NEMO Omen .300 Win Mag AR

Another “New to the NRA” item that caught my eye is the .300 Win Mag AR platform rifle by NEMO. In recent months the AR-platform has seen an explosion of offerings in the .30 caliber area, especially in the hot new .300 AAC BLK cartridge. NEMO is making a bold step into the arena and going for gold with the extremely powerful .300 Win Mag chambering found in their Omen rifle.

Nemo 300 Win Mag

NEMO is a relative newcomer to the AR arena, but in looking this rifle over it appears that the designers and engineers are serious about quality firearms. NEMO stands for New Evolution Military Ordinance. The Omen, or Magnum Assault Rifle has taken several years in research and development to produce, but the wait sure seems to be worth it. The rifle was designed as an “advanced weapon solution” for military special operations, and federal law enforcement.

NEMO Arms was co-founded by retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, Clint Walker and Kirk Leopold in a partnership with Sonju Industrial. Not only that, the NEMO squad includes Spec Ops operators and engineers as a part of their development team.