme resets the trigger automatically after each pull.

The pistol does not contain a laser on its own.  The user must purchase a LaserLyte LT-PRO separately, which inserts into the end of the Trigger Tyme’s “barrel.”  While the separate purchase may be a bit of a pain for some people, the LT-PRO can still be used with normal firearms allowing for a greater degree of training flexibility.

LaserLyte LT-PRO
The LaserLyte LT-PRO inserted into the barrel of a handgun. The same training unit works with the Trigger Tyme.

The Trigger Tyme does not have a working slide and it is impossible to insert ammo into it.  So, other than a laser beam in the eye, the gun is very safe to use.  There cannot be any accidental or negligent discharges with this training gun.


Dry Fire Practice Works

Dry fire snap capsDry fire practice works.

Dry firing is a form of firearms practice, where all ammunition is removed from the gun and the shooter pulls the trigger and otherwise manipulates the firearm.  The obvious advantage is no ammunition is used, so it is cheaper than going to the range.  Plus dry firing can be done in your home, rather than at a range.

But can you improve how you shoot a firearm without shooting live ammunition through it?  Absolutely.  Let me show you how.

Safety First

Dry firing means practice with a firearm that has no ammunition.  This should be obvious, but it is a key component to both safety and the general concept of ‘dry’ firing.  So, empty your gun.  Check it twice.  Take all of the ammunition out of the room.  Check your gun again.  Stick your finger in the chamber, shine a light in there, make sure no magazines are in the gun.


Ruger Tactical Tips by Dave Spaulding

Ruger teamed up with firearm trainer Dave Spaulding to produce a series of videos called Ruger Tactical Tips.  These training videos are completely free and available on the Ruger website.  The Ruger Tactical Tips videos are several minutes in length, and will be published during the coming weeks and months.  The first video on mental preparation is already available on the Ruger site.

Dave Spaulding is a retired law enforcement officer with more than 28 years of experience in patrol, investigations, SWAT, undercover operations and training.  Spaulding takes a no-nonsense approach to firearms training, which I appreciate a great deal.

Shooting Gear Skills

LaserLyte Introduces the Laser Trainer Pro

laserlyte_trainer3LaserLyte introduced a new training laser: the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pro.  In a nutshell, this device adjusts to fit the barrels of most handguns.  Once inserted into the barrel, the device will flash a laser each time it “hears” the hammer fall.

The idea is you would use this device while dry firing to make sure that you are properly exercising the fundamentals of accurate shooting (especially trigger control) and the bullets would have gone where you thought they would have.  If the laser shines someplace different than where you were aiming, then you know something is off, and you can set about correcting your shooting.

In a time when ammo is both scarce and expensive, this little device could be valuable for anyone who practices with dry firing.  See the video below for a demonstration of how the Laser Trainer Pro works.