Ruger-57 Holsters: A Comprehensive Guide

Ruger surprised many people with the introduction of the Ruger-57. However, it looks like there are many shooters who are willing to jump in on the gun and need a quality concealed carry holster for it.

In this article, I will list all of the currently manufactured Ruger-57 holster options. I’ll also offer my experiences with the different companies and designs.

Let’s jump right in.

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holster for the Ruger-57

Alien Gear announced a fit option for the Ruger almost immediately after launch. At this time, the company offers only one fit: the Cloak Mod MOLLE holster.

The Cloak Mod MOLLE holster for the Ruger-57 is a polymer rig that is designed to connect to PALS/MOLLE webbing on your plate carrier or other gear. According to Alien Gear, this Ruger-57 holster will work with standard PALS webbing. It will also work with non-standard webbing through the use of the extended MOLLE Locks that are included with the rig.

These holsters have a MSRP of about $50.

I’ve tested Alien Gear holsters in the past (read my Cloack Tuck 2.0 Holster Review here.) In general, I found the holsters to be good, lightweight carry rigs. I would not use one in any kind of exposed capacity, however. I am hesitant to recommend this holster without testing it myself. I have concerns about how well it would hold up on the front of a MOLLE vest or riding the outside of a bag.

Hopefully, the company will offer a concealed carry holster for the Ruger-57 in the near future.


Blackhawk Omnivore for Ruger-57

Blackhawk offers an OWB holster called the Omnivore. This is a universal-style holster that is designed to work with pistols that have a mounted light. Two versions are available: one that is fitted for the SureFire X300 light and a second that is fitted for the Streamlight TLR-1 and TLR-2 weaponlights.

Reader Adam advised he purchased an Omnivore sized for the TLR-2 weapon light and it works for his Ruger-57. I would expect that the Omnivore sized for the SureFire X300 would also work.


Comp-Tac is well known in the firearms industry as a quality manufacturer of holsters and competition gear. The company offers a number of holsters for the Ruger-57. At this time, the rigs are not offered on the company’s website and are only available through Ruger.

Let’s see what they are making.

Infidel Max

Comp-Tac Infidel Max for Ruger-57

An inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster tends to be the easiest way to conceal a pistol – especially one with a long barrel like the Ruger-57 has. The Infidel Max is a Kydex design that incorporates a sweat shield to protect the body from the sharp edges of the pistol. It has an adjustable belt clip that allows you to set your preferred cant.

A benefit of this holster is the design allows for a red dot optic mounted on the pistol. At this time, the rigs have an MSRP of $60 and can be purchased here.


Comp-Tac International

This is an OWB holster that is made of Kydex. While appearing to be a simple design, it actually is very flexible as it can be adjusted for 16 different carry positions with adjustments for ride height and cant. The rig is an open top design and can fit belts of 1.5-2.0″ wide.

Although made by Comp-Tac, the holster is only available through Ruger. It has Ruger branding on it and has a list price of about $68.

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters is one of the go-to companies for both high-quality rigs and the early support of new pistols. With the Ruger-57, CrossBreed Holsters was ready to go at launch with a pair of concealed carry holsters. They are the SuperTuck IWB and the SnapSlide OWB.

SuperTuck IWB

CrossBreed SuperTuck for Ruger-57 Pistol

The SuperTuck is the famously comfortable inside-the-waistband rig that gave CrossBreed its launch into the firearms industry.

The design is a hybrid of Kydex and leather for optimum comfort while providing ample gun security. CrossBreed uses a precisely molded Kydex shell mounted to a large leather slab. At either end of the leather is a steel spring clip to anchor the rig to a gun belt. This design provides a number of benefits:

  • the leather is soft against the skin – much more comfortable than hard Kydex
  • when worn, the body presses the gun into the Kydex shell to prevent the gun from tumbling out
  • the leather/Kydex combination allows the gun to pull in close to the body improving concealment
  • belt clips at the far ends of the leather slab spread the weight of the gun across a larger area to reduce pant sag and further increase comfort
  • belt clips are adjustable to alter ride height

As the name SuperTuck suggests, you can tuck a shirt over the gun carried in this IWB holster.

SuperTuck holsters can be had in a variety of colors and are available for both right- and left-handed draws. Click here for more information on it.

I’ve tested the SuperTuck holster with other pistols and found it to be very comfortable. The guns were always held securely; I had no concerns about them falling out when worn. Compared to an all Kydex holster, the SuperTuck was significantly more comfortable to carry. Also, the clip placement really does spread the weight out.

SnapSlide OWB

Crossbreed Holster for Ruger-57 Pistol

If you need a simple but effective outside-the-waistband holster, you want to look at the SnapSlide from CrossBreed. This is a strong side carry rig that uses a combination of materials for improved comfort.

Like the SuperTuck above, the SnapSlide uses a Kydex shell that is molded specifically for the Ruger-57 pistol. That shell is fastened to a long leather slab.

The leather portion of the rig has belt slots that will accommodate gun belts up to 1.75″ wide. You can get this as a right- or left-handed draw holster and there are a number of color/leather options. Check out additional photos and information here.

I’ve tested the SnapSlide in the past. While it is not my favorite OWB holster on the market, I did like it. It worked well and was easy to wear. I would not select this for exposed carry in public, but for carrying concealed or on your own land, I think it works well.

DeSantis Gunhide

DeSantis has been in the holster business for a long time and may people really like the company’s products. From launch, DeSantis supported the Ruger-57 pistol with more holster options than anyone else.

Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid

DeSantis Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid Holster

This holster is an evolution of the company’s original Hunter holster from the 1970s. Instead of being full leather construction, DeSantis uses a hybrid design that combines a leather upper with ballistic nylon. Both sides of the leather has belt slots to make this an ambidextrous belt rig. The nylon encloses closed-cell foam to protect the firearm.

Currently, the holster is available only through Ruger, so expect to pay the full list price of $44.95.

I’ve used DeSantis holsters throughout my adult life. I’ve found many to be quality rigs. I would consider this one for outdoors or field use only and not for concealed carry purposes. In a hunting context, this rig should be a reasonable choice.

Mini Slide

The Mini Slide is an open top version of the holster below. It does not have a thumb break, so all retention is handled by the friction fit of the gun. A tension screw allows for adjustments to how tight the gun fits.

It is an all leather design that is available in only black. It isn’t the cheapest rig at $71.95, but it is a quality piece of gear. It is currently only available through Ruger.

Mini Slide, Thumb Break

DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide

If you are looking for a leather OWB holster for your Ruger-57, you may want to take a look at the Thumb Break Mini Slide. This rig is a staple in the DeSantis catalog and is often used by plainclothes police officers and armed citizens alike.

Made of dyed black leather, the belt slide holster has a generous thumb snap strap that covers the back of the pistol and ensures it says in place. It is specially cut for a red dot optic should you have one on your R-57. Currently, the holster can only be had through Ruger’s website for $74.95.

I like this holster and have used it to carry a SIG P226 when I was still a police officer. It always kept my gun secure and I had no issues with it at all. I recommend them.


Longtime leather holster maker Galco is now making a rig for the Ruger-57. Hopefully, this means that more models will be available soon.


Galco Fletch Leather OWB Holster for Ruger-57

The Fletch is an all-leather OWB holster with a thumb strap to secure the pistol in place. It is contoured for strong side hip carry and has a narrow profile for improved concealment.

Galco designed the rig to fully cover the trigger for improved safety. According to the company, the name Fletch comes from the unofficial nickname of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Triple K Holsters

If you prefer an all-leather concealment rig, take a look at the offerings from Triple K. They are currently making a pair of holster options for the Ruger-57: the Easy Out and the Lightning.

Easy Out

Triple K Holster for Ruger-57

The Easy Out is an open-top, strong side belt holster.

It is made of top-grain cowhide and will fit belts that are up to 1.75″ wide. Right now, only black dyed leather is available.

Triple K uses a tension screw (visible in the above photo) to provide the proper balance between security and ease of draw for your Ruger-57. This can be adjusted by you without any fuss.

Currently, Triple K does not sell these on its own site. Rather, the company is only selling them through Ruger’s own website. From Ruger, the holsters cost $67.95.


Triple K Lightning Holster

The Lightning is another OWB holster, but this one has a snap to secure the pistol in the rig. It has the appearance of being a good field holster as it completely covers the barrel and trigger to help protect the pistol as you move through the woods. It is cut so the gun can be carried with a red dot optic attached.

In addition to being carried on the strong side, the Lightning Ruger-57 holster can be carried crossdraw. The way the belt loop is designed, it can work with belts up to 2.25″ wide on the strong side and up to 1.75″ if worn crossdraw. The MSRP is $96.95, and it is only available on the Ruger website.

Tru-Fit Tactical

Tru-Fit Tactical OWB Holster

If you would like an affordably priced outside-the-waistband holster for the Ruger-57, Tru-Fit Tactical offers this Kydex rig.

It is available in a range of color options and is backed by a one-year replacement warranty. I’ve not tested one of these holsters, but I believe they are the best priced ones on the market right now. If you pick one up, would you leave your thoughts on it in the comments below?

Other Options

There are other options on the market that include floppy nylon rigs and other holster designs I hesitate to recommend. While the selection is still limited for quality Ruger-57 holsters, that will change. Ruger is a popular company and this new pistol is sure to take off. As sales grow so will the number of companies looking to cater to your needs.

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So I have a ruger 57 with an attached TLR-8 laser light combo. Been looking for a decent holster for it, think the black hawk will work? How much is it, and will you ship to Canada?

Being a current police officer I need a duty holster that has a good retention for being exposed.
any ideas out there?

I have a Ruger 57 with a Holosun bottom rail mounted laser. And I’m looking for a concealed carry holster if possible.

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